Sunday, September 15, 2019


The next BATTLE BOYS region is Okinawa. The group has only 4 members right now, the 5th one on this picture is Joshua (2nd from left side), he is a BATTLE KiDS member and therfor not featured in this post but most of the time he performs together with the BATTLE BOYS OKINAWA members. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Setsura graduated from BMK

On July 7th Kitagawa Setsura graduated from Boys And Men Kenkyusei. It was a very sudden announcement that has been done on an fan event, leaving many fans in shock. It seems he wants to keep doing music just in a different way. More hasn't been announced.
It makes me really sad seeing him leaving the group since he was a very important part of it (like each member is). It feels like a part of them is missing now. However I do support him no matter what and I hope that he will achiev his goal, whatever that may be. 
As for BMK I still love them lot's and even though I will miss Setusra, my support for the group won't get less. I honestly hope that they will debut in the near future. All five of them deserve it so much! At least here is the new 5 member profile picture of BMK.

On a side note I have to mention that I love Sotas new hairstyle, the streight-side-cut looks so good on him!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Starmen KiDS to release 3rd mini album

EBiDAN group "StarmenKiDS" announced to release their third mini album on November 26th. The album will be titled "Sutachu~" and once again there will be three diffirent version of the album. So far there is no information about the tracklist and we still have to wait for the covers to be shown. However they did upload a little teaser of the main track "Chugakusei nau" already. Check it out.

I love the song once again and I am very much looking forward to this third album since so far I liked their releases a lot all the time. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Next part is Fukuoka. They are still pretty small but gaining more and more popularity. Their most popular member is Sakutaro but all the other members are lovable too. Definitly check them out.

Check out EBiDANs new song "New Day! New Wave!"

At the EBiDAN The Live 2019 they introduced a new EBiDAN song to the audience. Today they uploaded a video of the live performance. I like the song, it's again a very uplifting song with a great message and I love seeing all my favorite groups performing this together. Another plus for me is that I actually went to this years EBiDAN The Live and watching this gets me all excited once again.
The best thing however is that it's now availible on itunes and spotify as well because in the beginning they only released it on HMV music.

What do you guys think about the new song?


With this post we are half through with the Battle Boys region groups. Sendai is one of the more popular region groups, which might be thanks to former members Ryubi, who is a member of M!LK, and Kousaku, who is a member of "Genin wa Jibun ni Aru". However the still undebuted members of Sendai are not less popular. In the Battle Boys ranking both Haruma and Shuto always rank very high. Check out their profiles.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


So here comes part two and this time I am writing the profiles for the Osaka members. Osaka is the most popular Battle Boys group right now. At the Challenge Stage they won more than obvious. There is many lovable people in Osaka so please check out the members.

Let's Start!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Knight graduating from ZeBRA☆STAR

On August 17th this year Knight officially graduated from the group ZeBRA☆STAR. He was a part of both units, ZeBRA☆RED and ZeBRA☆BLACK. The reason he graduated is that he will study overseas. Pretty much all the members wrote blog posts about the event and all of them felt very supportive and thankful towards Knight. I think he has been an important part of the group being a little bit like glue between the two units. It's no supprise that the members and Knight himself were sad about him leaving but I am sure he has a bright future ahead and I wish him all the best.
I am also looking forward to what the future brings for ZeBRA☆STAR. I am pretty excited about the third single which will be released on September 14th. 
At least another picture of the graduation.