Saturday, September 16, 2017

My ranking of the MAGiC BOYZ members

Welcome to another part of the EBiDAN ranking collaboration I am doin with Sou. This week I chose to do a ranking on MAGiC BOYZ. To be honest I chose them this week because all th other groups coming from now on will be super hard for me and I don't have a problm with ranking the Majibo members. XD Actually I am not the biggest Majibo fan. My most favorite members have always been Futo and Yuto and I was super sad when they left. I am not much into the other members of Majibo so yeah... here is my ranking.

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#04 Joe

I still think it's weird Joe is in Majibo. For me he doesn't really suite in the group. He is cute and very clumsy. Nearly always they do these rap parts in their show he ends up not knowing what to say. I don't know what to think of him and I still don't get why they put him in th group. At least he seems to get along with the other members quite well. 

#03 Ryuuto

Ryuuto is dorky, silly and sometimes clumsy. He seems to have a lot of self confidance. Sometimes I like him and sometimes I dislike him. I am really not sure what to think about him. Besides that I think his rap got better over time but it's still not good.

#02 Touma

As for Touma I think he is super cute. I really like his smile, especially when he feels awkward. His english pronouncation is pretty good too. Despite that I think his personality is quite normal, he is not really outstanding, you could even say he is kind of plain sometimes but even though he has something really loveable about him, something very cute that at least makes me really like him.

#01 Mahiro

He first got my attention, when he still was a trainee, because he is actually pretty good looking. His face is very handsome. Also I was suprised at how nice his voice sounds when I first saw him perform at the EBiLive 2016. However when I first saw him interract with his senpais I felt he was kind of disrespectful. The situation I have in mind is a backstage one where a member I think of PrizmaX wanted to talk to them and he was just making this specific gesture, being like "No, sorry, I don't want to" and walked away from them (the other Majibo member went along with him). I felt this to be so rude, especially in a country where respect towards older ones is so important. Maybe it's just me having this feeling towards this situation... Nevertheless, Mahiro is my number one of them because later on I watched a few episodes of their show and found him to actually be a very loveable and cute person, thought he has a very natural cool side to him as well, which I think makes him suites their image the most.

What is your ranking?


  1. Our rankings have been pretty different for all the other groups so far but we seem to have pretty similar opinions on Majibo, haha.

    Also, the situation you mentioned where Mahiro walks away from one of the PrizmaX members I don't think he was being disrepectful. I couldn't understand it completely but I think he said something about his costume, so maybe he was saying he didn't have time to stop because he had to go change into his next costume or something.

    1. Oh ok, I can't even remember that he said something... XD I will have to watch that scene again. >-< Thanks for telling me. ^-^