Monday, April 13, 2020

PrizmaX disbanded

I am sure most EBiDAN fans already know about this, since once again I am pretty late about these news. As you can read in the titel of this post PrizmaX disbanded this year, to be exact the disbanded on March 27th 2020. Not too long ago they announced that Yuuki will leave the group and then pretty suddenly it was announced that all of them are disbanding. I don't know what's the reason for this and to be honest I am quite disappointed because it hasn't been that long since Kevin, Hidetoshi and Fuminori were added to the group. I feel like they didn't even try a lot. However I do like each member a lot so I do hope it was the right decision for them to make. Also hope that all of them have a bright future and do what they love. Maybe we will see some of them in the music industry again.
Wishing them all the best.

What do you think about their disbanding?

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Ryuichiro Sakata to graduate from 10JinActor

On April 1st will be the release of 10JinActors new mini album "Kimi ni Okuru Bye Bye" and it will be the last cd with 10 members, since Sakata will be leaving the group shortly after. He has a farwell live on both the 1st and 2nd of April and after that won't be a part of the group anymore. I am not sure if he will still continue with either SakataKento or DOGUN or what his plans after leaving are. I do like him a lot so I am very sad seeing him leave but I hope he will finde what makes him happy. I kinde wish he would keep doing music, even as a solo artist, he is great performing live and his voice is great too. However even if he get's out of the entertainment scene completely I wish him all the best for his future and many good years for him to come. 

[Fan Report] Family Fes 2020 ~Shimizu Shota Birthday Live~

Yes another report. While I was in Japan I went to severel lives again and maybe this time will actuelly write about more then just two. We will see. So right now I wanna share my expirience of this live with you. 
Seeing Shimizu Shota live has been a dream of mine since years already but somehow I never managed to travel to Japan at the right time, didn't get a ticket or it just wasn't possible for whatever reason. However this year I finally got a ticket to a concert of his and I was super happy about it.
As you can see this was a Family Fes, means he is not the only one to perform but there was also Mirei Touyama, Thelma Aoyama and Miliyah Kato performing at this concert.
I was super lucky with my ticket 'cause I got a pretty good number and since this was a suprisingly small venue I had an awesome standing place and could see everything and everyone on stage super well. 

Before the actual concert started was the performance of the opening act called "Oshiro Miyu". I didn't knew her before but she has a stuning and powerful voice and she was a little weird too but in a very cute and funny way. She sang three songs and then the main concert started.
The first one to perform was Mirei Touyama. I do like her music and her song "Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi He~" is one of my favorite songs of all time. That's also the song she started of with and guys I wasn't prepared for what happend with me. I can't deny that I sometimes cry at concerts when the voices are very beautiful and the songs emotional, then maybe one one or two tears fall down my cheeks but when she started sining this song with her unbeliveble beautiful and strong voice the tears just kept falling. Never in my live did I cry so much at a concert. I guess it was a mix of the song that is super emotional already and her voice that sounds 1000 times better live and maybe also the fact that I was finally at a concert of Shimizu Shota. I don't remember which other songs she sang but she did well with every single one. Oh wait I do remember she sang "Dear My Boo" as the last song. It's a song originaly of Shimizu Shota that she transformed into her own version. 
The next artist was Aoyama Thelma. On a side not it's so cute how the fans pronounce her name "Teruma". They screamed it so much when she came on stage, it was so freakin adorable. Also I never really paid much attention to her but guess what she got a new fan now. First of her songs were so much fun to listen to and the whole performance of her was amazing. Secondly and mainly the reason she got me as a fan now is that this little woman is such a cute, funny and lovely person. She interacted a lot with the fans and did many jokes, some that even I understood (even thought my japanese is so poor). She also performed severel songs, some of them were "Onigiri", "Boom Shakalaka'" and "Sekai no Chuushin".
Next one was Miliyah Kato. I used to really love her music until like 2008/9 but then her style slowly started to change and I got unintrested. Taste is different so I know a lot of people love her music nowadays and I am happy seeing she has many fans that support her. Even thought I didn't now the songs she sang, besides one old song, I still enjoyed her performance. Oh and I know she sang her latest song "Sayonara" because they did show some advertising before the live started and one was for her latest single. I do like this song quite a bit, it has a special feeling to it.
After She left the stage it was finally time for Shimizu Shota and guys I couldn't stop smiling. I just love him. His voice is so beautiful and he had a nice presence on stage. And you know what I could sing along to all of his songs, I am usually really bad with this. XD He played a LOT of songs and I loved all his performances. Sometimes he had dancers with him on stage and sometimes he performed on his own. At one point he allowed us to take a photo of him but first we had to look down and when we told us to look up that's what we saw.

