Friday, August 19, 2016

FlowBack released MV for Come a long Way

Today FlowBack released the dance version of their music video for Come a long Way. I am so happy this was uploaded to Youtube because I am still waiting to watch their AfterRain music video. However this song and video is really good. Since it's a dance version that is pretty much all you see in the video but their dancing is really good and the camera work is super nice too. And then their is the song. It's SO good. I did expect them to do good but this is even better then I thought it would be. The song is really addicting. All their vocals are so nice and their voices go along so well and Judai's rap is very good too. It's an song I absolutly enjoy and can't wait to own on cd. Take a look yourself.

What do you think about the song and video?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A video for Tigh-Z "Born to Lead" has been released

I was waiting for this so long and here it is finally a video for Tigh-Z debut cd. Sadly it's not a music video and not full lenght but it's definitly better then nothing. Here is the video.

I like the song a lot and I am sure I will buy this single as soon as possible. I am happy they finally released a single and I hope there is someday going to be a music video for the song as well.

What do you think about the song?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

X4 released MV for Pride

A few days ago X4 released their music video for Pride. The song will be on their new mini album "4 My Baby" which will be released in October. I personally like their sexy songs a lot, like Obsession but I am not a big fan of their lovely songs like this one. So far non of their love songs have convinced me and neither does this one. I think these songs don't suite Kodai. I really love his stunning voice but it's just not made for this kind of song and even in the video it feels so wrong for him to look like this and he is doesn't fit the mushy boy group typ. Well at least that's what I think. For Yuya it's pretty much the same, thought he suites there at least a little better then Kodai. I hope they will also release a sexy song with this mini album or at least something not as cheesy as this. However here is the video.

What do you think about the song and video?

Ryoga released MV for Forever

Group Ryoga have finally released the a short version music video for their new single A-side track "Forever". The video is very dark again, with a lot of nice dancing in it. I honestly like this song much better then their first release and the video is decent. The dancing is nice, I mean they have good dancers in the group. I like Takuya's voice a lot and it's not as high pitched as usuel. I still don't like that they use electronic on Yutas voice but this time it's much more decent and therfor I don't dislike it in this song. Take a look and listen yourself.

What do you think about the song and video?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chotokkyu announced 2nd album

Another great news has been announced. Chotokkyu (also known as Bullet Train) will release their 2nd album on the 26th October 2016. The Album will be called "Dramatic Seven" and the picture above is already the theme picture for the new album. I am super excited for this album since I really enjoy Chotokkyu's releases. The costumes look nice too, thought Yusukes is a litte over the top but I guess that's what he wants. XD Koichi looks a little like the black swan and Ryoga somehow like a giant plant! I don't don't know if Yuki wants to resemble something and both Kai and Takuya looking very decent against the others. Oh and Takashi... looks like he went throug a see of red color with these pants. But I like these costumes and I am looking forward to see the covers for the album and to get more information about it. I will write about it on this blog.

What do you think about the new album and theme picture?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

EDGE OF LIFE announced new single in september

EDGE OF LIFE will release their 6th single on 16th November 2016. The name has not been announced so far. However they already announced that there will be a cd only and a cd + dvd version and there will be a special photo coming with the cd if you buy it at mu-mo. 
It was kinde silent around them after releasing their best album + 5th single, so I am releved that they finally announced something new. If more gets announced I will write about it on this blog.

What do you think about this new single?

10jinActor released disturbing video about PhakChi

The group 10jinActor released a music video for their song "PhakChi Heaven" at the beginning of this month. This song and video is kinde disturbing but on the same page really hilirous and funny. The video must have been a lot of work with all it's different scenes. But it was worth the work because it's one you don't easily forget. I was like WTF when I first watched it because I didn't expect them to release something like this! Thought I am not dissapointed it's a funny to watch music video and the song is quite addicting too. So congrats 10jinActor, you did well with your PhakChi. Anyone wants to watch it as well, here it is.

What do you think about it?

Friday, August 12, 2016

{A first impression of} The Beat Garden

Rei, Masato, Satoru, U
The Beat Garden are vocalists U, Rei and Masato and DJ Satoru. The group has been formed in 2012 with the members U, Rei and Masato. Satoru joined them as a member in december 2015. They produce a mix of dance/electro/rock music and released their first indie full lenght album "Will" in february 2015. This album placed number 3 in the Oricon Indies Ranking. One year later the inide mini album "Air" was released and just recently they released their first major cd, the mini album "Never End". They released two music video on their chanel and I love both songs a lot. Take a look yourself.

