Sunday, September 11, 2016

B2takes! to release 3rd single

I just read that B2takes! will have their 3rd single out soon. It will be called MoyaMoya Lover and will be released on the 25.10.2016. There will be a regular version as well as one version for each member and a special version that comes with a dvd and a 16 page mini photobook. The picture above is most properly the cover for the special edition. I couldn't find any information about the b-side track(s)but I found a video of them performing MoyaMoya Lover. It's a cute and lively song and their performance is really cute too. Have a look and listen yourself.

What do you think about it?

Brand New Vibe releases 1st Best of Album

A few days ago Brand New Vibe had their 5th year major debut anniversary and to celebate these 5 years they will release their 1st best of album on the 30th November 2016. The album will be called BNV Best Selection and will only be released as one version. Besides all the so far released A-Side tracks it will also come with their second indie single A-side track "JAM". Here are the so far announced tracks, I am not sure if there will come more to it.

・恋愛シンドローム / Renai Syndrom
・キミへ / Kimi He
・Life~生まれてくれてありがとう~ / Life~ Umarete Kurete Arigatou~
・Vivid Days
・Glasses-ココロのメガネ- / Glasses - Kokoro no Megane-
・Silent Snow
・セクシービーチ  / Sexy Beach
・ライバル / Rival
・Brand New Vibe
・歩幅 / Hohaba

What do you think about the best of album?

WEBER 1st Live DVD cover + tracklist

On the 19.10.2016 WEBER will release their 1st live dvd. The recording will be from their Live Tour 2016 "Takaramono". There will be a regular edition of the dvd as well as a special one you can only get at HMV. The special edition is nearly double the price of the regular one, so I have high hopes for it. I know that it will come with in a special box set but what this will look like has not been announced so far. I am also hoping for an advertising video soon but so far we only have the tracklist. Here it is.

01. ホコリと太陽 -ver1.6- / Hokori to Taiyo
 02. 異次元ライダー Ijigen Rider
 03. スノキラ☆ / Sunokira
 04. Wonderland
 05. BEAT the BLACK
 06. "J & Skeet dance number ""Sound play"""
 07. 01
 08. "Skeet & Taka. dance number ""Music make you bounce"""
 09. "J & Hayato dance number ""Songs with motions"""
 10. "WEBER dance number ""Nucleus"""
 11. そばにいるから / Soba ni Irukara
 12. 桜咲く丘 / Sakura Saku Oka
 13. First day -ver1.6-
 14. 雨上がりのキミとボク-ver1.6- Ameagari no Kimi to Boku
 15. Don't Be Afraid
 16. サマキラChu→ン / Sama Kira Chu→ N
 17. 鮮やかなReason / Asayaka na Reason
 18. タカラモノ / Takaramono
 19. beautiful life ~after 12 years~
 20. MOVE
 21. Always
 22. Perfect World

  ―Special Movie-

I like a lot of these songs and I am looking forward to watch the dance parts. Actuelly I am really excited for this release.

What do you think about it?

Why I consider Code-V to be JPop not Kpop

If you read this blog for a while already, you might know that I really like the group Code-V a lot and count them to one of my favorite japanese boy groups. However if I tell people about it they pretty much always  answer that Code-V is not a japanese but a korean boy group.
On the one hand that is of course true, all the members are from south korea and they once released music in korea BUT on the other hand since they started to release cds in Japan they stopped their activities in Korea. To be honest they haven't been popular in korea, neither under the name Bless nor under their recent name. Their last korean release was a digital single at the end of August 2011. Soon after that, to be exact in december, they released their first single as well as their honesty album, in Japan. They gained way more attention in Japan what made them more popular then they have been in korea. From that moment on they released only japanese cds, they appear on japanese TV, talk a lot in Japanese and their twitter and instagram posts are mostly written in japanese. Because of all these reasons I consider them to be a jpop and not a kpop group. And to be honest I am very happy that they started to release in Japan because otherwise I guess I would never have gotten that much into them.

What do you think? Are they a JPop or KPop group?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

0TU1 - Lean On Me romaji

Since I like the song a LOT I wrote down the romaji for it so I can sing a long better. Maybe someone would like to see those as well, so here they are.

Everytime you feel down
You fell alone
You can always Lean on me
I am always here for you

ねぇ何で泣いてるの / Nee Nande Nai Teru no
hey tell me whats going on
まだ頼りないけど / Mada Taiyorinai kedo
頼ってほしい / Taiyotte Hoshii
いつか君が道に迷ったら / Itsuka Kimi ga Michi ni Mayottara
二人で迷子になろうよ / Futari de Maigo ni narou yo
そして共に出口を探せばいい / Soshite Tomoni deguchi wo Sagaseba ii

Cuz I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

君がもし元気なくしても / Kimi ga moshi genki nakushite mo
僕が強くいるから / Boku ga Tsuyoku Irukara
僕が代わりに戦い続けるから / Boku ga Kawari ni Tatakai Tsudzukeru Kara
もう心配しなくていいよ / Mou Shinpai Shinakute ii yo
でももし不安になったら / Demo Moshi fuan ni Nattara
いつでもこの腕に飛び込んでくればいい /Itsu demo Kono ude ni Tobikonde Kureba ii

Cuz I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
いつまでもyour not alone baby /Itsumademo your not alone baby
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
どこにいてもそばにいるから / doko ni itemo soba ni irukara
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side

いつまでもyour not alone baby /itsumademo your not alone baby
everything will be alright
I’m always by your side
君がどこにいても / kimi ga doko ni itemo

Yes I'm One call away
whenever you need a friend
ヒーローにはなれないけど / Hero ni wa narenai Kedo
飛んでいくよ /Tonde iku yo
Oh baby baby
Just lean on me
whenever you need a hand
疲れたら肩をかすから / Tsukaretara Kata wo Kasu kara
顔を上げて / Kao wo Agete
I’m one call away

The Beat Garden announced 2nd single

The Beat Garden will release their second single on the 30th November 2016. The single will be called Promise You and will be relesed in three versions. Again as two dvd versions and a regular version. DVD version A will come with vol. 2 of their "-Live Air 2016- Akasaka Blitz" (vol. 1 is on type A of their 1st single). I am quite happy about this announcement. 

