Monday, August 28, 2017

Color Creation uploaded lyric videos

The first two singles of Color Creation have finally been released on August 23rd. Both singles come with one B-side track and some days ago Color Creation released lyric videos for those b-side tracks. I love both and recommend you listening to them. All of them having such awesome voices. I am SO much looking forward to recieve my copies of both their debut singles. However here are the videos.

What do you think about the songs?

M!LK announced 1st album

I am so exctied right now. I just read the announement of M!LKs 1st album. I was already expecting them to release an album soon because they already released 6 singles but it's still great to actually read the news. I am so happy for them. However they will release it on November 22nd, which means we still have to wait for sooooo long! NOOOOOOO...! >_<  If there is any news regarding the album I will share them with you.

Are you as excited as I am?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My favorite KPop groups releasing Japanese Music

Today I want to tell you my favorite KPop groups that also release Japanese Music. But before I start with my list I have to admit that I don't really listen to Kpop anymore since, I think, around 2012. I have started listening to KPop in 2008 and back then was deeply in love with BigBang, SS501,m Shinee, Kara, 2PM, Infinite, Beast, U-Kiss, ZE:A and some solo artists like Wheesung, Se7en and Lee Hyori. However I someday lost my interest in KPop but from time to time I like listening to some old kpop songs I loved, e.g. I will always love Shinees Replay! Also there are a few groups I still check out from time to time like Teen Top and B1A4. However the reason for this post is that I do listen to some kpop artists regular but mostly to their Japanese releases. I come accross those groups randomly, I don't search for them, so I still might not know many of them. If you want to suggest any feel free to do so!

Besides I don't include Code-V in this list because for me they are not a KPop group. You can find my post to this topic *here*. However let's start.

#5 BTS

While BTS is my favorite KPop group and the only Kpop group I really follow and am excited about, they only get this place because I am not too excited about their Japanese releases. Starting with the fact that they don't release a lot of original Japanese songs but just Japanese versions of their already released songs. I really love their songs a lot but I often tend to not like their Japanese versions of their songs. However I do like their few original japanese songs that's why they got a place on this list anyway. My favorite japanese songs of them are The Stars and For You. They are honestly such awesomely great talanted guys and if you never listened to anything of them I recommend giving them a try.

#4 SS501

They are not active anymore, well at least not as SS501 (their new name is SS301) and their music, especially their japanese music, is quite old already. However they are still one of my favorite korean groups that released music in Japan because they released some awesome japanese songs. My favorite of their japanese songs is still Lucky Days.

#3 GOT7

To be honest I came accross GOT7 just very recently. Ok I did now their song "Just Right" before because it was in many ranking videos I watched but even though I can't deny it has a nice sound, it didn't make me interested in them. So just recently I came across their new song Never Ever and I instantly liked it. Because I was in the mood I went through their other songs and ended up liking most of them so that's why I felt like checking out their Japanese releases too. What I directly liked a lot is that they didn't release only Japanese versions of their already popular songs, like many kpop artists do, but instead they released original Japanese songs. That's pretty awesome I think! I like pretty much all their Japanese songs and their CDs went onto my "have-to-buy-list". Because I just got into them I don't know any of their b-side tracks but I am quite sure I will like them too. Maybe I will do a post about them when I received everything. So far my favorite Japanese songs of them are Around The World and Hey Yah.

#2 TVXQ/Tohoshinki

With TVXQ I mean the original 5 member group because I don't listen to them anymore since three of them left the group. I also don't listen to JYJ. They had their reasons for leaving the group, I know that very well, but for me all their magic faded away when they left and I never felt the need of listening to their new stuff and even if I randomly came across one of their new songs it didn't got me excited at all. However I still do love their old songs a lot and there was so much they released in these 7 years they have been together as a five member group. I love most of their Japanese releases and some of my absolute favorite songs are "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimatan Darou?" and "Stand by U".


Definitely my number one is this awesome group called MYNAME! I know they release very less in Korea because they mostly release music in Japan and are way more popular in Japan. I got to know them some years ago but only started to love them after seeing them live at an Japanese event called Burn Up, which I went to at the end of 2016. Their performance was incredible, they seemed really lovable on stage and I loved how they interacted with their fans. Also InSoo and SeYoung went through the crowd and I was lucky to have some eye contact with InSoo which made me kind of fall for him! XD However after this live I bought everything I could find of them while I was still in Japan and the rest as soon as I came back! I listened to all their Japanese releases and I love pretty much all their songs a lot! Some of my absolute favorites of them are Klick, Sha la la, K.O. Monster, Gimmi Gimmi and MIRACLE. This is one damn talented group. However InSoo is on hiatus now because he will do the military service in Korea. I am already looking forward to his return but I will keep support the other members as well!

