Friday, November 17, 2017

WAVE to release 2nd and 3rd single

At the beginning of November 3 member group WAVE announced the release of both their second and third single. Both will be released on February 14 2018 and they will both be double a-side singles. The second single is called "Negai / Fuyu no Kaze" and the third single is called "Into the WAVE / Grow up". So far no more information has been released. I hope they will release some kind of video for at least one of the songs this time. That would be great.

What do you think about these news?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

EBiDAN Discography

I don't know if any of you is interessted in this but I made a list of all the releases of EBiDAN groups, that also includes all the releases of the trainees. I find it interessting to see how much has been released in which year. I think it's awesome that EBiDAN Okinawa were allowed to release a single and EBiDAN Osaka's "AMEZARI RED STARS" released and album. I wish for the other trainee groups to release one as well. EBiSEN (EBiDAN Sendai) and EBiDAN Nagoya are awesome, they deserve an own release! I feel like there could have been a little more releases this year but as long as they keep releasing cds everything is fine for me. Here is the list.

music cards


25.12. EBiDAN - Sparkling Adventure/Koi no Ding Dong


10.06. DISH// - It's alright
10.06. Chotokkyu - Train
10.10. DISH// - Peter Pan Syndrome
24.10. Customiz - Hare Hare Yukai
24.10. Chotokkyu - Shake body


13.02. DISH// - Give Me Chocolate!
13.02. Chotokkyu - Policemen
27.03. PrizmaX - Mysterious Eyes
10.04. Customiz - Mononoke Hime
29.05. PrizmaX - Mysterious Eyes [DVD Ver.]
05.06. Chotokkyu - Bloody Night
19.06. DISH// - I Can Hear
17.07. Chotokkyu - Starlight
16.10. DISH// - HareruYA!
23.10. PrizmaX - Ready
13.11. Chotokkyu - Kiss Me Baby
04.12. DISH// - Itsuka wa Merry Christmas


05.03. DISH// - Freak Show
12.03. PrizmaX - take me
26.03. Chotokkyu - ikki!!!!!i!!
29.03. EBiSamurai - Chanbaraya baraba
28.04. CLASH - Aozora Center Forward [Digital Release]
05.05. Kemopan5 - Kemopan Sekai Title Match
19.05. EBiDAN Tokyo 39 - Ebibi ~THE Yell~ [Digital Release]
11.06. Chotokkyu - BelievexBelieve
08.06. - Like a star
25.06. DISH// - Saisho no Koi ~motetakute~/FLAME
27.08. CustomiZ - Life and death
10.09. PrizmaX - Reborn
12.11. Chotokkyu - Star Gear/EBiDAY EBiNAI/BURN!
24.11. Sakura Shimeji - Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume [limited release]
03.12. DISH// - Hengao de bye bye
03.12. Chotokkyu - RING 
10.12. PrizmaX - FANTASISTA


14.01. DISH// - MAIN DISH 
04.02. CustomiZ - Hitsuji no Hikari
11.03. Sakura Shimeji - Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume
18.03. MAGiC BOYZ - MAGiC SPELL ~Kakechauzo! PiPiPi~ 
25.03. M!LK - Coffee ga Nomemasen
27.05. PrizmaX - OUR ZONE
03.06. CustomiZ - Requiem
10.06. Chotokkyu - Stardust Love Train/Battaman
24.06. Sakura Shimeji - Kimi de Shita / Seki ga e no kami sama
01.07. DISH// - Yay!!☆Natsuyasumi
12.07. MAGiC BOYZ - illson feat. NIPPS, Okamoto Reiji (OKAMOTO's)
19.08. M!LK - Hankoki Aventure
09.09. Chotokkyu - Beautiful Chaser
30.09. PrizmaX - Lonely Summer Days
04.11. DISH// - Bokutachi Rookies
18.11. CustomiZ - Kai


13.01. Sakura Shimeji - Hajimaru Kisetsu / Thank You
03.02. MAGiC BOYZ - Ari no Mama de Majibo
02.03. Chotokkyu - YELL
26.03. Starmen KiDS - Terakoya 
30.03. M!LK - Shingakki A La Carte
06.04. PrizmaX - UP<UPBEAT
27.04. CustomiZ - Customi-Z
27.04. CustomiZ - Coolest
23.05. SUPER★DRAGON - Big Dipper 
23.05. SUPER★DRAGON - Hack My Choice
05.06. Satori Shonen Dan - I wanna say... 
10.08. M!LK - Natsuaji Rendezvous
17.08. Sakura Shimeji - Hidarimune
24.08. MAGiC BOYZ - Do The D-D-T!!
30.09. SUPER★DRAGON - Pendulum Beat!
26.10. Starmen KiDS - Terakoya EP
26.10. Chotokkyu - Dramatic Seven  
07.12. SUPER★DRAGON - 1st Impact 
14.12. DISH// - Mashiagare no Gatling 
21.12. EBiDAN39 & KiDS - EBiBEST 
25.12. MAGiC BOYZ - Oh!!! Juken☆Night Fever


