Monday, December 26, 2016

Dream5 is disbanding

It's official, Dream5 are disbanding. I already had a feeling this would happen because it got so silent around them after Momona left the group in april this year and now it really happend. I am so sad. I did follow them for so long now, they have been one of my biggest Jpop loves and now they will be gone soon. I wish I could have seen them live at least once before the disbanding but it can't be helped. They will officially be disbanding on the 31th december 2016. Right now I can't really believe nor do I want to believe it. Here is a cute video of them, you should check it out.

What do you think about the disbanding?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ri-chan leaves palet and new members are added

On the 24th december was the graduation concert of Ri-chan, one of the very few original members of idol group palet. I am extremly sad because she has been my favorite member after Makki leaving. However there is only two original members left which I also think is extremly sad. Hopefully Yui and Miyuki will continue to stay with palet. It's not that I don't like the new members but I loved the original members so much, it breaks my heart seeing them them leaving the group.However as youcan see on the picture above there will be new members added. In total it will be 3 new members and they will be announced at their NEXT DIMENSION concert held on the 17th January 2017. I am curious about the new members and what the new theme will be like and hopefully they will finally get more attention.

Picture of the last day with Ri-chan. T-T
What do you think about all the member change?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Traffic Light released video for other tracks

I already showed you the video for Traffic Light's "Dance Dance" and a while ago they also released videos for the two other songs of their debut single. I like both songs more then Dance Dance but I like "Takin' Body" the most. It's a quite addicting song. Here they are.

What do you think about them?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sky-Hi to release new single mid December

Sky-Hi will release his new single "Double Down" on the 14th December 2016. It will come with two songs as well as instrumental and acappella versions. There will be three versions, a regular and two dvd versions. The dvd versions will come with either the music video or a live video. The main Track sounds good to me. A little repetitive but nice. Listen to it yourself.

What do you think about it?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

ADDICTION released full MV for Come Back To Me

It has been released today. The full music video for their new song "Come Back To Me". The video is really nice done. All three looking really handsome and the lightning is super nice. The song however is sadly not as catchy as I hoped but neverless it's still good and I really like the rap of Myuji. Take a look yourself. Here it is.

What do you think about it?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Japanese Boy Groups

I have a weakness for japanese boy groups and therefor I know quite a few. Today I want to tell you about the ones I like and know and maybe there will be a new band you will start to like through this. First of there is some catagories that some groups can be put under. I will start with these and later get to the ones I don't really know under which category to put. Besides you will find no Duo's in this list because for me they don't count as groups and this list is going to be pretty long anyway. Besides I will also NOT include groups that are officially disbanded.

Since this list turned out to be super long, 65 groups in total, I decided to put a cut to this post, please click on "Read more" to see the list!!


PLEASE NOTE: I am so sorry for all the spelling mistakes I did but I worked on this post for a few days sometimes late at night and therefor did quite a bunch of mistakes. I will correct those somedays but not now. Please bear with it for the time being.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

0TU1s Family got a MV

Not too long ago I wrote on this blog that I love 0TU1s new mini album and that besides Lean On Me, Family is my favorite song on this album but sadly it has no video to show you. However on the 1st november they actuelly uploaded a music video for Family. I am really happy 'cause now I can listen to the whole song and this album is definitly being on my to-buy-list. Gosh I really love this song. It's so good. Please listen to it yourself. The video is pretty plain, you only see KAZ singing. Not writing more, here is the video.

What do you think about the song?

LCA!!! to release 1st cd

LCA!!! are going to release their first cd in the near future. I just saw their TwitCast and in it they announced their coming cd. A few days ago they had their 1st One Man Live and now this. I am so proud if them and I hope they will keep on doing so well and damn yeah I can't wait for their cd release!! Sadly I couldn't understand the date... I am no good with japanese numbers. >-< But I am sure it will be in the near future. I really love these guys and their music and I honestly wish them all the best. I will write here as soon as I get new information about the soon to be release.
Besides today is Hatake's birthday, I already wrote him on twitter but however, once again "Happy Birthday Hatake"!!

Poor guy, he got a birthday present from Anny. XD That's one reason I love them for, being super silly and doing those stupid kinde games. All that makes them exremly likeable.

Do you know LCA!!! or do you want to know them?

