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My ranking of M!LK members

Today I am starting a collaboration with Sou, the owner of "Dansei Idol Girl". We are going to do rankings of EBiDAN groups members every saturday from now on until we got through all the groups. This week Sou choose the group and like you can see in the titel, she choose M!LK. 
So here is my ranking of the members of M!LK.
Besides I want to point out that everything I write is just the image I personally have of the members. If you have a different image of them write it down in the comments. Or if you want to join this collaboration please write a comment as well. ^0^

Let's start.

#05 Yamazaki Haruki

I do know Haruki since quite a long time know because he entered EBiDAN while their first EBiDAN show still aired and I loved watching this show. However I never was too much of a fan of him. While I always thought he is one of the best when it comes to singing I can't deny that his voice is too high for my taste. Also sometimes I have the feeling he is trying a little too hard to be cute. But never the less I started to actually like this guy after M!LK debuted. He is cute and does well in the group but I still like the other members more so therfor he had to take the last place.

#04 Shiozaki Daichi

I know Daichi as long as I know Haruki because of the EBiDAN show and while he was never my favorite trainee I did like him a lot. He was fun to watch and I always thought he must be a great friend you would have a lot of fun with hanging around. I also always thought that he is very hard working and really gives his all in the challanges they did. Nowadays he is still very funny and I enjoy his performance in their lives and the way he interacts with the other members.

#03 Itagaki Mizuki

Mizuki has been with EBiDAN quite long already. Back when he was a trainee he always was one of my most favorite trainees. He was so shy back then, never tried to be the center of attention. Yeah you could say he really changed from this very cute and shy guy to a boy who is much more open and these days likes to be the center of attention. I think it's good for him he changed and I do like him nowadays a lot too but sometimes I miss the good old days when he was still pretty shy.

#02 Yoshida Jinto

Like Mizuki, Jinto has also been one of my absolute favorite traniees. He always was super hard working, gave his all in every challange but never tried to be the center of attention. Even in moments you would absolutly understand it, like when he won a challange, instead of screaming out of joy you could see he was holding himself back. On the one hand he may did that out of consideration for the others but maybe also because he likes to keep a special image in front of the others. Whatever reason it was (maybe it was even a mix) I honestly don't care because I still like this guy a lot. I love him being all serious, the way that he still is. He is not as silly as the others can be but that doesn't mean he can't be funny. When it's the right time, and I guess when he feels comfortable, he can be pretty funny to. Also his smile always get's me in a good mood. Whenever I see him interacting with the others I get the feeling that he is very loyal towards the people he likes, thought it might take him a while to open up to people, in the end he will be an important friend. I know that's just my impression of him but watching him for quite some years now I really have the feeling this is true. On to another thing. Despite the fact that he needs much more vocal training I have to admit that I really like his voice a lot and absolutly enjoy listening to him. Besides I always like it when you hear him lisp. That sounds extremly adorable to me. Oh and last but not least, Jinto is one super handsome looking guy. I really like his face a lot, he is so pretty.

#01 Sano Hayato

I still remember when the EBiDAN Osaka trainess were featured in the EBiDAN magazine for the first time. I directly had an interesst in Hayato. To be honest he is just absolutly my cup of tea when it comes to looks. I love guys that at least look like they are not extremly skinny (like many japanese guys do). He has somewhat round cheeks without looking chubby and his face is SUPER pretty and then there are his dimples. Oh I love dimples SO much. His smile already is cute but with these dimples it gets 200% better. (Besides Jinto has dimples too and I love them as well!! XD) However it's not all about the looks, even thought it was the first thing that got me attracted to him. I love his personality a lot. He is dorky and an idiot sometimes and it must be awesome hanging around with him. I bet it won't get boring with him on your side. I love when he is totaly overacting. I love his kind of humor. He can be super funny but at times (when it's REALLY needed) even serious. I think he knows very well what he does and why, even if it sometimes might not look like that but I am sure he is born to be an entertainer because he knows what his fans want to see. Another thing I love him for is his voice. Like the others he needs more training but for me he does have the best voice among them. All this and even more makes me love Hayato so much and therefor he deserves this spot in my ranking.

What does your ranking of the member look like?

And don't forget to check out Sou's post with the ranking!

*Sou's ranking*

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