Sunday, January 31, 2016

{A 1st Impression of} 龍雅 -Ryoga-

Ryoga will have their debut in april with the single "Live For You". The group consists of Yuta the vocalist, Takuya a back-vocalist and rapper and three dancer. I got to know them because of Reo who was a former member of Vimclip (and I LOVE Vimclip but they already disbanded). Then I saw that Takuya is in the band as well and I got even more excited, he was a member of the already disbanded band Cocoa Otoko (that I LOVE as well). With these two in the band I couldn't overlook them. So far they did performances of both songs that will be released on their debut cd. The songs are called "Live For You" and "Glory Days". Here is a performance they did.

Sadly I have to say I don't like Glory Days. I am not a fan of the heavy autotune Yuta uses. At the show Danzen Live you can hear that Yuta actuelly has a nice voice, not the most perfect and I think it lacks some power but much better then with this autotune sound. Despite his voice I just think this song isn't something memorable or catchy or anything. Well I just don't like it. As for Live For You I like it more. There is still the autotune but the song itself is more interessting, it's more ctachy.Then I also like the rap of Takuya in it.
So all in one I don't really know what to think about them. I don't see them getting very popular if their following releases will be as boring as this one. I know this is really harsh but with this release they don't stand out at least a little. I mean they have Takuya and Reo, who bring some fans with them but I think that's not enough. Then there is Goro who is know because of the dance battles he won prices at but again I don't think that's enough. Maybe their 2nd single will be totaly different, hopefully in a good way, but let's not talk about this one too much, since they haven't even released their first one. I am looking forward how they will do with the first single and to honest I pre-ordered it myslef but only because I like Reo and Takuya so much and thought I want to support them even thouh I don't like the music so much.

What do you think about them?

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

my thoughts about the "making of" and "MV" of Sexy Zone's Colorful Eyes

A few days ago I recieved my copies of the latest Sexy Zone single, Colorful Eyes. I actually stopped following Sexy Zone over a year ago because they started to release singles with just three members and I thought that it really sucked. However this is the first release of them with all five members again and so I had to buy this single, even though I actually only buy their albums, Before I tell you what I think about the music video, here are some pictures of it.

The music video turned out to be not what I expected, but in a good way. If you know Sexy Zone then you know that Sou (green) and Marius (pink) have been treated like background artists for a long time! Someone who doesn't know them wouldn't be able to tell if they belong to the band or not watching older music videos of them. I hated this and it's one of the biggest reasons I stopped following them. However this video turned out to be absolutly not like that. Both Marius and Sou got plenty of solo scenes like the other members. That really makes me super happy. They deserve it, they are gorgeous as well. I hope that it's going to stay like this from now on!! In generell I think the music video is cute. The scenery is very pretty and I like that everyone has their own shop, they are inside. Also the outfits are very cute, I like the colorful ones but also the casuel ones a lot. And I like that they filmed night and day scenes thought I like the night scenes way better! *0*

What do you think about it?

I LOVE his style and his black hair is so beautiful!! *0*

Bunte Augen is german and basicly means colorful eyes

Just had to take this picture, Sou looks really handsome here! ^-^

As you can see I only took very few pictures of the making of. It's not a special one, there is not happening anything too exciting but it's still cute and I like off shot scenes so I enjoyed it anyway. My favorite scene was the one were Sou said "Can I miss you" and Kento heard it and started laughing and told him it's called "Can I kiss you". The reaction of both of them was really cute. A scene that kind of annoyed me was when Marius told Shori and Kento about the name "Bunte Augen" and Shori makes fun of him speaking german. I think that's something you don't do, I mean how would he feel if a foreigner would make fun of how japanese sounds to him. I guess no one would like that people make fun of their language no matter what language they speak. However all in all this was a nice making of.

If you watched it how did you like the making of?

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MV release for 2nd single of MAGiC BOYZ (and it happend)

The new single of MAGiC BOYZ will be released at the beginning of february (so only a few days left) and the MV for the A-side track has been released three days ago. Just a few days ago I wrote in my ranking that I don't like their music and am not interessted in buying their cds and you know what, they changed my opinion with this single. It's not like their new song is super awesome and I am not going crazy over it but it's such a better song then all the other ones they released so far. I really like the "gameboy"-like-melody and the "dokodemo check, kakasanai style, kyappu, T-shatsu, kikkusu no kara"- part is quite catchy. Also the music video is off-shot like and I am a sucker for such kinde videos! >O<  They are all really cute in the video and well like I told in my ranking post, I like the members quite a lot. Well I decided to buy the single this time, maybe they will get better with time!? So here it is, the music video.