What are your favorites?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Ranking of the Super Dragon members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. Sou choose this weeks group and she decided to take Super Dragon. So far this was the toughest ranking for me. I like all the members a lot and pretty much equally and it was SO hard to choose a ranking. >-< Don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

Let's start.

#9 Hayate 

I feel so bad giving him this place because I do like him a lot too but he is the one that is the last outstanding for me therfor he got the last place. However he is vey cute. I like his smile a lot and he seems to get along with the other members well. Also I do like his dancing. He does really well. Besides he has been with EBiDAN for quite some time already but supprisingly his appearence didn't changed much over the years. A little of course but he always has been quite tall and his face just changed slightly too. XD

#8 Sougo

I don't know much about Sougo. I think he looks always very cute and he smiles most of the time he is on camera. I like this a lot. He is a little sunshine. He likes to have fun with the other members. However he is the one being most mysterious to me. I would like to know a little more abput his personality.

#7 Jean

Again I feel bad for giving him this place but someone had to take it. While I love his rapping a lot and always thought he is a great dancer, I think lately he is trying too much to be the bad ass guy. >_< Also I don't really like his style much... Well taste is different but I still remember this one amigo show where he had to choose an outfit for another member and the jury told him his one was not really good. Poor Jean but yeah, at least he wears what he wants. Besides I do know Jean for some years now because he is with EBiDAN for so long already and he was always someone that stood out of the crowed. I am really happy he was choosen to be in SupaDora. Also I am always amazed by how much his appearance changed, it felt like he suddenly was a youngster. XD

#6 Hyoma

Since their debut he gained a lot more self-confidence and I think that great to see. He seems to feel very comfortable being on stage and/or the center of attention. His voice is beautiful and works well for the songs they sing and his dancing is good too. I like when he is being silly together with the other members. Also he became really handsome, I often like his outfits a lot and I like their hairstyle on him a lot.

#5 Raku

Whenever I see Raku I think he looks so much like a girl. He has such a pretty and cute face. I am currious if even as an adolt he will have such a girly image or maybe he will turne into and sbolute ikemen. I can't imagine it. XD Besides that for me Raku is also a little sunshine. He smiles a lot and pretty much always seems to have a good mood. He is very cute with the other members and I think he is very hardworking too. I am looking forward to watch him grow with the group.

#4 Tomoya

I have always liked him, also when he was still a trainee. He never was my favorite trainee but he always was in my sight. He was really cute and always tried his best in every challange they did. It's crazy how much he grew up in these few years (I feel like I am saying this way too often but honestly I LOVE watching all of them grow and change over time). Look at this chibi version of him.

Too cute wasn't he! ^0^ And now he became very handsome but his adorable smile kept the same. I think you can have a fun time with him but you can also have deep conversations with him. I think he is a great mix of not being too silly but also no being too serious.

#3 Koki

First of I LOVE his laughing. It's so loud and cute, feels very honest and always makes me smile too. Besides that I really like his voice a lot and I think he is a decent dancer. He seems like someone you can easily get along with. Also he has an extremly handsome face and I bet he will be a womanizer when getting older. XD I am actually looking very much forward to see him grow up and watch him changing over the years. He is someone I see a lot of potential in.

#2 Tsuyoshi

Tsuyoshi has the best voice among the members and is my favorite vocalist out of all EBiDAN members/groups. He has a gorgeous voice that is easily being recognized. Besides that he is playing the guitar very well, is extremly handsome and has a nice scense for fashion. Being all this amazing you might think he is arrogant but he absolutly isn't. He seems very lovely in the way he interracts with the other members and in everything he does I always have the feeling he is very true to himslef. His smile and laughing is cute and he has a great appearence on stage. I know he has been doing solo activities befor joining the group and I wish I could have seen his live but I am glad he is now a member of a group because it sometimes feels like he is straining his voice too much and in a group the singing partscan be split between the vocalists. He still get's most of the singing parts but I am not as worried about him anymore because of the others singing too. 