I really love their voices, especially U's voice but they all sound good (thought you don't hear much of Rei) and they sound great together. I bought their "Never End" cd so I am looking forwar to see if I like their other songs too, but from the previews on Recochoku I can say I will properly like pretty much all of their songs!

What do you think of them?

Musumen unite "Traffic Light" will have their major debut

Mid november will be the release of the band "Traffic Light", which consists of three members of Musumen. The members are Shirofuku (now Shiroro), Aoi and Kimagure Prince (now Punta). They already released the music video for their main track "Dance Dance!!". The single itself will have three tracks in total "Dance Dance!!", "Traffic Jam" and "Talkin' Body". They will release 5 different versions of the single one dvd version, a regular version and one version for each member. The member versions will have a track with a massage on them. I think that's a pretty cute idear, thought I personally would have liked a video better. However here is the new music video.

What do you think about it?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

SUPER★DRAGON announced their 1st cd release

OMG so many good news lately. So just today SUPER★DRAGON announced their 1st cd release. After releasing 4 music cards until their debut they finally will release a cd and actuelly not only one but two. However they wrote they will release an album in January 2017 and will later announce a single that will also be released, maybe on the same day or a little later, I am not sure. However they will release a cd and that makes me so happy, and even an album which most properly means we will be able to get all their so far released songs. *0* I am waiting for this since they debuted as a group. Waaahh why does it still take so long for the release. As soon as I get new information I will write about it on this blog.

What do you think about these news?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review of Tokyo by Fiima

As you might already know I was very happy about this release and looked forward to it a lot, that's why I couldn't only buy it on CDJapan (to hold a physical release in my hands) but also bought it at Recochoku too beacause I didn't wanted to wait to listen to the full songs!! So here is my opinion about the songs, which is absolutly not professional.

01. HOLD UP! [♥♥♥♥♥]

-> I love the beginning of this song so much it's really amazing as well as all the nice rapping. I can already imagin myself singing this song to myself. It's a typical danceable track by them, one of those I always enjoy to the fullest.

02. Tokyo City [♥♥♥♥♡]

-> Tokyo City is very different to the other songs on this cd. It has an 80's feel to it, which I absolutly like, thought only on a second listen. But after listening to it one more time I started to enjoy it a lot. I like How much english they use in this song and their pronouncation is so good too. One of my favorite parts of this song is the Rap part!!

03. Smile []

-> In my point of view this is the weakest song of this single. It's one I still have to get used to.  So I already got used to it and I start to really like it thought I think there is to much mixed together, especially at the end. Against the other amazing songs on this single, this one feels less good than it actuelly is. However what I really like about it are the lyrics. I don't understand everything but since they sing a lot of english in this song too I get what this song is about. It's just about smiling, that you should smile more, for yourself and others.

04. No.1 []

-> No.1 is the best song on this single and the only one which got an music video. The song is super addicting and because of the great amount of english used in it, it's so easy to sing along it. They show of how nice their voices go along. Also the feeling of this song is really nice, kinde soothing but still makes you wanna dance to it!

All in one [] this is an amazing first release. I will enjoy it a lot and I am hopeing for many more releases of Fiima. AND I really hope for a cd with all their older songs like King&Queen and Photogenic. I had high expactations for this single I havn't been disappointed with it!

Did you listen to it? How do you like it?

Fiima released MV for No.1

It's here it's here... Waaaaaaahhhhhhh I am so happy!! Please take a look!!

What do you think about it?

Fiimas 1st single is being released today!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥~

Today is the release of Fiimas first ever single and I am so happy for them and so proud they finally get to release a cd. I know they sold a cd at their live concert but you coud only get it at their events. So this is the 1st real single of them! Congratulations! If you want to know how they sound like, you can listen to the previews of their songs on recochoku. 

They are really talented and I LOVE their music, so I recommend everyone to go buy the single, either on Recochoku or any online store that sells japanese cds e.g. CDJapan.

Also a MV for No1 will be uploaded today around 21PM (Japan Time). I will put it on here as soo as it is availible!