Can you see him??


Yes he hid under the keyboard. XD That was too cute, he had so much fun playing a prank on us. XD
That was so freakin cute. After his performance he went backstage and the fans started to shout for an encore. The encore was pretty awesome. He performed one song with each of the other artists and at least they all sang "Home" together, which, in case you guys don't know, is the debut song of Shimizu Shota. I absolutly loved this performance. 
This whole concert was so good and even thought I had high expactations I enjoyed it even more then I thought I would be. I hope to one day have another chance to see him live again and maybe some of the other artists too. By the way something else I really liked about this concert as well, was the fans. There were much more "older" people on this concert. Well I oftern go to "idol" concerts and these are mostly crowded with high school girls. However you could feel the difference. There were many couples and in general much more man. Also I heard how some fans talked with each other being like "Where do you come from?" "I came from Kyoto." "Wow!" and stuff like that. Maybe I got to listen to the cute fans only but honestly that was so adorable.
This whole concert was an amazing expiriance and hope I was able to transfer some of my excitement and if you didn't knew some of these artists, hopefully you will check them out now.
Thank you for reading!!

[Fan Report] Boys And Men Kenkyusei "Habataki no SHOW" 11/2/2020 + Boyman Shop and Cafe

I was in Japan from February 9th to Fabruary 24th of this year and my main reason for traveling to Japan this year was the live of Boys And Men Kenkyusei (short BMK). Some of you might know I am very much in love with this group and when they announced to have a live at the Century Hall in Nagoya, one of the bigger venues, I just had to try attending this event. As you can see I managed to get a ticket for the event. 

I bought the lightstick, towel and t-shirt at the concert as well as the best of album which I didn't bought until then. With all my purchases I was able to get two photo tickets for my favorite member Nakahara Sota. But let's start of with the concert. I had a rather bad ticket, meaning I was pretty much in the back, thought at least I was on the 1st floor and despite being so much in the back I saw everything very well and could enjoy this show to the fullest. 
I never went to concert of them before, the only time I actually saw them live was at a Boymen World event but they mostly did talking at this event and only sang I think like two songs. However I do own most of their live dvds and always enjoy them a lot so my expectation was pretty high.
What should I say they were awesome live. Their dancing was great as well as the singing and I loved all the entertainment parts.
They played a lot of their songs and I definitly can't remember the order or all the songs anymore but I know they played "Bokutachi no ONE", "Batchan" and "Ai wo Ganbatte". And when Matsuri 9 joined them (they were guest at this live) they performed "Dodonko Don't Worry" together, which I loved. Matsuri9 also perfomed like 3 songs on their own and then BMK claimed the stage again. Pretty much all their songs are so energetic and therfor super fun listen to live. I tried to imitate the choreography with the light stick most fans did but I absolutly failed. XD It was fun anyway.
 I do hope this will be released on dvd as well. The big highlight came at the end when they announced to have their major debut. Guys I honestly cried and while writing this I am nearly crying again. I am SO happy for them to finally also have a major debut. All five of them deserve this so much and I am freaking excited for them to announce their group name as well as the exact date and of course the titel of their first single. So far we only know that they will have the major debut in summer. That's all that has been announced. As for the name Kometani joked that they will be called "Matsuri 10". XD
After they announced all the members went through the people and gave high fives and I saw that Boys And Men were sitting a few seats behind me. XD I didn't realize it the whole concert and I was happy to see that they support their juniors.
After the amazing concert and all the emotions regarding the announcment of the major debut we had to wait for the photo session. I had to wait pretty long because of my seat being so much in the back but at least I was able to take to pictures with my beloved Sota. Here is one.