#1 Reo

He has always been one of my absolute favorite trainees. I was super excited when he appeared in the "Itsuka wa Merry Christmas" (DISH//) and "EBiDAY EBiNAI" (Chotokkyu) music videos because it meant he got some more spotlight, even thought his scenes where pretty short. You can't imagine how very happy I was when it was was announced that he is a member of Super Dragon. What I like a lot about him is that he is very hard working, maybe sometimes a little too much, and he always tries to improve. However I always found his dancing to be a little too energetic but I think he improved and his dancing became pretty decent. Besides that it's something about his personality that makes me really like him. He likes to be infront of the camera a lot but often ends up being teased by the other members. Thought he is actually the oldest member, it doesn't feel like it. XD He is just very lovable.

What is your ranking of the members?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

[PicSpam] Just because I felt like it...

Today I am going to share some pictures of Boys and Men Kenkyusei with you. I love BMK a lot and just feel like doing this little picspam now. I will do a cut under the first five pictures, so you don't need to see all pictures thought I recommend taking a look! XD

*click on the pictures to see larger versions*

They all look so handsome in this picture and I love Setsura's hairstyle here, looks much better on him then his usual hairstyle!

Sota is just cuteness overload in this picture. His smile always makes me smile too. 

Why so handsome!?

They look SO good in Yukata. Especially my BBs right in the front looking super handsome and pretty.

Oh my... pictures of them together with Matsuri Nine always making me kinde sad because I miss the time when they were all together in BMK but I am really happy that they are still seeing each other and sometimes have lives together. And look at Takuya hugging Sota. It's soooooooooooooooooooo... cute! I miss this SO much!

Check out more under the cut!

My ranking of the EBiSSH members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. I choose this weeks group and I decided to take EBiSSH. Don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

Let's start.

#4 Rei

Rei seems very serious all the time. Sometimes I don't really know what to think about him. He can be a little annoying but he has his cute moments too. I often get the feeling that he is trying too hard but I can't really explain why. I like him, somehow. He stands out but not always in a good way. He is very mysterious to me. I am really confussed about what I think of him. >_<

#3 Kohki

The king of games. I am always stunned by how good he is in all the games they always play and I bet he loves playing games when being home. Despite that I think Kohki has the least self confidence of them all. He often looks very insecure and I often have the feeling he is holding himself back. I am pretty sure he never showed his true self and I think it's still going to take a long time until he does, if he will ever do in public. He seems to be the typ of person who keeps everything to himself. All the presure and all the burdern he has to carry, whatever it might be. Adding to that I think he is quite a perfectionist. Whenever he fails in something, even if it's not that big of a thing, he seems pretty disappointed. Maybe I am just imagening this but yeah who knows. I hope he will come out of himself one day because I am sure people will love him the way he truely is. I will keep rooting for him and yeah I do like him, this little, fragile piece of cuteness. At least I want to mention something I very much like about him, it's that he seems to care about the other members a lot. That makes him even more lovable.

#2 Naoya

Naoya is so cute but he can be really cool too. His laughing is adorable and it's cute when has to do one of these little scenes and at the end he turns a way and smiles because the scene felt so awkward. Thought he seems to have gotten more used to these scense lately. I like his scense of fashion. He always looks really stylish. He has a good amount of selfconfidence and it feels natural when he is the center of attention. It never feels like he forced it and he always knows how to keep himself out of attention, whithout it being weird. In generell I think he knows very well how to act in front of a camera, whithout it looking like an act. He always feels very natural. Therefor it's easy to start liking him. I like his personality, I think he is someone you can easily befriend with. You can have a lot of fun with him but I think he is great when taking about serious stuff too. I do like him a lot.

#1 Tetta

I really really really like Tetta. He is such a dork and childish as well and I really love that about him. Also he is a sunshine, he seems to always have a good mood. He seems very easy going and like Naoya I think he is someone you can easily become friends with. It must be alot of fun hanging around with him. Thought I also think he shows when he doesn't like someone, which is a little bit of bad thing but at least he is honest.  Despite that I think he is also very hard working and really wants to achieve his goal of becoming popular. His selfconfidence is quite big what gives him a special aura and he always seems very honest in everything he does and what he says. I like the way he interacts with the other members. Being a little touchy towards the others, that makes him just too cute. He likes to tease Rei which I think is cute as well. He has the best voice among them, thought he still needs to train a lot (like all of them >_<). Also I love his face, he is so pretty. He is just very precious!! ^0^

What do you think of the member?

