Friday, June 15, 2018

B2takes! to have their major debut

Nine member group B2takes! is going to have their major debut this year. After releasing 6 indie singles, their major debut single will be released on September 4th. The double A-side single will be called "Brand New Anniversary / Not Alone". It will be released as two regular and two dvd versions, so 4 different versions in total. The music video for Brand New Anniversary has been released already. Take a look here.

I am not the biggest fan of this song. It's not orginal enough for a major debut song. The music video is nice, with all the beach scenes but it is absolutly not making up for the song. I like them and I am happy for them having a major debut already but I am really not happy with the quality of this. I know they can do better and I think the major debut single is so important, you have to release something unique that stays in your head after listening to it. But this song doesn't... However it's a double A-side single so I still have hope for this release. Not Alone has to be better. I mean I personally will buy their new cd anyway but I would be great if I at least like one song a LOT. I am looking forward to the other song.

What do you think about this music video/song?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD changed their name + new single

I am super late with the news, sorry about that but I still want to write about this because I cound't find anything about it on any other english site. At the end of 2017 ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD officially changed their name to ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD 80's. I guess after losing quite a few members over the years, they wanted to have some kind of new start, that's why they changed the name but I am not sure. In March of 2018 they released a photobook under that name and in July they will release their first single as Zenhari 80's. The cd will come with 5 tracks and it seems like it will only be availible on their official website. Here is the cover for it.

And just in case here is the link where you can buy it. However you will need to order it with the help of a shopping service.

What do you think about the new name and the new release?

MAGiC BOYZ going to disband

I finally got myself to write this post and it makes me very sad. On June 6th 4 member group MAGiC BOYZ announced to disband after their "MAGiC BOYZ iTTAN FAiNAL" live which will be held on July 16th 2018. The group got formed as a four member group back in 2014 and went through severel member changes. That's also a reason they decided to finally disband. Mahiro is going to quite the whole music scene and concentrate his studies. Also he would like to become an actor later. For the other three members they will stay with EBiDAN and Stardust and want to make music together, just not under the name of MAGiC BOYZ. It's also not stated if it will be a similir music style or maybe something totaly different. Maybe they are also getting to add new members. Well eveything is unkonw so far but I am looking forward to the outcome. 
As for me personal I am sad about this announcement, thought I haven't been their biggest fan in the beginning, they totaly grew on me. I started to enjoy their music and I liked their live performances. They have always been the most outstanding group of EBiDAN because their concept was so very different to the other groups. I am sad they will disband but I am looking forward to a new group with Toma, Ryuto and Joe and I wish Mahiro all the best for his future and I will be happy to see him in a drama or movie one day. 

What are your thoughts about their disbanding?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hirakawachi Ichoume to hold memorial tour

It's been 10 years already since Hirakawachi Ichoume disbanded. The two brothers started doing music in 2003 with the goal of finding their mother, which left them when they were still very young. They succeeded and reunited in 2008 and after that decieded to disband because even thought they have been very greatful to their fans, singing has always been something hurtful for them because of the reason behind it. However after 10 years went by they finally decided to do a memorial tour and give their fans something back. The tour will be held in august and there will be seven shows in total. 
I wish I could go to their concert because after all these years I am still very much in love with their music and I would love listening to them nowadays. I thinks it's great they are doing this and I hope many fans will go an see them live.
At least here is one of my absolute favorite song of them, thought I do prefer the 2003 version a little more but I can't find the music video for it anymore. So here is the 2008 version of their debut song "Tokyo".

Do you know them? What do you think about memorial concerts like these?

BLACK IRIS released dance practice video for Crazy Ride

I few days ago new indie group "BLACK IRIS" uploaded a dance practice for their song Crazy Ride. Now we are not only able to listen to this song but can also take a look at their dancing skills. I personally like this song quite a bit and the dancing is pretty good too. Here is the video.

Besides this video they also uploaded a video in which the try to do the choreography while not seeing anything. It's a pretty funny video. I laughed so much at how Shota is screeming and laughing all the time. It's hilarious. Here is the funny video.

What do you think about the song and dance and that funny video?

First place to have their major debut

Four member boy group "First place" is going to have their major debut on August 29th. Their major debut single will be called Sadame. The single will be released in 3 different versions. Besides a regular version, there is also going to be a "tie-up" version and a dvd version. The tracklist for each version hasn't been announced but it was announced that the single (all three versions) will come with one out of five trading cards, featuring either a solo member or a group picture.
I am very much looking forward to a music video. I hope they will upload it to youtube or twitter.

What do you think about their major debut?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Check Out Neva Give Up's new MV

Yesterday Neva Give Up uploaded the full version of their new music video for the song "Change The World". It's a very simple but cute video. All of them looking handsome in it and well thats it. I know they are producing themself completely on their own, which I think is incredible, but I wish they would have come up with a better idear for the music video. I do like it, it's not bad but I am sure it could have been much better. I just wish they would gain more popularity. As for the song it's lovely, I really like it. Check out the music video yourself.

Besides I am still sad Yuto left the group but I think they did quite well with adding the three new members.

What do you think about it?

That phenomenon of indie groups just disappearing...

These are pretty old news by now but I still want to write about it here. There was an indie group I liked and follow on twitter called "BxB". They were pretty good with dancing and the videos I found of them showed me that their singing was pretty good too, however sadly this group came to an end and disbanded before they really started. Their last live was on February 6 2018. I still do follow the members, they are pretty much all still under avex and so I have high hopes for them one day getting to be in a group again. 
However while scrolling and clicking through twitter today I realized that pretty much all their old twitter entries have been deleted. If you didn't knew these guys have been in this group called "BxB" together before, you won't be able to tell... I think that's kind of sad. Of course it's sad that it didn't went good with this group but it's still their past and shows even more how much they tried and want this dream of becomig famous to be true. 
Maybe it's just me being a little annoyed by that but it happens quite often, well not as often with whole groups but for example if a member is leaving a group, out of whatever reason it may be, they most probably will delete everthing that shows the person was with them. It's like that person has never ben there in the first place. It's like denying a part of your past. I guess it's just something I really dislike about japanese groups.
Enough of that rant, I just felt like writing about this. Here is one last picture of BxB.

What do you think about this disappearing of members or whole groups?