How do you like it?

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Friday, January 29, 2016

I am the most excited!! *0*

A few days ago Super Dragon released a video for their song "Kitto-Zettai". It's called a demonstration video but it looks like a short music video. However the video is not so important here, what makes me so excited is the song itself. Keito's rap is so perfect, I LOVE how his voice sounds when he is rapping and  Tomoya's rap sounds good too. The singing part is awesome as well and I love that this time Tsuyoshi is not the only vocalist, thought he still stands out the most but his voice is kinde perfect so no wonder! And as for their songs in generell but for this one specially, I love this dubstep x rock thing they do. It really sounds super awesome. I know I am a littel biased, 'cause I love them so much, but I listened to the song a countless times already and even now I am still extremly excited when I listen to it. This song is by far their best and hey they didn't even released a cd so far. BUT this song also makes me wish for a cd debut so much more!! I want to listen to this song in full lenght so much, it's terrible. PLEASE GUYS RELEASE A CD SOON.

Oh my gosh I don't know what will happen if they announce their first cd release! >-<
I guess I will jump around, no matter where I am at that moment!! XDDDD
However here is the song! LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

My personal ranking of EBiDAN bands~ ♥♥♥

Today I will do a ranking of all the EBiDAN bands that are existing up until now. I will also include Super Dragon and StarmenKids, even though they didn't released a cd so far. I am a huge fan of most of the EBiDAN bands so I know the bands quite well. Let's start.


They are definitly my least favorite band simply out of the reason that I don't like their music. I tried to like it, I really did but I think their rapping is so terrible and I don't like their (wannnabe-)"gangster" image. I am actuelly a little sad I don't like their music because I like some of the members a lot, especially Futo. I still remember him being such a cry baby in the EBiDAN show and look at him now. He really changed so much it's incredible.

Isn't that crazy! I mean all of the members changed a lot but he did the most I think.
However I still don't like their music and sadly so far they are the only EBiDAN band I don't buy cds of. Maybe their new single will be better and I will finally have a reason to support them.

#8 StarmenKids

I don't know much about them, they are existing not even a year so far and they consist out of some of the youngest EBiDAN member. The average age of the band members is 9. However the song is cute and I like Taisei. He is super cute and quite long with EBiDAN already. Rui is adorable too, he is often in the focus and he does his job well when being on stage (as much as you can tell that about a 9 y.o. boy). To be honest I don't think this band will last long, they are just too young and still have to gain more experience.

#7 Sakura Shimeji

At this point the list starts to get tough because from now on I like all the bands a lot. Sakura Shimeji is a duo. I know both of them throught the show EBiDAN and I liked Hyoga thought I never really cared for Gaku until the two paird up and formed Sakura Shimeji. I thought these were so cute together but honestly when I first listened to their debut song I didn't like it. >-< It took me until their second single was released to like them. I liked the second song right from the start and I already got to like their first one now as well. What I like a lot about them is that they play instruments, both the guitar and Hyoga also the tambourine and they started their career with playing in the streets of Tokyo. However what I like the most about them is the chemestry they have. The way they interact is so intimate and it's not only that they seem like real best friends but actuelly like way more then that, kinde like they have a secret love affair. It's not like they do the typical fanservice stuff, like touching and all, it's really more in a shy way, it's the way they look at each other. Maybe it's just my BL loving side coming out but watch them. Maybe you get the same idear. Besides Hyoga actuelly thinks of himself as the girl part of the band! >O< Just sayin!

#6 Super Dragon

Super Dragon is a very new band, they have only been announced at the end of last year but it's the band I am looking forward to see a cd release of the most. I can't wait to hold a cd of them in my hands. On the one hand it's like this because I like their so far released songs and on the other hand some of my favorite EBiDAN members are in this group. I was super happy when they announced the band and I think if they do right, they can easly become big. My number one reason for liking this band is Reo, very close followed by Tsuyoshi. I can't tell you what it is about Reo that I like so much. Ok it's his appearance and a little bit the fact that he is one of the oldest EBiDAN trainees but I also like his personality, always hard working, fighting for his dream. I enjoy watching him growing. He really is awesome. About Tsuyoshi he is very talented. I think he is the best vocalist out of all trainees. Also his voice has a special touch to it so you will recognize it under thounds of others and damn, he really is goodlooking. Next is Keito he also changed so much in only around 2 years and damn I never thought he would be such a good rapper. Besides he is half turkish, I think that's pretty awesome. Ok those three I am most excited about, I like the others too but not as much as them! XD Besides if they continue doing so good, I swear they will someday top my list! *0*