Friday, August 18, 2017

AKLO collaborating with JAY'ED

AKLO and JAY'ED are going to release a mini album together on September 6. It will be only availible online but internatinally. So far they already released two of the songs. Different Man and Ballin' Out. There will be 6 songs in total, one being a bonus track, so I don't know if it will be on the album all the time or just when you pre-order. I am a big fan of AKLO and JAY'ED has a beutiful voice. Both of them together sound amazing and I absolutly recommend both songs they already released. Here is the music video for Different Men which has been uploaded today.

What do you think about it?

FlowBack released short version for We Are!

Today FlowBack released the short version of their new music video "WE ARE!". It's a good song and I really love the concept for this single. The dark, badass theme suites them so well. Despite Judai's new hairstyle I like everything about the new concept. Yes even the skirt of Masaharu. XD However I can't denie that I am not so much about the song this time. So far it doesn't get me excited. They used some kind of technoligy to make their voices sound hollow?! I can't explain that well... I hope you still know what I mean. Well I just don't like this. Besides that the song is no addicting at all but maybe it's going to grow on my later. At least for now I am not so excited about the song. Here is the video, check it out yourself.

What do you think about the song?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

IVVY uploaded Live video

Today IVVY uploaded a live version of their song "Everlasting Love". The song si very beautifull and they all have great voices. I think I personally like Kazukis voice the most. I enjoy listening and watching this a lot. Check out the song yourself.

What do you think about the song?

Junon Superboy Anothers will finally have a debut

"JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS" is a project that got two teams, team youth and team senority, and some lucky ones will have a debut at the end of the project. However the project is already going on much longer then expected BUT there will finally be a debut for a few of the members. It was announced that they will do some kind of battle, which will not be shown live, ranking all the members and the top 6 of the list will have a debut. It seems they will be called "Dream Team". However the 6 last members in the ranking will be kind of punished in the way that they are not allowed to perform on stage anymore and the will definitly don't have a debut. All the rest are still going to be in the project and will enventually have a debut later.
However today they uploaded member introduction videos and I guess the ones that get the most views and thumbs up will have a better chance to be in the group.
Therefor I sincerely ask you to please like the video of my favorite member. I so wish him to debut!! Here is his video please watch it, it's super short.

Isn't he just too cute!! *0* Please do me the favor and watch and like his video! I would be really thankful! ^0^

The only other members of JSB Anothers I support are Maejima Yo and Sugiyama Mahiro (he is very popular). There is others I like but I don't really support them.

If you want to watch videos of the other members too please go here.

*Junon Superboy Anothers Channel*

They also uploaded some kind of teaser music video for Team Senority (the older members). Check it out here.

At least I want to show you a few pictures of Hinata. Sorry for the spam but that just has to be now.

Are you rooting for one of the members?

Color Creation released MV for Summer Love

Guys it's here. My heart is just overflowing with love for them. I am so happy right now and hope all of you are going to listen to the song and give it a thumb up if you like it. Please support Color Creation. Damn that song is so good. Such great summer vibes and those vocals... *0* Especially Rioske, once again, blowing me away with his incredible voice. I am already deeply in love with the song!! ^0^

What do you think about it?

InSoo released teaser for solo mini album

MyName member InSoo is going to release his first solo album at the beginning of september. It will be called NAKED and comes in two versions, a limited dvd version and a regular version. He is releasing this album because he will soon enter military service in South Korea and therefor has to go in hiatus. Before leaving he wants give something special to the fans, therefor the mini album and he is going to release a solo photobook on the same day and is going to have a solo concert which will be on an USB stick you will get together with the photobook. Here is a picture of the photobook.

He has always been my favorite member of the group so I am really excited for the mini album and photobook and of course the concert. It's still taking a while before it's released but today they uploaded a first teaser for the mini album. Here it is.

It's way too short and yeah so much nakedness. XD I know he likes to show of his skin so it wasn't a suprise at all but yeah it's really a lot of skin. XD Also his pronouncation of Naked is kinde cute. >0<

What do you think about it?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Songs I recently can't get enough of...

Today I wanna share some songs with you that I listen to a lot lately. I love each of these songs a lot and hope you like at least a few of them as well.