ADDICTION released teaser for new MV

Toy, K.B & Myuji
The japanese group ADDICTION will release their 1st album, called Trip, at the end of this year, on the 28th december. It will be released in three versions, each coming with one different song. However there will be a music video for the song "Come Back To Me" and today they released the first teaser for it. So far it's only scenes of the video and no song at all. The video looks quite high quality which I am excited about and I am looking forward to the song as well. I expact good of them. However here is the teaser.

What do you think about it?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top 8 JMusic releases 30.10. - 05.11.2016

On the one hand this week was really weak according to releases because there have been just a handful of good releases. That's why this time it's only a top 8 and not 10. On the other hand however I really love the good ones of this week. Especially my top 4 are songs I absolutly love. One of my highlights of this week is the comeback of KusKus. I like their music a lot, it's similar to perfume thought a little more on the cute side, but sadly they have been unactive for quite a while now. I am really happy about it. However here is the list.

#08 STAGE by Chewing High!!

#07 Ashita wa Kimito by Asakura Momo

#06 Kibun JoJo by Arsmagna feat. Sae Tokimiya

#05 Free Your Mind by flumpool

Sexy Zone 5th Anniversary release

On the 16th November Sexy Zone will have their 5th anniversary. To celebrate it with their fans they will release their 1st best of album on that day. I can't believe it's already 5 years. I have been through so many upps and downs with this group. From being super excited about them debuting to being extremly disappointed for releasing cds with only three members and at least to being happy that they started to release as five members again and finally Marius and Sou getting more attention as well. I did love them, then ignored them and right now like them. I think I will never come to love this group again but I follow them, listen to their music, buy some of their cds and I am happy when they announce new releases. That's more then I thought I would ever be doing again.
So yeah, I like them and I am really excited about this new release. Oh and do you still remember when they debuted and everyone was like "what a shitty name". It's still not the best name but look how much their appearance changed from 2011 to 2016.

Give them another 5 years an hell yeah this name will suite them, I mean come on, Sou and Marius changed so much and you can see the others got more grown up too. I look forward to more awesome years with them and sincerely hope that something like the 3 people thing will not happen again.

What do you think about their change?

LCA!!! released their 3rd digital single

Mid october LCA!!! released their 3rd digital single called "Jirenma" (I am not sure but it could mean "dilemma"). Since I can only buy it while I am in Japan I have to wait till december to download the song from recochoku. But at least I can listen to the sample, and even thought it's super short it already sounds awesome to me. I can't wait to listen to the whole song. For everyone who wants to listen to the sample too, here is the link.

What do you think about it?

Monday, November 7, 2016

{A 1st Impression of} KAZ

KAZ (29.10.1992) is a japanese singer that didn't had a debut so far. He took/takes (I am not sure if he is still in this audition) place in the Saito Genki audition. Despite that he is active on both twitter and instagram. Also he seems to know quite some other musicans e.g. the UNIONE members.
However the reason I am writing about him is that he uploaded his first original song two days ago and I just came across it and really like it.

The song is really cute and his voice sounds soooooo nice!!
I wish him to get well known and therefor a label contract. I will take a look at him fom time to time.

What do you think about it?

NEVA GIVE UP to release new album

Type A (2CD)
Guys I am super excited because I just saw that NEVA GIVE UP will finally release a new album. Their last album has been released in November 2014, so pretty much two years ago. However they have never been unactive, they appeared in a few magazines and performed at many live events. Sadly that's nothing an oversea-fan can enjoy but an album is and that's why I am so excited about this new album. It will come in two versions. Type A comes with a second cd and Type b with a dvd. The content of the dvd however is very small, only two music videos. As for the tracklist the regular cd comes with 17 tracks total, which I think is a good amount. And the extra cd comes with an editional 6 songs. They also released a teaser for the album in which you can see previews of both their new music videos.

The first one is called "Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai" and the second one "Super Action". Both sound really good to me and I am looking forward to listen to the whole songs and of course album. The video looking great too. Damn it I am super excited for this!!

What do you think about it?

CODE-V released teaser for new single

CODE-V are going to release their new single at the end of this month and a few days ago they released a first teaser for the main song. Not only the cover but also the video is very different to their other releases. I like that they try something different and it's actually really good. So far I like the song a lot and I can't wait for a whole music video to be released. Besides the music video looks nice too. I like the dancing and the suites they wear. They all look really handsome inthe video. Here is the teaser.