#5 M!LK

M!LK is another band I was so happy when they got announced, I did know all the members before their debut and liked them more or less. Jinto and Mizuki have been some of my favorite trainees and Sano definitly was my absolute favorite EBiDAN Osaka trainee. I was very supprised that he got a place in the band, because he was actuelly from EBiDAN Osaka but I was also extremly happy. Sano really is such a cutie-pie. Actuelly I think the person who was supposed to be in the band instead of Sano was Yuuto (my favorite trainee back then) but since he left EBiDAN at that time I think they choose Sano. But I think Yuuto wouldn't have suited this love-dovy style. He is not the typ of person for this and so I am kinde happy he didn't got/took the place in the band. On a sidenote I saw he is playing in musicals now, that's really awesome as well, I really wish him all the best for his future and I think about him from time to time, just because he has been my favorite trainee for a pretty long time.
Back to M!LK. Of 'course I don't only like them because of the members but also because of their music. They still have to improve with their music but they are already good. I love their first song a lot, Coffee ga nomemasen! In this they sing about not liking coffee. I love that because I personally don't like coffee and people often wonder about it, especially at work. >-< I can relate to this song so much. XD I am very much looking forward to a 3rd single of them.

#4 CustomiZ  

If CustomiZ would still be the old Customize I am sure they would top this list but after Kenta Matsui left the band Hama joined. To be honest I wish they would have continued as a three member band. I know I am mean but it's not that I don't like Hama it's just that I don't like his voice so much and I don't like that he took over Goro's place as the lead vocalist. Also it kinde get's on my nerves that he is often not around and even in magzines they are often only shown as three members. That's really weird. BUT I can't denie that I do like their songs. Some actuelly a lot, though my favorite of them will always be Mononoke Hime (still with Matsui Kenta). Let's talk about the other good sides of CustomiZ. They all play instruments (despite Hama >-<) and they play them super well and with a lot of passion. It's an absolute joy to watch them performing live and I sincerely hope they will release a live dvd in the near future, I would be the first one pre-ordering it!! *0* That's also what makes them so unique under all the EBiDAN bands. Even though e.g. DISH// are playing instruments as well you can't see their passion while they play them but with CustomiZ it's totaly different. Especially Hiroki changes so much when he playes the bass. You can see he enjoyes it to the fullest and in a way that this special beauty of him shows while he is playing the bass. Hope you get a at least a little what I am trying to say! XD

#3 Chotokkyu (also know as Bullet Train)

I love these guys so much. Their music is amazing. My favorite song of them is EBiDAY EBiNAI. The first  song I heard of them was Shake Body and it stayed in my head for days also the video did it's part as well. It was such a funny video that I have to smile about just thinking about it. Their following videos were hilarious too and when Bloody Night was released I was taken over completely. I enjoy nearly all their songs and I think their lives are very entertaining. And again I also like the members a lot, thought not as much as some others, maybe that's also the reason why they are only at place number 3.

#2 PrizmaX

As for PrizmaX it really is all about the music. I mean I like the members but it's not that easy to find information or videos or similar of them in which you get to know their personality a little better. I honestly enjoy their music so much, especially the rap parts of Daiki. He is some awesom rapper, his voice is so nice on the ears, sometimes I wish I could listen to only his parts for a while. XD Of course the others have great voices as well and I also enjoy listening to their voices but as for Daiki, he gives their songs this little something that makes you lovin' the song even more. Gosh I am so much looking forward to their new single. 

#1 DISH//

Ok, there is so much to love about DISH//. First of indeed it's their brilliant music. So far there is not a single song of them I don't like but lot's I never want to miss again. Then they are hilarious, this makes watching them even more exciting, then it already is. Another plus point is that they all play an instrument, thought To-i is a DJ and I am not sure if that's said to be playing an instrument. However they play their instruments very well and I think that's always a good thing about a band. Another thing is that they are doing a lot, not only live shows but also their own shows on TV like Battle Dish//  or their show together with CustomiZ, Chotokkyu and PrizmaX. It's crazy how much they already released, thinking about the fact that their major debut was just in mid 2013.
Another BIG plus they have (only in my case) is that I actuelly already saw them live. In 2015 I went to a free live of them, they did it to promote their Yay! Natsu Yasumi single. This was supposed to be like a mini live and I thought they would only play like 3 or 4 songs but in the end they played I think around 8 to 10 songs. This was pretty exciting for me. They have been so good live and it was incredible to see them live. Also I was able to get a sign by Takumi. YAY!!! This was by far one of my favorite memories. I still smile and get all those fangirl feelings when thinking about it. I will never forget that day and that's also what makes DISH// special for me!

