Sunday, October 30, 2016

Code-V to release 12th single

Code-V will release their 12th single on the 23rd November. The single will be called "Loving You, Love Me". There will be a dvd version and an only cd version. Both will come with two b-side trackes but those haven't been announced so far. The theme for it seems pretty simple and as the titel suggest, I think it will be a love song. I am looking forward to it, because I tend to like their love songs a lot. If I get more information I will writem them on this blog.

What do you think about the new single?

Friday, October 7, 2016

My opinion about JINTAKA's Choo Choo Shitain

I know this is actuelly an older release, the cd has been relesed at the end of september and I am pretty sure the music video has been out even longer. However I watched the video today for the first time and I feel like sharing my opinion. First of I can honestly say that I don't like the song, Yes I don't like it and this was a suprise for me because I actuelly like the music Jin does, e.g. I love his "Me" album. I never heard Yamda sing before, so I didn't expect anything of him, however I know and like him as an actor and therefor he had a good chance I would like what I listen too/see.
But it turned out that I actuelly don't like the song. I can imagin Yamada and Jin having a good time together drinking some beer or similar and when they drank a little too much this brilliant idear came to their minds and they thought why not doing this, it could be fun. I mean there is not really a lot  of songtext to this "song" and they are not even singing but either just speaking! It feels like they didn't put any effort into this song and honestly I don't like this. As for Jin I know he can do much better so why doing this kinde shitty song. Well maybe they really had fun making it.
About the video, it's a little artistic, which is not bad. The video is absolutly fine. Here it is take a look yourself.

Besides you guys saw this scene with the hands touching all over the Yamda and Jin. This must have been so annoying for them, I mean unknown people touching you all over, and since those people don't see where their hand are they have a good excuse to touch everywhere,

This looks like it's super annoying and in this scene you can see Jin's own hand is slowly going to the one hand and tries to put it away. However there is one other scene I thought was heavy.

Do you see what I mean. WTF where is this one hand going... that's way to much down. Even if it's not what it looks like, I still bet they were happy when the shooting for this scene finished.

What do you think?

CLOWN'S CROWN got a new member

Just recently CLOWN'S CROWN got a new member so they are 6 members total now. The new member is called Ryota and seems to fit in well with the other members. These news make me really excited because I have the feeling that it might lead to a new release in the near future. That would be awesome. However, here is a picture of the new member.

I think he looks really cute, the smile looks very honest to me and I like people with cute and honest smiling! 

What do you think about it?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

SJ to have debut with former bandmate

Former X4 member SJ had his debut just yesterday on the 1st October. He debuted together with his former bandmate Ray. SJ and Ray (and Kodai who is still with X4) have been in a band called BOYCE. When X4 has been announced BOYCE disbanded. Sadly SJ wasn't happy with the whole situation and soon left X4 again. And yeah now he is back together with Ray and they are doing music under the name "Two Side". Their first song is called Everybody. The song is actuelly really good, I absolutly enjoy it. If you want to check it out yourself, here it is.

What do you think about this?

FlowBack to release 2nd single in November

Today FlowBack announced that they will release their second single on the 7th november december this year. The single will be called "Heartbreaker" and will be released in two versions, a regular and dvd one. The second track for the single will be "Turn Around" and the dvd will come with the dance version music video for "Come a long Way" and "FlowBack behind the scenes vol 2". The pictire above is already the new image picture for the new single and it makes me really currious what the single will be like. The picture above reminds me of G-Dragons Heartbreaker and even a tiny bit of Sekai no Owaris Mr. Heartache. 

What do you think about these news?

Shimizu Shota released the MV for My Boo

Shimizu Shota will release his new single in a few days and I am super excited about it. As you might know I am huge fan of him, he is my favorite solo artist. However some days ago he released the short version of My Boo. Here is the music video.

(alternativ link: klick here)

Again he uses autotune and I am really not a fan of this but I slowly get used to it and since he seems to like it at the moment I guess I just have to bear with it. The video is nice and I really like thesong even thought he uses autotune.

What do you think?

The Beat Garden released MV + Image picture for "Promise You"

I while ago The Beat Garden released the short version of their music video for Promise You. I LOVE the song, their pop-rock-edm-style is really awesome!! The new image picture is not much different to their last one but whatever they are awesome anyway. I am very much looking forward to this release, please check it out yourself.

What do you think?

HighT releases first single

HighT released his first single on the 30th september. It's called Bullet Girl and comes with two tracks total. The second one being called "Do For You". Since this is only a demo cd it's not sold in stores but only at his lives. However if you still would like to get the songs, you can download them on itunes (even outside of Japan). I myself bought Bullet Girl, because I really enjoy the song and with supporting him, I hope he will release more. He are the two teasers for the single.

Besides, the cover picture for the single is so sexy, isn't it!!

What do you think about it?