He is such a cute person!! I will support him forever! Also I managed to tell him congrats on the major debut in japanese and he asked me if I had fun which I answerd with a big yes because that's the truth, I absolutly loved that live. The whole atmosphere, the fun and energetic songs and the five lovely people. I hope to see them live as a new group when I am in Japan next time.

On the next day I also went to the Boymen Shop and Cafe. I love the cafe especially since you can watch live performances that are mostly not released on dvd. Here are a few pictures. I took in the store and cafe. By the way the fans in the cafe were really cute. Some fans layed out costers of Matsuoka and since I had Kometani twice I asked the girl to change with me and she was super happy and gave me even both of her Matsuoka ones for one of the Kometani coasters.

If you ever happen to be in Nagoya and like either Boys And Men, BMK, Matsuri9 and/or Otome Button, then I absolutly recommend you visiting the store and cafe.
Sorry for this being such a short report but I hope some of you liked it anyway.

Monday, December 30, 2019

My JPop year 2019

2019 was overall a great year for me and music definitly played a big part in it, I have to admit though that I listend to a lot of other music besides jpop. Most of my playlist is still japanese music but a lot of english, some korean, some chinese and some thai music found it's way on my playlist and there were some I badly love and played on repeat for weeks. Let's go in detail with what I liked best this year when it comes to japanese music. The start is a list of the songs I absolutly loved that have been released this year.

Battle Boys Fukuoka - 1000 km (this is by far my favorite Battle Boys song ever)
Amezari Red Stars - Be Alright (couldn't find it online)
SIRUP - Eien (towa) ni (sadly I couldn't find this online but if you have the chance please listen to it, it's so freakin' good, much better then the originial!!)

Of course these are not the only songs I loved the most this year, there have been a few albums I enjoyed pretty much all songs of, so I listed them extra. I did write a little about the album but I didn't link every single song but I did add a spotify link to the albums.


I wrote about this album before. I really love all the song on this so freakin' much. Her voice is super powerful and strong and she delivers the emotions in some of the songs so well. My absolute favorites are "Don't Break My Heart" and "DARE ME" but all the songs are so good. For only 5 songs this 'mini' album also has a good mix of songs. Absolutly recommended!!


DANCE was the first song of this album that got uploaded to youtube. I loved it right away, thought now it's my least favorite song on the album. I honestly didn't knew what to expect of this album with the new members. I was so supprised that this is such a good album. All the songs are freakin' amazing up beat songs fully sung in english. By the way my absolute favorite of them is "WHO".

Mukai Taichi - 27; Mukai Taichi - Savage

I am a huge fan of Mukai Taichi. Not only is his voice really beautiful but I tend to really enjoy the style of his music. As you can see he released two albums this year. I would consider '27' to be a mini album since it has only 7 songs, thought Savage has only 11 songs as well. However what is most important is the music and guys you have to listen to this if you liked any of his music before. 
I recommend all of the songs but it seems like I listend to ICBU and I very much recommend I Like it, thought honestly if you have some time do listen to all of his music, maybe you will love it as much as I do.

Sakudara Dori - Sakura da Festa BEST

Whenever I think about listening to this album I am like, naaahh this wasn't that good but then I listen to it and I love it so much each time. I don't know why I always think this way, maybe because Sakurada Dori will always be more of an actor then a singer to me or maybe a little bit because this cover looks so not like an album cover. However that doesn't matter because the songs on this album are amazing and I love that the style of music is very versatile. You will get everything from a slow songs, to a rock songs, to a song that gives happy summer vibes, to a badass song and more. I can't even name a favorite this time, I love the songs equally. 