Wow, this got pretty long! However if you like tell me your ranking!

Thanks for reading!

{A 1st Impression of} MAG!C PRINCE

MAG!C PRINCE is a band from Nagoya. They have 5 members, each having his own color! Before their debut they already started a small tv an radio show that is airing around midnight on CBC.
They officially debuted on the 2015.12.23 with the single Zettai Aishiteru! The debut single comes in 7 different versions. I think that's kinde crazy for a first single. On the other hand I am sure that means they have already been popular before their debut. Here is the song!

I like the song quite a lot since I first listend to it. Also I came across them by accident but since I love to getto know new bands I was excited to find out about them. Of 'course they are pretty young,well at least for me, but I don't really mind. After getting to know so many bands I am used to the fact that especially new bands have members way younger then me. The oldest one is getting 21 y.o. in february and the two youngest (they are born on the same day and no they are not twins) among them turning 19 y.o. in october. The age is actuelly ok, it could have been worse, like if the  would be under 15. >-< However here is some other pictures.

What do you think about them?

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

{A 1st Impression of} Hikaru Genji

So guys just three days ago I listend to my first ever Hikaru Genji (光GENJI) song sung by themself (because sometimes you hear songs of them being covered by Juniors or other bands of JE). This band debuted in 1987 with the song STAR LIGHT. They were one of the most popular Johnny's Entertainment bands, even though they only lasted for around 8 years. In 1994 two members left the band only one year later they completely disbanded. Within this one year the band changed their name to Hikaru Genji Super 5. However this is just a first impression and I don't know them very well so far anyway, so let's move on to the music.

Actuelly the songs I personally like the most so far are their 4 first released singels. STAR LIGHT, Garasu no Jidai, Paradise Ginga and Diamond Hurricane. Here they are.

I love these songs but of course I didn't listen to that many songs of them so far. To get to know their music a little more and to be able to listen to these 4 songs more, I already ordered an album of them. I am very much looking forward to recieve it and I will do a little review about it when I got it.

Oh my gosh, I had to laugh at this picture so much. Their clothes! XDDDDDD
But well it's the '80s early '90s, so I guess it can't be helped! XP

How do you like them?

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{AAA PV #3} Kirei na Sora

So this PV starts off like a story PV. Nissy saying bye to his parents (??).

Oh gosh he really is cute!

And he is throwing a party, while having the house to himself.

And here the quests are!

... already leaving again. Wait, didn't this video just started??

And now Nissy is even already sleeping.

Ok not. And damn I like this scene it looks so pretty.

Hmm... everyone is sleeping but didn't they left already. Guess they came back for a sleepover.

Oh my gosh they're looking SO cute! Shuta's pretty sleeping face! *0*

Looks like he is sleeping in this screenshot but actuelly he is the only that had no sleeping scene. >-< And why the heck is he outside in the car, while the others are sleeping inside. Is he waiting for them to come out or can't he get himself to go inside, maybe he didn't find a place to sleep so he went into the car. Who knows. XD


Yeah... she wakes up and suddenly starts to sing. OK, I mean who doesn't do it (in a disney movie).

Ok that seems to have been the actuell party. Maybe they go back in time. Weird way of doing a video.

Oh and random writing in the sky. 

I am curious where they are in this scene and what it actuell has to do with the rest of the video. Is that supposed to be on the roof, but why is there sand and WHY do they have wet hair.

Ok I don't know the meaning behind this scene but damn these solo shots are so beautiful. Especially the ones of Shuta and Chiaki. So pretty,

Another odd scene change. Now they are dancing in front of some trucks. Why????

Back to the party. This looks actuelly so pretty. I like these scenes a lot.

In between all the other scenes, there are also infront of the house scenes. I like these.

Cute! Both!

Shuta is actuelly doing a kick here, It looked kinde good but I wasn't able to take a good screencap, So you guys have to live with this picture! XD

Now it's even raining. It get's more and more strange. Oh but at least it explains the wet hair. >o<

Ok seems the party finished finally. He is taking down the awsome house party sign.

Wait, he came back saying "Okaeri", seems his parents came back...

And that's the end of the PV. I like this PV way better then the other two and there have been some scenes I actuelly enjoyed. Especially the ones were they are at the outside of the house. Also sleeping Shuta was a big plus. XD Leaving out the view random out of place scenes this is definitly not the greatest PV but it had potential and I hope the next PVs are at least as good as this one. As for the song I like it a lot but again it's not one to stay in my head.

Thanks for reading!