What do you think about it?

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE released MV for Pierrot

I LOVE it. As always the music video looks amazing, you can see they spend a lot on their music videos. Great dancing, nice outfits and backgrounds. I like the parts with them having glowing hair. Reminds me of their animal music video. And damn Reo looks so good in this video, I like the hairstyle on him a lot, also I am sure his arms got bigger, like he gained more muscels. Damn I have a think for arms. Sadly Hayato is not really outstanding in the video but yeah, there is Reo.
Ok sorry for all the fangirling but he has always been my favorite, with Hayato following super close, so I can't hide my fangirl feelings.
As for the song I like it, it's a typical gene song. However have a looks and listen yourself.

What do you think about the video, song and Reo? XD

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Code-V to release 12th single

Code-V will release their 12th single on the 23rd November. The single will be called "Loving You, Love Me". There will be a dvd version and an only cd version. Both will come with two b-side trackes but those haven't been announced so far. The theme for it seems pretty simple and as the titel suggest, I think it will be a love song. I am looking forward to it, because I tend to like their love songs a lot. If I get more information I will writem them on this blog.

What do you think about the new single?

Friday, October 7, 2016

My opinion about JINTAKA's Choo Choo Shitain

I know this is actuelly an older release, the cd has been relesed at the end of september and I am pretty sure the music video has been out even longer. However I watched the video today for the first time and I feel like sharing my opinion. First of I can honestly say that I don't like the song, Yes I don't like it and this was a suprise for me because I actuelly like the music Jin does, e.g. I love his "Me" album. I never heard Yamda sing before, so I didn't expect anything of him, however I know and like him as an actor and therefor he had a good chance I would like what I listen too/see.
But it turned out that I actuelly don't like the song. I can imagin Yamada and Jin having a good time together drinking some beer or similar and when they drank a little too much this brilliant idear came to their minds and they thought why not doing this, it could be fun. I mean there is not really a lot  of songtext to this "song" and they are not even singing but either just speaking! It feels like they didn't put any effort into this song and honestly I don't like this. As for Jin I know he can do much better so why doing this kinde shitty song. Well maybe they really had fun making it.
About the video, it's a little artistic, which is not bad. The video is absolutly fine. Here it is take a look yourself.

Besides you guys saw this scene with the hands touching all over the Yamda and Jin. This must have been so annoying for them, I mean unknown people touching you all over, and since those people don't see where their hand are they have a good excuse to touch everywhere,

This looks like it's super annoying and in this scene you can see Jin's own hand is slowly going to the one hand and tries to put it away. However there is one other scene I thought was heavy.

Do you see what I mean. WTF where is this one hand going... that's way to much down. Even if it's not what it looks like, I still bet they were happy when the shooting for this scene finished.

What do you think?

CLOWN'S CROWN got a new member

Just recently CLOWN'S CROWN got a new member so they are 6 members total now. The new member is called Ryota and seems to fit in well with the other members. These news make me really excited because I have the feeling that it might lead to a new release in the near future. That would be awesome. However, here is a picture of the new member.

I think he looks really cute, the smile looks very honest to me and I like people with cute and honest smiling! 

What do you think about it?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

SJ to have debut with former bandmate

Former X4 member SJ had his debut just yesterday on the 1st October. He debuted together with his former bandmate Ray. SJ and Ray (and Kodai who is still with X4) have been in a band called BOYCE. When X4 has been announced BOYCE disbanded. Sadly SJ wasn't happy with the whole situation and soon left X4 again. And yeah now he is back together with Ray and they are doing music under the name "Two Side". Their first song is called Everybody. The song is actuelly really good, I absolutly enjoy it. If you want to check it out yourself, here it is.

What do you think about this?

FlowBack to release 2nd single in November

Today FlowBack announced that they will release their second single on the 7th november december this year. The single will be called "Heartbreaker" and will be released in two versions, a regular and dvd one. The second track for the single will be "Turn Around" and the dvd will come with the dance version music video for "Come a long Way" and "FlowBack behind the scenes vol 2". The pictire above is already the new image picture for the new single and it makes me really currious what the single will be like. The picture above reminds me of G-Dragons Heartbreaker and even a tiny bit of Sekai no Owaris Mr. Heartache. 

What do you think about these news?