[Hirai Dai - Story of Our Live]

Gosh that song is so extremly beautiful and stucks in my head for hours. I know the singer for some years already but never really liked his music but gosh this song... honestly it's SO good and even the other song of his new album he released a video for is very good. I am seriously thinking of buying the new album. *0*

[Touyama Mirei - Negai ~ anogoro no kimi e ~]

Again I know the artists for quite a while but even thought I like her voice a lot and some of her older songs are good, I never stuck to her. However Negai is an extremly beautiful song about Love, how it comes and goes. She delivers the emotions of the song very well. Besides I also really like the music video, it's as beautiful as the song and each compliments the other.

[EBiSSH - Koi wa Timing]

To be honest I didn't expect to like this song so much but after I listend to it the first time I couldn't get this song out of head. A lot of times I randomly start to sing the "kimi ni mu chu" part. This is definitly not the best song I ever heard, also because I still think they have to improve a lot, but the song is addicting and I started to really love it.


OMG this song is so damn addicting whenever I listen to it I have to repeat it at least once. I really badly want to have the single so I can listen to this endlessly... XD I love the rythem of the song. It has this amazing summer feeling and their voices, while quite untrained, are still extremly cute and kind of nice to listen too. I really love this song! ^0^

[Chotokkyu - Gr8est Journey]

Chotokkyu really have some of the best songs for their fans. I love the message of this song, it showes how important their fans are and how much they appreciate them being with them. They sing they are going to take you with them on their way to their dream. I love that. It's a super powerful song with an awesome uplifting feeling. Besides that the song is also encouraging thinking about yourself. It has the message that you can achieve what you dream of. I really really love it. Despite the lyrics I also love the vocals of Takashi and Koichi in this song alot and the rythem of this song so damn good too. Absolutly recommended song.

[PrizmaX - Orange Moon]

I love the mysterious feeling this song has, the english the use in it and the amazing refrain. This song is pure love and the video, even though really simple, is perfect for the song. I am addicted to this song and I can't wait for the b-side tracksof this single. On a side note there is one part in the sing I always have to cring at. It's the part where Tim sings "Sexy finger dance". I always think about "the spirit fingers" (from bring it on). XD

[Color Creation - Waiting for You]

If you follow this blog you might already know that I love this group a lot and their debut song is just so good. I listen to it really often and never get boring of it. Especially the vocals of Rioske make me melt. I like all their vocals but he has such a smooth and powerful voice and stands out for me a little. I wish I could see them live one day.

[White Jam - Millionaire]

I really love the music of this group, most of their songs are so perfect. Their music is pretty different to the typical jpop music. You can hear that Shirose (who writes and composes these songs) is very much influenced by western music. I like this because I think what he creats is awesome and always makes you wanna sing a long. Same goes for Millionaire. I love to dance and sing to this song. It's a song that always get's me in a good mood.

[Chotokkyu - My Buddy]

This song is super addicting as well. I didn't expect to like it so much but it's one of these songs that get stuck in my head and I randomly start to sing it no matter what I am doing or where I am. Also I really love the dance to this song. It's so cute.

What are your favorite songs at the moment and did you already know all the songs on this list? Are you addicted to them too?

EBiDAN OKiNAWA released their 1st single

I was kinde suprised when I saw that EBiDAN OKiNAWA (short EBiOKi) has released a single. That's not something typical for EBiDAN. I mean there have been trainee groups that have released a cd but never a whole trainee region. Thought ok it's just 5 member of EBiOKi but still it was really suprising for me. The 5 members are (from left to right on the picture above) Alex, Yuki Ohmine, Koei Matayoshi, Hibiki, Joshua. I am not too familiar with them but this single actually makes me much more interessted in them. There is only one main vocalist in the group and that's Koei. His voice sounds really good. I bet he will be and an very awesome singer when he gets older. As you can see they are all still quite young so they still have a lot of time to improve their singing skills and maybe later the others will get some more solo lines too. Although we can't even know if they will stay as a group like this or maybe just have this one release together. However here is the video for their first single.

What do you think about these songs?

