Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It isn't a bad dream but reality: Koichi is leaving Chotokkyu

Today it has been announced that Chotokkyu member Koichi will leaving the group. It seems like he had a different future in mind then the president/manager of them and therefor after many talks it's been decided that he will leave the group. The exact date of him leaving hasn't been announced so far but he will definitly be not a part of the new single and he won't be with them anymore when their tour starts in May. 
I am really heartbroken. He wasn't my favorite member but he was, like all of them, a very important member. I can't even imagine a chotokkyu without him. I am so extremly sad, also because I would never have expected this. This news really hit me hard and I wish they wouldn't be true. 
I wish him all the best, like I wish Chotokkyu all the best. I hope the members will keep in contact and hopefully we will see him doing music again after he left, may it be solo or in another group. It would just be too sad seeing such a talanted singer not doing music. 
I am curious if they will keep on with just 1 vocalist, I think it will be really hard on Takashi to have to sing all the songs on his own. Also I will miss Koichi's amazing voice, that is so different to Takashi. I like Takashis voice too but Ialways prefered Koichis. Why oh why. 

What do you think about these news?

Friday, December 29, 2017

Joon Ho & Gyu Min (JG) going on hiatus

The Duo JG which got formed after BeeShuffle announced their hiatus, will also go on hiatus at the end of January 2018. It seems they have some problems with their visa, since both of them are from south korea. This makes me sad because they were good as a duo. Here is a music video they released today. I hope they can come back as soon as possible.

I like the song a lot, it's beautiful.

What do you think about this?

Monday, December 11, 2017

ANTIME to release 1st album

Today group ANTIME announced to release their 1st full lenght album on February 14 2018. The album will be called "VISION" and is going to be physical release. I am so happy about this because their two former mini albums have been availible physically only at their fanclub. I bought those on itunes but I prefer physical releases over digital ones. So far nothing more has been announced. I will try to keep you updated.

What do you think about the announcment?

PrizmaX to release 9th single in February

PrizmaX announced to release their 9th single on February 14 2018. The single will be called "yours" and is going to be released in three versions. Each version has a different B-Side track. I can't wait for the music video, I hope it doesn't take too long for them to upload it. I will write if I can find more important news. 

Are you excited for the new single?

PALET is going to disband

Idol group PALET will disband at the end of December. They will held their last concert on December 28th and will be officially disbanded after it. I used to be a huge PALET fan from before their major debut, so I am sad about these news. However over the years they lost many members and many new ones joined the group, There is only two original members still left. I cried when all the old members left and therefor I am not as sad right now, because I don't really know the new members and don't feel as much love for the current PALET then I did for the old PALET.  I am very sad for Yui and Miyucho though because they have been there from the beginning on an keept on fighting for their dream no matter how many hard times they had to go through. I hope they will be able to form another group. They deserve being on stage if they still have that dream. The old PALET will forever be in my heart and I wish all the members the best, also the new members.  Here is a picture they recently posted on Twitter. They had a meet up with all the original members, even Hikaru was there (who left them after the release of their 2nd indie mini album), as well as Yumi and Mayu (who joined the group later).

Did you know them? What do you think about them disbanding?

EBiSSH uploaded MV for My Friend and Kimi de Ippai

Some days ago EBiDAN group "EBiSSH" uploaded the music videos for their 2nd single "My Friend / Kimi de Ippai". The videos still don't have the best quaility but somehow are good. As for the songs I do like "My Friend" the best but both are good songs thought not as addicting as "Koi no Timing". However I do like both the new songs and I am looking forward listening to the b-side tracks. Here are the videos.

What do you think about the music videos and songs?

Shimizu Shota to release new single

Shimizu Shota is going to release his new single "Good Life" on January 24th 2018. There will be two versions of the single, a dvd one and regular one. The b-side track is called "I'm in love"and there will be a remix of Fire on the single as well. The dvd comes with the music video of Good Life only. He is my absolute number one solo artists and therefor I am super excited for this single. However the main track seems to have a lot of autotune in it again which I don't really like. Whatever I am still happy he will release something new and I started to love e.g. proud after a while as well, so I guess I will start loving the new song sooner or later anyway. XD Here is the teaser.

And here the Youtube video but it's only availibe within Japan.

What do you think about it?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

SELLOUT to release 2nd single

SELLOUT is going to release their second single "Rainy Days" on February 20th 2018. Again this single will only be availible at their live and the Shinseido Music Store in Sunshine City Alta (Ikebukuro). I hope to get my hands on a copy of their single. I love their songs.

What do you think about the news?