Oh and today was the Fiima Release Party Event. I was able to watch it throught TwitCas but sadly the quality sucked, still I am happy I was able to watch it! They even showed the full version of the No1 music video!

Please support them as well!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Top 10 JMusic releases 24.07. - 30.07.2016

I felt like doing another top 10 post so here it is. This time it's the wek before last week. In this week there have been quite some releases of artists that I really like. So it was hard for others to get into this list because I am always a little biased with the groups I like a lot. 

#10 Jinsei wa Subarashii by Johnnys WEST

!! Since this is a Johnnys Entertainment release I am not able to put a video here but I am sure you will find the video, may it be on facebook, jpopsuki or musicplayon. !!

#09 Run of the Sun by Brand New Vibe

#08 Ga Ga Summer by Doberman Infinity

#07 Hero by Namie Amuro

#06 Kimi to Ita Natsu by Code-V

WTF +Plus will have a COMEBACK

OMG I just freaked out when I found out that +Plus will release a cd again. They released their latest single in 2013 and with only two members left and I think their was a digital release with a new third member but I am not 100% sure and I am not able to look that up somewhere because their websitehas been closed for a long time now. However they are back to the original 4 members they once have been and that makes me super happy. The single will be released on the 12.08.2016 and is called "Believer!!". You can see the cover for the single on the top. Here is a preview of the new single.

I am super excited!! The song sounds good and damn I still can't believe it.

Do you know them? What do you think about them?

Top 10 JMusic releases 31.07. - 06.08.2016

After a long time I finally felt like doing a top 10 list again. These are all songs that have been physically released last week. I love some of these songs a lot, so much that I decided to get the cd which the song is released on. However here is my list.

#10 Wake We Up by HOWL BE QUIET

#09 Hikari by Girlfriend

*In this video are both the short versions for Hashire and Hikari. Hikari starts at 1:46.


#07 I Just Wanna Make To You by POST MODERN TEAM

#06 Setsuna-sa License by Hashiguchi Kanaderiya

Sunday, August 7, 2016

My personal ranking of the M!LK members

I felt like doing this so here is my ranking of the members of M!LK. I know all the members quite long, some for nearly 3 years now and I am happy to be able to watch them grow. However here is the ranking.

#5 Haruki

Ok, to be honest I am not too much of a fan of Haruki. He is cute but sometimes too cute, and sometimes this cuteness feels incinsere. Maybe it's just a little too much for me sometimes. It's not that I don't like him but I can't really say I like him a lot either. I would say he is ok.

#4 Daichi

Daichi is very lovely and I bet someone you can easily hang around with. It feels always kinde naturel when he acts infront of the camera. I like this. Ok sometimes he tries a little too hard to be funny, but well at least he tries,

#3 Mizuki

Oh yeah Mizuki, I still remember him being super shy around the camera and with the other trainees. He really changed a lot. He seems to be much more open now and it seems he really enjoys what he does. I am happy for him. It's great to see him growing up so much. He has always been one of my favorite trainees. I wish him to grow even more and that he will gain lot's of attention, so M!LK will get more popular.

#2 Jinto

Jinto has aso been one of my favorite trainess. He always tries his best with everything he does. It's great how much will-power he has. Also I really like his speech defect, it sounds super cute. Despite that he is a very lovely person that I feel has an eye on the other members to. He is not really the one to push himself into the front but still he manages to stand out. Also his singing voice is cute too.

#1 Hayato

Who else should be my number then my dearly loved Hayato. He is upper cute, honest, adorable, handsome, funny and much more. He just is amazing. As for him I started to like him the moment I saw one of his pictures on the EBiDAN blog. I directly had interesst in them. He was actuelly a member of EBiDAN Osaka but since he joined M!LK he is not with them anymore. Besides I really love his dimpels. He looks so damn cute when he smiles and they show of. Waaaahhh... so cute!!

sorry for the bad quality...
 Another thing about him I like is that he also seems very caring towards the other members and in general people. I bet he is someone you can trust, someone who wound't betray you. A very good friend and someday a great husband to a very lucky woman. Well I do like him a lot and I am very much looking forward to see him growing more and becoming some amazing men.