Super Dragon - 2nd Emotion

This is probably the album I listened to the most this year. After I went to two of their concerts of the Emotions tour back in March, I couldn't stop replaying this album for a long time. The songs on this album are seriously so good. My number one being 'Paya Paya' also because I love the dance but all the others are so damn good too. I even love the remixes and I uselly don't like remixes a lot. If you haven't listend to it, you should do it soon.


I was so excited when AKLO announced to finally release a new album this year. I dig his three albums he released before as well as the collaboration album with Jay'ed so much. To be honest it took me a little to fully appreciate this album but I do now and if you like Rap you will love this as well, thought I would always recommend his older work more over this one. It's a great album anyway. My favorites are definitly 'Addicted' and 'WFN'.


I love these guys music since they released their debut song 'Heart of Gold'. They have the typical boy group sound, with some nice voices and addicting beats. I love singing along to their songs. When this got released I didn't expect to like all the songs on the album but I was so wrong. Each and every song on this got me so bad. All songs have this super addicting part that makes you want to sing along so bad and you will get them stuck in your head many times. Absolutly recommended!

Chanmina - Never Grow Up

If you like her music and style you will most likely love this album too. I especially love 'Call', 'Never Grow Up' and 'Like This'. To be fair I don't love all the songs on this album but most of them are really good so I decided to post it under the albums too. 

DEVIL NO ID - Devillmatic

This album is so different to what I usually listen to. This whole album feels so messy but it works so well as a whole and even though all the songs have their specific sound it doesn't feel like one is sticking out more then the others. I don't know how to explain the music these three girls created. I just now I very much enjoy it! Give it a try if you haven't listend to any of their songs and if you might not like a song try out another one because they are quite different from each other. By the way I do love all the songs on this album.

Besides the new songs my new discovery of this year is "Official Hige Dandizumu". They are an indie rock group and their music is amazing. I bought three of their albums on itunes and so far I do enjoy them a lot. Another group I discoverd is "Novelbright", gosh they are awesome too, they are also an indie rock group. Besides these two I got very much into the group "NORD". I don't like all of their music, some is just too messy for me but I love some of their songs badly, especially the song 'Mirai'. Then I got more into the music of "CUBERS", I don't think the songs are super outstanding but they are really nice listening to and whenever a song of them get's played when I use the shuffle mode, I am very plesantly supprised to see it's on of their songs.

What are your favorites of 2019? Did you discover any groups you didn't knew before?

Sunday, September 15, 2019


The next BATTLE BOYS region is Okinawa. The group has only 4 members right now, the 5th one on this picture is Joshua (2nd from left side), he is a BATTLE KiDS member and therfor not featured in this post but most of the time he performs together with the BATTLE BOYS OKINAWA members. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Setsura graduated from BMK

On July 7th Kitagawa Setsura graduated from Boys And Men Kenkyusei. It was a very sudden announcement that has been done on an fan event, leaving many fans in shock. It seems he wants to keep doing music just in a different way. More hasn't been announced.
It makes me really sad seeing him leaving the group since he was a very important part of it (like each member is). It feels like a part of them is missing now. However I do support him no matter what and I hope that he will achiev his goal, whatever that may be. 
As for BMK I still love them lot's and even though I will miss Setusra, my support for the group won't get less. I honestly hope that they will debut in the near future. All five of them deserve it so much! At least here is the new 5 member profile picture of BMK.

On a side note I have to mention that I love Sotas new hairstyle, the streight-side-cut looks so good on him!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Starmen KiDS to release 3rd mini album

EBiDAN group "StarmenKiDS" announced to release their third mini album on November 26th. The album will be titled "Sutachu~" and once again there will be three diffirent version of the album. So far there is no information about the tracklist and we still have to wait for the covers to be shown. However they did upload a little teaser of the main track "Chugakusei nau" already. Check it out.

I love the song once again and I am very much looking forward to this third album since so far I liked their releases a lot all the time.