What do you think about this?

Chotokkyu released the cover for Dramatic Seven

I like all the cover but my favorite being FC Type A. It's just sad that there is no dvd version. But well you can't have everything and I am already happy that they are releaseing a second album.

Which is your favorite cover?

Shimizu Shota announced new single

Shimizu Shota will finally release a new single. It will be called My Boo and is released on the 5th October which is luckily not long from now on. I am so much looking forward to listen to this song! I live his music a lot and therefor I am super happy about this new release, I hope there will be a preview of the song soon. As for the single it will come as regualr and  a dvd version. As well as with 2 b-side tracks, Milk Tea and a remix version of Damage.

What do you think about this announcement?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

CustomiZ Last Live

As most of you might already know CustomiZ disbanded last month. They hold their final live on the 29th august 2016 and from then on are officially disbanded. I just found some pictures of their last live performance and want to share my favorites with you.

I can't believe I won't ever be able to see them again as a band.

Hiroki was definitly the most emotional at the live, that makes me like him even more and on the same time makes me even more sad.

As you might guess I am a little biased towards Hiroki but his appearence on stage is incredible. CustomiZ has been one of my absolute favorite bands, especially when it came to live performances. I am incredibly sad about them disbanding, just thinking about it makes me cry. I will badly miss them and I hope we will still be able to watch them grow up, even after this disbanding and for Hiroki and Daichi I wish them to be on stage soon again and make music, even if it's with another band I will support them forever. Thank you guys for all this great time and music and I wish you all the best.

You can find more pictures as well as the setlist here.

What do you think about the disbanding?

Top 10 JMusic releases 21.08. - 27.08.2016

I always enjoy doing these list because I get to know so many new artists each time, however I need to be in the mood for doing one, that's why I don't do them regular. Today I was in the mood so here is my top 10 list for last weeks releases.

#10 Burn by Flow

I like the soft intro and then there is the heavy gituar tune, love this. Just a really nice pop/rock song.

#09 Yamato Dancing by Boys and Men

I have a week spot for these guys because I like some of the members a LOT. Their shows are always most enjoyable but however this is about the song. It's a catchy one which from time to time stucks in my head and it's possible that I will start to sing the refrain out of no reason. I like the a little rough singing in some parts, thought I really like and enjoy the whole song.

#08 Riyuu by Noriyuki Makihara

Awesome song. The song somehow reminds me little of songs by Ken Hirai, thought just a very little bit. I like the tempo of this song a lot and the vocalist has a super nice voice. It's a fun song that makes me feel like dancing.

#07 Family by 0TU1

This is an advertising video for the whole mini album, Family is the first song so just start to play the video. There is no video for the song, if they upload one I will put it here. However Family is such a lovely and beautiful song. It gives of an amazing vibe. I absolutly enjoy it. Besides I really like the full mini album. So many good songs. If you have the time watch the whole video.

#06 Blue Star by Chise Kanna

So far this is the first and only song I heard of her. She really has a super beautiful voice and the song is full of emotions, that's something I especially love about the song. Even when you don't understand the lyrics you get the feeling that she is singing about something heartbreaking. Besides the song itself I really like that her voice is very clear. So beautful.

XOX will release new single

XOX (or Kiss Hug Kiss) announced their 3rd single a few days ago. The single will be called Skylight and will be released at the beginning of November. As usual for them there will be three versions of the single, two regular ones with different b-side tracks and one version with a dvd and photobook. The picture above is the theme picture for their new single. I really like the outfit of Tsubasa (thought without the shoes... don't really like these) and Batusing, both look pretty cool in their outfits. However I am interessted in what the new song will be like because so far I really like their music.

Are you looking forward to this new single?

UNIONE revealed Tracklist for Mirai Delight

Yesterday UNIONE finally announced the traklist of their second single "Mirai Delight". Here it is.

1. Mirai Delight
2. Let Me Go
3. Creamy Love
4. Happiness (cover of Ai)

I can't wait to listen to the songs. Also Happiness is one of my absolute favorite songs of Ai and I am currious about what their cover will be like. You can already watch them performing the refrain of the song on youtube but the part is so short that I can't really say if I like it or not. If you are interessted here is the video, happiness starts at 0:25.

What do you think about the tracklist?

Code-V announced 12th single

Just recently Code-V announced to release their 12th single at the end of November. The titel has not been revealed so far but we already know that there will be a reguar and dvd version of the single. 
I am really happy about this announcement and very much looking forward to it AND I hope that SOL will be with them again with the new single. That would be so awesome!

What do you think about the announcement?

MAG!C PRINCE revealed cover for new single

The covers for MAG!C PRINCEs new single "Over The Rainbow" have been released. They are very colorful, well like a rainbow, and the guys looks awesome on them. Not their best cover but I like them.

regular ver.


Hikaru ver.

Kengo ver.

Kaoru ver.

Taishin ver.

Shuuhei ver.

What do you think about the covers?

Mrs Green Apple announced their 3rd single. It will be called "In the Morning" and is being released at the beginning of November. As usual there will be two versions of the single, a regular one and one with a dvd. Nothing more has been revealed but I am looking forward to it a lot. 

What do you think about these news?