11.01. M!LK - Shisso Pendulum
28.02. ZeBRA☆STAR - ZeBRA World / Boys, Be Ambitious!
22.03. Sakura Shimeji - Sakura Shimeji 
29.03. MAGiC BOYZ - 3.141592
29.03. SUPER★DRAGON - Wacha-Gacha!
29.03. PrizmaX - Gradually 
29.03. DISH// - JK// [DVD Single]
26.04. Chotokkyu - Cho Never Give Up Dance 
10.05. M!LK - Terunero Fighter 
13.05. AMEZARI Red Stars - Saraba AMERIKAN ZARIGANI 
07.06. DISH// - I'm FISH//
22.07. ZeBRA☆STAR - Don't Stop Romantic
26.07. Chotokkyu - My Buddy
02.08. Starmen KiDS - STAR★MEN SUMMER DAYS!
04.08. EBiDAN Okinawa - Nextage
16.08. DISH// - Bokutachi ga Yarimashita
23.08. Sakura Shimeji - Ayamarizumu
30.08. MAGiC BOYZ - Dai Ichi Ji Seicho Ki ~Baby to Boy~ 
30.08. PrizmaX - Orange Moon
20.09. EBiSSH - Koi wa Timing
15.11. Satori Shonen Dan - Help You
22.11. M!LK - Osama no Gyunyu 
23.12. EBiSSH - My Friend/Kimi de Ippai


31.01. SUPER★DRAGON - Monster!

SUPER DRAGON announced 3rd single

SUPER DRAGON finally anounced a 3rd single yesterday. They have been really busy with all the one man shows they hold but I was still a little worried that it took them so long to announce a new single. However I am relieved now and the new single will be out on January 31st 2018. To promote their 3rd single they will hold their 6th one man tour. This will be quite big tour with many tour dates. It's their biggest tour so far. I am so happy to see them doin well. They already improved so much in this short time since their debut as a group and even since their trainee days. I am so proud of each and every member. Oh and I forgot to mention that the single will be called "Monster" and once again comes in three editions. As for the tour it will be called "SOUL FLAG".Here is a video they uploaded to advertise the tour.

What do you think about the new single and tour?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

EBiDAN Vol. 1 scans

Today I scanned the first volume of the EBiDAN magazine for you. My scanner is not that great so the quality is not the best. I am going to buy a new scanner and will scan all the other magazines when I got it. For now you have to bear with this quality but I guess it's better then nothing since so far no one uploaded this magazine anywhere (besides me on my old blog but I must have deleted the scanned pictures I did back then >-<). Have fun taking a look into this old magazine (it's from 2013). Also if anyone could translate any of the interviews in this, that would be amazing!! ^0^
Here is the link.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei scans (mostly Sota Nakahara)

One of my favorite jpop merchandise are photos. So today I decided to share some scans of my BMK (BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei) photos with you. Since my favorite member of BMK is Sota Nakahara, there are mostly photos of him. I hope you like the scans.

There is a sign of Matsuoka on this photo.

Matsuoka & Sota

Sota Nakahara

Monday, November 13, 2017

Live performance of MADKIDs major debut song "Never going back"

MADKID will have their major debut with the single "Never going back" on January 31st 2018. Today fellow fan uploaded a performance of their new song to youtube and I am so thankful she did upload it. The song is awesome and the dance stunning. I honestly can't wait for the music video. I hope it doesn't take to long for the MV to be released. I hope many people will support their major debut. I will of course pre-order both versions of the single. They so deserve this. Here is the performance.

What do you think about the song andmost importantly the dance?

Happy Birthday to Queen Kumi

Today is the birthday of singer Koda Kumi. She turned 35 today and has an impressive life behind her. Starting in 2000 with the single "take back" and having her break thought with "Real Emotions/1000 no Kotoba" back in 2003, she so far released 62 singles and 22 albums as well as some remix albums. For me personally and for most of her fans she is the Queen of JPop. She is able to always show a new side of her, her music never gets boring because of her image changes but even though manages to keep staying true to herself. 
For me she was the artist that got me into Jpop. I did listen to JPop before but never fell deeply for an artist and only listend to the few songs I knew. She was the first artist I deeply loved. Therefor her music will always be special to me. I still remember the moment she got me on her side. I watched some youtube videos and come across one varity show she was a guest at. In this varity show they had a toy they tried out, it's called "tickle me elmo". Just in case you don't know what it is here is a video.

So they tried this one out and Kumi was laughing out loud. Like she really laughed super loud but it was too adorable and it gave her a very natural appearance. Since then whenever I see her in a varity show I always think she is very true to herself. Also with her music, I am sure she releases only music she wants to release. Since her debut she is writting 95% of her songs on her own which I think is incredible. It's so easy to let people write good songs for you but she decides to do it on her which I really love about her.
As you can imagine she has a special place in my heart and even thought I am not listeing to her and following her as much as I did years ago, she will always keep this space in my heart and I will always wish her and her little family the best.
To celebrate her birthday I want to share five songs of her that I don't want to live without anymore.

Do you like her? What are some of your favorite songs of her?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Satori Shonen Dan's 1st MV has been released

This music video has been uploaded a few days ago. I am so proud of all three of thems. They did so well with this first release. I like the song and the video is great to. I am sure they didn't had much budget for the music video and they did really well for what they had. Their dancing is gorgeous. I didn't expect less to be honest and I like theoutfits they wear. I was kind of supprised by both Hayato and Kenshin rapping in the song. I do remember them doing that before at a street live but it was just a very short part and didn't happen often. Most of the time they only dance. Whatever I do like the rap of Hayato, it sounds pretty good as for Kenshin, as much as I like him, his rap had no power. He should improve or only dance. I like his danceing and I think all the other fans are totaly fine as well if he only dances. However here is the music video. 

I am already super excited for the b-side tracks. I am a little sad that "I wanna say..." hasn't been chosen as a b-side track but I am happy "gomen ne" is one of the b-sides and then there is a new version of "Break Me Down". I love this song so I am very much looking forward to this new version as well.

What do you think about the new song and video?