Bee Shuffle on hiatus & JoonHo + GyuMin starting duo

Hey minna. I don't know why I am always late with stuff like this but I just found out that Bee Shuffle are on hiatus since the end of March already. I am super sad because I like these guys and their music a lot. It seems like members "JoonHo" and "GyuMin" decieded to change the label and therefor the group decieded to go on hiatus for now. They didn't call it a disbandment because I think the members themselves don't won't to give up on the group. So there is hope that they one day will come back but to be honest I don't have much hope for that to happen because JoonHo and GyuMin already started to do activities as a duo and Minsu seems to have went back to korea already and I can't find any information about either Shuta or Jun. They seem to be out of the entertainment world. That's SO sad. I mean I happy at least two of them making music but I am so incredibly sad to not see the others again anymore. At least I was able to actually see them live once before their hiatus.
Besides if you like Minsu and still want to follow him a bit here is his new instagram.

An here is a picture of JoonHo and GyuMin.

I hope to see some livesigns of Jun and Shuta soon. >_<
At least here is the first song of JoonHo and GyuMin.

What do you think about these news?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My ranking of M!LK members

Today I am starting a collaboration with Sou, the owner of "Dansei Idol Girl". We are going to do rankings of EBiDAN groups members every saturday from now on until we got through all the groups. This week Sou choose the group and like you can see in the titel, she choose M!LK. 
So here is my ranking of the members of M!LK.
Besides I want to point out that everything I write is just the image I personally have of the members. If you have a different image of them write it down in the comments. Or if you want to join this collaboration please write a comment as well. ^0^

Let's start.

#05 Yamazaki Haruki

I do know Haruki since quite a long time know because he entered EBiDAN while their first EBiDAN show still aired and I loved watching this show. However I never was too much of a fan of him. While I always thought he is one of the best when it comes to singing I can't deny that his voice is too high for my taste. Also sometimes I have the feeling he is trying a little too hard to be cute. But never the less I started to actually like this guy after M!LK debuted. He is cute and does well in the group but I still like the other members more so therfor he had to take the last place.

#04 Shiozaki Daichi

I know Daichi as long as I know Haruki because of the EBiDAN show and while he was never my favorite trainee I did like him a lot. He was fun to watch and I always thought he must be a great friend you would have a lot of fun with hanging around. I also always thought that he is very hard working and really gives his all in the challanges they did. Nowadays he is still very funny and I enjoy his performance in their lives and the way he interacts with the other members.

#03 Itagaki Mizuki

Mizuki has been with EBiDAN quite long already. Back when he was a trainee he always was one of my most favorite trainees. He was so shy back then, never tried to be the center of attention. Yeah you could say he really changed from this very cute and shy guy to a boy who is much more open and these days likes to be the center of attention. I think it's good for him he changed and I do like him nowadays a lot too but sometimes I miss the good old days when he was still pretty shy.

#02 Yoshida Jinto

Like Mizuki, Jinto has also been one of my absolute favorite traniees. He always was super hard working, gave his all in every challange but never tried to be the center of attention. Even in moments you would absolutly understand it, like when he won a challange, instead of screaming out of joy you could see he was holding himself back. On the one hand he may did that out of consideration for the others but maybe also because he likes to keep a special image in front of the others. Whatever reason it was (maybe it was even a mix) I honestly don't care because I still like this guy a lot. I love him being all serious, the way that he still is. He is not as silly as the others can be but that doesn't mean he can't be funny. When it's the right time, and I guess when he feels comfortable, he can be pretty funny to. Also his smile always get's me in a good mood. Whenever I see him interacting with the others I get the feeling that he is very loyal towards the people he likes, thought it might take him a while to open up to people, in the end he will be an important friend. I know that's just my impression of him but watching him for quite some years now I really have the feeling this is true. On to another thing. Despite the fact that he needs much more vocal training I have to admit that I really like his voice a lot and absolutly enjoy listening to him. Besides I always like it when you hear him lisp. That sounds extremly adorable to me. Oh and last but not least, Jinto is one super handsome looking guy. I really like his face a lot, he is so pretty.

#01 Sano Hayato

I still remember when the EBiDAN Osaka trainess were featured in the EBiDAN magazine for the first time. I directly had an interesst in Hayato. To be honest he is just absolutly my cup of tea when it comes to looks. I love guys that at least look like they are not extremly skinny (like many japanese guys do). He has somewhat round cheeks without looking chubby and his face is SUPER pretty and then there are his dimples. Oh I love dimples SO much. His smile already is cute but with these dimples it gets 200% better. (Besides Jinto has dimples too and I love them as well!! XD) However it's not all about the looks, even thought it was the first thing that got me attracted to him. I love his personality a lot. He is dorky and an idiot sometimes and it must be awesome hanging around with him. I bet it won't get boring with him on your side. I love when he is totaly overacting. I love his kind of humor. He can be super funny but at times (when it's REALLY needed) even serious. I think he knows very well what he does and why, even if it sometimes might not look like that but I am sure he is born to be an entertainer because he knows what his fans want to see. Another thing I love him for is his voice. Like the others he needs more training but for me he does have the best voice among them. All this and even more makes me love Hayato so much and therefor he deserves this spot in my ranking.