What isyour ranking of the members of M!LK?

w-inds. - Backstage MV + cover

w-inds. will release their new single at the end of august and today I want to show you the amazing covers for the new single as well as telling you about the amazing video. The song is called "Backstage" and has a summer theme. It's a very addicting song with an awsome feeling to it and I personally like to repeat it again and again. The video is super nice as well, like pretty much all w-inds. videos are. It's a very bright and colorful music video, with a beautiful scenery and nice choreography. All in one a pretty much perfect music video that you can enjoy a lot. Take a look yourself.

And here are the covers, that I also think are super amazing.

What do you think about the video and covers?

palet released MV + Cover for Over The Rainbow

The music video for palet's new single Over The Rainbow has been released quite a while ago but so far I coudn't get myself to write about it. I like the song and the video is ok but it's still kinde hard for me to accept that so many members left and three new joined. However I can't deny I like the song and even thought I will always miss the old palet I want to give the new one a chance, 
About this video, it's very simple, nothing too special but somehow cute. I really like their uniforms for this single, they look cute but have a rockish touch to them. Kinde cute and sexy at the same time. All the girls looking amazing, especially Ri-chan, Yui and Miyuki... ok I know I am super biased. Maybe I will start to like the new memebers someday as well. >-<
What I dislike about the song and video is that Yui get's so less attention. She has always been one more in focus and know she seems to be more of a background person. I don't like that! Anyhow take a look yourself.

And here is the cover for the new single.

Ok this is really super pretty. They all look super beautiful and the colors and the rainbow and their perfect hair.... ahhh I really love this cover.

What do you think about the cover and music video?

UNIONE announced second single

Shortly after the release of their debut single, UNIONE already announced their second single. The single will be called Mirai DELIGHT and will be relesed on the 2016.10.26. So far nothing much has been announced. I am super happy about this announcement since I love them and their music a lot. As soon as I get to know more I will write it here on the blog.

What do you think about this sudden new release? 

VOTE For Your Favorite J-POP Boy Groups!

The channel "~OPPA & UNNI~ Asian Music Chart" is doing a survey to find out who the most popular japanese boy groups are. If you would like to participate click on the following video, everything will be explained in it and then just write down your top 10 japanese boy bands (or less if you want). The survey will end on the 15th august, so not much time is left. Please go an participate in it. I already did. 

What do you think about surveys like these?

MAG!C☆PRINCE released short ver. MV for Over The Rainbow

Sorry for the huge picture but I love this music video. In generell I am a sucker for summer themed music videos and this one is gorgeus as well. Also you might notice I am a little biased towards Kaoru. >-< Yeah...
However, so MAG!C☆PRINCE will release their new single in october but already released a short version of the new music video. It's a very lovely song and a very pretty video. I get sucked into their fandom more and more. I am very much lookingforward to the full size video and I can't wait for this release to come out.

What do you think about it?

{A 1st Impression of} G=AGE

Fumito, Vasa, Mahiro, Tasy, Roi

G=AGE is a 5 member group that had their debut on the 21th July 2016 with the single "Age of Future". The single has been released in 6 versions, 3 regular and 3 limited. The band has been formed out of two bands, G-Eye and New->Age. 

Asahi, Tasy, Hau, Vasa

Mahiro, Fumito, Roi

As you can see G-Eye has been 4 members before but Asahi and Hau left the band. I don't know if they had to leave or if they left on they own. However it seems that actuelly only G-Eye were to debut, with the exact same theme G=AGE debuted. Here is a teasers of G-Eye.

 As far as I know G-Eye was supposed to become a 7 member band but then Asahi and Hau left and the website of G-Eye has been deleted and the twitter account has been renamed to G=AGE. As for New->Age they have been formed in march this year and later have been announced to form G=AGE together with G-Eye. Sadly I don't know more in detail.
However as for the members they are very young, the oldest getting 18 this year and the youngest turned 14 this year. AlsoI read that two of them are ex-Johnny's Jr. but I only know of one for sure. I know Vasa has been a Johnny's Jr. and he was futured in some magazine. I am not sure who the other one is. If you guys know it, tell me.
Anyhow here is the music video they released in July.

The video looks so cheap and I don't like their hair styles but I can't deny that this song is pretty good and I keep playing it. I am looking forward to see them develope. I hope the next video will be better and they get a different hair stylist.

What do you think about them?