Shimizu Shota released the MV for My Boo

Shimizu Shota will release his new single in a few days and I am super excited about it. As you might know I am huge fan of him, he is my favorite solo artist. However some days ago he released the short version of My Boo. Here is the music video.

(alternativ link: klick here)

Again he uses autotune and I am really not a fan of this but I slowly get used to it and since he seems to like it at the moment I guess I just have to bear with it. The video is nice and I really like thesong even thought he uses autotune.

What do you think?

The Beat Garden released MV + Image picture for "Promise You"

I while ago The Beat Garden released the short version of their music video for Promise You. I LOVE the song, their pop-rock-edm-style is really awesome!! The new image picture is not much different to their last one but whatever they are awesome anyway. I am very much looking forward to this release, please check it out yourself.

What do you think?

HighT releases first single

HighT released his first single on the 30th september. It's called Bullet Girl and comes with two tracks total. The second one being called "Do For You". Since this is only a demo cd it's not sold in stores but only at his lives. However if you still would like to get the songs, you can download them on itunes (even outside of Japan). I myself bought Bullet Girl, because I really enjoy the song and with supporting him, I hope he will release more. He are the two teasers for the single.

Besides, the cover picture for the single is so sexy, isn't it!!

What do you think about it?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

B2takes! to release 3rd single

I just read that B2takes! will have their 3rd single out soon. It will be called MoyaMoya Lover and will be released on the 25.10.2016. There will be a regular version as well as one version for each member and a special version that comes with a dvd and a 16 page mini photobook. The picture above is most properly the cover for the special edition. I couldn't find any information about the b-side track(s)but I found a video of them performing MoyaMoya Lover. It's a cute and lively song and their performance is really cute too. Have a look and listen yourself.

What do you think about it?

Brand New Vibe releases 1st Best of Album

A few days ago Brand New Vibe had their 5th year major debut anniversary and to celebate these 5 years they will release their 1st best of album on the 30th November 2016. The album will be called BNV Best Selection and will only be released as one version. Besides all the so far released A-Side tracks it will also come with their second indie single A-side track "JAM". Here are the so far announced tracks, I am not sure if there will come more to it.

・恋愛シンドローム / Renai Syndrom
・キミへ / Kimi He
・Life~生まれてくれてありがとう~ / Life~ Umarete Kurete Arigatou~
・Vivid Days
・Glasses-ココロのメガネ- / Glasses - Kokoro no Megane-
・Silent Snow
・セクシービーチ  / Sexy Beach
・ライバル / Rival
・Brand New Vibe
・歩幅 / Hohaba

What do you think about the best of album?

WEBER 1st Live DVD cover + tracklist

On the 19.10.2016 WEBER will release their 1st live dvd. The recording will be from their Live Tour 2016 "Takaramono". There will be a regular edition of the dvd as well as a special one you can only get at HMV. The special edition is nearly double the price of the regular one, so I have high hopes for it. I know that it will come with in a special box set but what this will look like has not been announced so far. I am also hoping for an advertising video soon but so far we only have the tracklist. Here it is.

01. ホコリと太陽 -ver1.6- / Hokori to Taiyo
 02. 異次元ライダー Ijigen Rider
 03. スノキラ☆ / Sunokira
 04. Wonderland
 05. BEAT the BLACK
 06. "J & Skeet dance number ""Sound play"""
 07. 01
 08. "Skeet & Taka. dance number ""Music make you bounce"""
 09. "J & Hayato dance number ""Songs with motions"""
 10. "WEBER dance number ""Nucleus"""
 11. そばにいるから / Soba ni Irukara
 12. 桜咲く丘 / Sakura Saku Oka
 13. First day -ver1.6-
 14. 雨上がりのキミとボク-ver1.6- Ameagari no Kimi to Boku
 15. Don't Be Afraid
 16. サマキラChu→ン / Sama Kira Chu→ N
 17. 鮮やかなReason / Asayaka na Reason
 18. タカラモノ / Takaramono
 19. beautiful life ~after 12 years~
 20. MOVE
 21. Always
 22. Perfect World

  ―Special Movie-

I like a lot of these songs and I am looking forward to watch the dance parts. Actuelly I am really excited for this release.

What do you think about it?