What does your ranking of the member look like?

And don't forget to check out Sou's post with the ranking!

*Sou's ranking*

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PrizmaX released MV for Orange Moon

GOSH minna it's here!!!! I am SO HAPPY!! I LOVE the song so much and the video for Orange Moon is very simple but suites the atmosphere of the song SO well. I love these boys and their music and I am so happy about this new release, I honestly could cry right now while listening to this. Please please please check it out!!! ^0^

Besides the new single will be released on August 30 and comes in two versions. Both versions come with a different b-side track. Since I love them so much I always buy all versions of their cds and same goes for this release. Maybe I should do a ranking of my favorite songs of them one day. I think that's a great idea. 

What do you think about the new song? Are you going to buy the single?

Check out Gregs (0TU1) solo song Dolla Bill

Yesterday 0TU1 uploaded a solo song of Greg. 0TU1 is my favorite duo from Japan. Both Greg and KAZ have an amazing voice and release great music. However this is a solo by Greg and I would love if you could give it a listen. This is not going to be my favorite song of all time but it's decent and I like that it's fully in english. Check it out and tell me what you think.

10JinActor uploaded music video for Petit Petit Lady

Once again 10JinActor released an hilirous music video. I love their humor and the video is funny like most their videos are. Absolutly love it and the song is once again pretty outstanding and unique as well as addicting. The song will be on their new album, which sadly is only availible on their website, so you have to use a shopping service to buy from there. However here is the video.

Do you like the song and video?

Dual Mask released 1st mini album

Indie group Dual Mask released their first mini album on August 8. It comes with 7 tracks in total. DUAL MASK are two singer, two rapper and a DJ. It's going to be both a digital as well as a physical release. Since all their other singles have been on itunes internationally I am sure the new mini album will be too. However so far it's not up on the website. I will ask CDJapan if they can list the album too, otherwise I will have to buy it with a shopping service. Whatever the main reason of this post is to show you the teaser video they uploaded today. Sadly you can hear samples of only a few songs but it's better then nothing. Thought "Time is over", "1", "Fall" and "Never End" have been released digital before. I personally like their songs. However here is the video.

What do you think about the mini album?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

lol release MV for Hanauta

lol released their 1st album on august 2nd and today they uploaded a video for one of their new songs. Hanauta is a very beautiful song that touched my heart. Same goes for the amazing video which is made up like a short movie. It's the first music video of lol that really got a story. It's a very cute and touching little story, that I will definitly rewatch from time to time. It's nothing extremly special but it's different to their usual releases and I guess that's what makes it so unique.

Tell me what you think about it!

AMAZO NIGHT to release first single

Guys I am so happy right now. I just checked the website of AMAZO NIGHT and saw that they already announced to release their first single at the end of October. I was hopeing for this SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and didn't had much hope after their fail with the first try... Whatever they finally did it. YAY!!!! I am sure it will be a single only availible at their live but hopefully I will be able to get it anyway! Gosh!! I am so excited!! ^0^

If more gets announced I will write a post about it. 

What do you think about these news?

White Jam uploaded dance video for "Millionaire"

Today White Jam uploaded a dance video for their new song "Millionair" which is released on their latest mini album. They already released a music video for the song and this time they also uploaded this dance version but sadly it's just a short version. So for everyone who didn't knew the song before. Here is also the music video for it. I personally like the song a lot.

What do you think about the song and dance video?

Chotokkyu to release new live DVD

Chotokkyu just announced that they will release their Christmas One Man Show of 2016 on September 20. I am super excited for the release because their lives are always super entertaining! The cover looks extremely nice already! The whole blu-ray will be more then 3 hours long. That's pretty awesome! And it comes with a making of that has Ryoga as some kind of MC. The first press will come with a booklet as well as a special packaging (like always).

Are you going to buy it?