Saturday, September 2, 2017

My ranking of the PrizmaX members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. I choose this weeks group and decided to take PrizmaX. This is already week 4, it's crazy how fast time runs. Don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

Let's start.

#5 Yuuki

While I think he is nice and a great dancer, his personality isn't very outstanding to me. Therefor he recieved the last place. However what I like about him is that he gets along with the other members well and he seems to be very serious about the group.

#4 Tsubasa

I like Tsubasa for always beeing dorky. Even on stage he is dorky. He has a age difference of 5 years to the other members but it doesn't seem to bother any of them. It's crazy that even though he is so much younger he still has been with them since the end of 2005 (he was 10 years old back then). Look how small he was.

Ok he left them for a few years but rejoined them before their debut so whatever. I am glad he is in the group and I don't want to miss him anymore, neither his dorky personallity or his great dancing.

#3 Win

I do like Tim. His voice is very beautiful and I love that, because of being half-american, he is fluent in english. This way we sometimes get information in english as well and I am super happy about this and really thankful for him. Despite that I think he has a very lovely personality. Always being nice and really cute. 

#2 Win

I actually didn't got to know Win because of PrizmaX but because he is starring in the drama "Gakkou ja Oshierarenai", where he is playing the best friend of Nakamura Aoi. I loved his role back then because in the drama it turnes out that his best friend thinks he is gay and in love with him and Win's character is not disgusted or anything but actuelly kisses him so he will know if he is gay or not. He played an amazing character and therefor I started to like him. I was quite amazed when I found out that he is a member of a group. I love his singing voice a lot, it's super beautiful. Also I like that he seems to be very proud of his burmese origin. That makes him even more loveable. Another thing I really like about him that he is very flirty with his fans. I once saw them live and he was flirting a lot with the girls. I found that to be really cute.

#1 Daiki

First of and for me most important is his rapping. I love his rap so much. It feels very smooth and natural and I love it. *0* Besides that I think he is a great MC, always getting along with pretty much everyone and he is very cute to all his younger EBiDAN members. I always like to see him interact with the EBiDAN trainees or the younger EBiDAN groups. 

At least because I love to look at these myself, here are some old PrizmaX photos.

OMG that hairstyle was terrible! XD

With Koichi (Chotokkyu) on the right.

Oh no all these hairstyles... XD And Daiki with the glasses! XDDDDD

What would your ranking look like?

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