Wednesday, November 15, 2017

EBiDAN Vol. 1 scans

Today I scanned the first volume of the EBiDAN magazine for you. My scanner is not that great so the quality is not the best. I am going to buy a new scanner and will scan all the other magazines when I got it. For now you have to bear with this quality but I guess it's better then nothing since so far no one uploaded this magazine anywhere (besides me on my old blog but I must have deleted the scanned pictures I did back then >-<). Have fun taking a look into this old magazine (it's from 2013). Also if anyone could translate any of the interviews in this, that would be amazing!! ^0^
Here is the link.


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    1. I am happy you like it and thanks a lot for liking EBiDAN!! ^0^
      Do you have a favorite EBiDAN group?