Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to register for Stardust Channel

Here is a little post on how you can register to stardust channel. All you need is an e-mail address and a credit card. You will have to pay 432円 (around 4US$) a month for the membership.

Go to this site (https://secure.emtg.jp/stardustch/3/regist/?_ga=1.34427553.1434223302.1448645608) and klick on the button seen in the picture above.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Takuya left AMAZO NIGHT

Takuya left the group AMAZO NIGHT. I was already confussed that he wasn't shown in the twitcasts anymore and he even was not on their twitter pictures anymore but still I wouldn't have thought that he left the group. Now it's official he left AMAZO NIGHT. I think that's really sad because they actuelly did really well together. Their voices sounded good together and I felt that the members had a great bound but whatever reason he had to leave them I wish him all the best for his future! Here is a picture of AMAZO NIGHT now.

Cover + Tracklist for Fiima's 1st singe have been reveald

OMG I am so damn happy that the cover and tracklist has been released already. They so deserv it!! The cover looks amazing. They all look stuning and in this picture I even like Yosukes yellow hair. Actuelly I don't like his current haircolor and I hope he will change it soon again! >-<
However I am really happy about this release. I looked on CDJapan today and now we can finally preorder the single over there as well. Of course I already did!! Here is the tracklist.

01. HOLD UP!
02. トーキョーシティ (Tokyo City)
03. Smile
04. No.1

What do you think about it?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Brand New Vibe released PV for upcoming single

The music video for #ROTS of Brand New Vibe has been released at the beginning of this month. It's a song I slowly got to love. The music video is very simple. I like that you can interpret a lot into it. Like e.g. he is running towards his goal, it's a long and exhausting way (therefor the heavy breathing in the beginning). The fist in the sand could mean the struggles you have to go through and at the end they stand on the beach looking into the sun as if they would look into a bright future. I kinde like this idear. Another scene or either item I like in this video is the cap saying "self made". I think they really put a lot of work, passion and soul into this band and they deserve all the attention they get. And I honestly think they can really call themself "self made"!! However take a look yourself.

Besides what I actuelly dislike about this song is that Nobu got so less singing parts this time!

What do you think about it?

Full version of Code-V's Kimi to Ita Natsu PV released

It's here!! And I love it!! The song is very beautiful and I like the soft natural colors they used. The whole video suites the mood of the song so well. I really love it and, I know I wrote this so many times already, but I am super happy to see them as five members and (hopefully) soon as six members again!! Here it is.

What do you think about it?

Sakura Shiemji singing about confessing love

Sakura Shimeji released their PV for the new single "Hidarimune" two days ago. I really love the new songs. It's cute as always but from the overall sound I like it the most of all of their so far released songs. The video is extremly pretty again, with nice settings and a cute concept. The video tells the story of a guy who want's to confess his love to one of his classmates. It's very well done and super cute. I am looking forward to listen to the b-side tracks of this single. Here is the video.

What do you think about it?

FlowBack to have major debut in September

FlowBack is doing really good with their lives and so far released cds. Today they announced that they will have their major debut in September. I am really happy for them and hope they will do good with the new single so the major label will give them lots of chances to show their amazing talent.
So far I don't know under which label they will be but I am really curious.
However the new single will be called "Come A Long Way" and is going to be released on the 07.09.2016. This time there will be an only cd version as well as a dvd version. I am super excited for the dvd version because it will come with both the music video for Wake Me Up and AfterRain. And I wasn't able to watch the full version of AfterRain so far. Can't wait for this!! 
Between the picture above is already the theme picture. Their outfits are pretty cool despite these terrible pants of Mark and Haru. >-<

What do you think about it?

Covers for new La PomPon single have been revealed

The cover for the new single of La PomPon have been released this week. They are really cute! Here they are please take a look.

CD only version

DVD Ver. A

DVD Ver. B

Solo Versions
What do you think about them?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to get in contact with japanese artists...

You ever wanted to tell your favorite artist how much you like him/her/them? Now you have a chance to tell them. Do you guys know TwitCasting (or short TwitCas)? It's a streaming website connected to Twitter, which quite a few japanese artists use. Of course only the ones that actuelly have twitter, so you will not find any Johnny's artist on TwitCas and so far I couldn't discover any LDH artist as well but to be honest I didn't really search for them anyway. However there are lot's of new artists and groups that use TwitCas. As for me I love to get to know new artists and being able to write them that I know them and like their music is awesome.
But let's start with how it works. First of it's recommended you get the App for your smart phone and then you can subscribe to all the people you want, as for me my list is loooooong. After that you will always get a notifictaion when someone on your list started a TwitCas. Then you can either watch the TwitCas on your smat phone or on your PC, whatever you like better.
While the live stream is going on you can write comments. If you're good with japanese I would recommend you to write in japanese. If you, like me, are not so good with japanese, you can also write in english. As for english it really depends on the artists how they react. Some just ignore it, some are kinde shy and you can only see  cute little smile  and some actually react very cute and say something in japanese or even better in english. Like e.g. I just today saw a TwitCas of LCA!!! and wrote "I love Nuff Respect, it's so good." in the comments. They read it out loud and replyed with "Thank You" "Yeah" We love You" and similar. These are reactions I honestly love the most and these make a band even more special to me! ^0^
Also there are some bands mostly telling about a live or some news but don't interact much with their fans and then their are bands that interact a lot with their fans like e.g. LCA!!! or Taiyo. Taiyo even sang Happy Birthday to one of his fans in one TwitCas. So lovely!
That made you suspicious, go on twitter and search for the artist you like, maybe they use TwitCas. If you don't know any artists that use TwitCas but would like to discover some. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Amazo Night (do streams nearly everyday)
Yasu (WAVE)
Masaki (3WAG)

What do you think about TwitCas?

Code-V released first teaser for new single

Code-V released their first teaser for the new single "Kimi to Ita Natsu". The song seems very beautiful and I am so happy that Rui is back now. I saw that SOL is actuelly back too but I guess he will only join them again with the next single. By then they are 6 members. Can't wait for that. However the new single with 5 member is great too and I really love the japanese style theme they used. Each of them looks so handsome here. I am very much looking forward to the full music video but for now here is the teaser.

What do you think about it?