Why I consider Code-V to be JPop not Kpop

If you read this blog for a while already, you might know that I really like the group Code-V a lot and count them to one of my favorite japanese boy groups. However if I tell people about it they pretty much always  answer that Code-V is not a japanese but a korean boy group.
On the one hand that is of course true, all the members are from south korea and they once released music in korea BUT on the other hand since they started to release cds in Japan they stopped their activities in Korea. To be honest they haven't been popular in korea, neither under the name Bless nor under their recent name. Their last korean release was a digital single at the end of August 2011. Soon after that, to be exact in december, they released their first single as well as their honesty album, in Japan. They gained way more attention in Japan what made them more popular then they have been in korea. From that moment on they released only japanese cds, they appear on japanese TV, talk a lot in Japanese and their twitter and instagram posts are mostly written in japanese. Because of all these reasons I consider them to be a jpop and not a kpop group. And to be honest I am very happy that they started to release in Japan because otherwise I guess I would never have gotten that much into them.

What do you think? Are they a JPop or KPop group?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

0TU1 - Lean On Me romaji

Since I like the song a LOT I wrote down the romaji for it so I can sing a long better. Maybe someone would like to see those as well, so here they are.

Everytime you feel down
You fell alone
You can always Lean on me
I am always here for you

ねぇ何で泣いてるの / Nee Nande Nai Teru no
hey tell me whats going on
まだ頼りないけど / Mada Taiyorinai kedo
頼ってほしい / Taiyotte Hoshii
いつか君が道に迷ったら / Itsuka Kimi ga Michi ni Mayottara
二人で迷子になろうよ / Futari de Maigo ni narou yo
そして共に出口を探せばいい / Soshite Tomoni deguchi wo Sagaseba ii

Cuz I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

君がもし元気なくしても / Kimi ga moshi genki nakushite mo
僕が強くいるから / Boku ga Tsuyoku Irukara
僕が代わりに戦い続けるから / Boku ga Kawari ni Tatakai Tsudzukeru Kara
もう心配しなくていいよ / Mou Shinpai Shinakute ii yo
でももし不安になったら / Demo Moshi fuan ni Nattara
いつでもこの腕に飛び込んでくればいい /Itsu demo Kono ude ni Tobikonde Kureba ii

Cuz I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
いつまでもyour not alone baby /Itsumademo your not alone baby
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
どこにいてもそばにいるから / doko ni itemo soba ni irukara
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side

いつまでもyour not alone baby /itsumademo your not alone baby
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
君がどこにいても / kimi ga doko ni itemo

Yes I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

The Beat Garden announced 2nd single

The Beat Garden will release their second single on the 30th November 2016. The single will be called Promise You and will be relesed in three versions. Again as two dvd versions and a regular version. DVD version A will come with vol. 2 of their "-Live Air 2016- Akasaka Blitz" (vol. 1 is on type A of their 1st single). I am quite happy about this announcement. 

What do you think about this?

Chotokkyu released the cover for Dramatic Seven

I like all the cover but my favorite being FC Type A. It's just sad that there is no dvd version. But well you can't have everything and I am already happy that they are releaseing a second album.

Which is your favorite cover?

Shimizu Shota announced new single

Shimizu Shota will finally release a new single. It will be called My Boo and is released on the 5th October which is luckily not long from now on. I am so much looking forward to listen to this song! I live his music a lot and therefor I am super happy about this new release, I hope there will be a preview of the song soon. As for the single it will come as regualr and  a dvd version. As well as with 2 b-side tracks, Milk Tea and a remix version of Damage.

What do you think about this announcement?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

CustomiZ Last Live

As most of you might already know CustomiZ disbanded last month. They hold their final live on the 29th august 2016 and from then on are officially disbanded. I just found some pictures of their last live performance and want to share my favorites with you.

I can't believe I won't ever be able to see them again as a band.

Hiroki was definitly the most emotional at the live, that makes me like him even more and on the same time makes me even more sad.

As you might guess I am a little biased towards Hiroki but his appearence on stage is incredible. CustomiZ has been one of my absolute favorite bands, especially when it came to live performances. I am incredibly sad about them disbanding, just thinking about it makes me cry. I will badly miss them and I hope we will still be able to watch them grow up, even after this disbanding and for Hiroki and Daichi I wish them to be on stage soon again and make music, even if it's with another band I will support them forever. Thank you guys for all this great time and music and I wish you all the best.

You can find more pictures as well as the setlist here.

What do you think about the disbanding?