Thursday, May 19, 2016

WEBER released advertising for their 1st album

WEBER will release their first album on the 15th June 2016. The album will be called "Takaramono" and comes in three versions. Besides the regular version and a dvd version there will also be a special HMV only version that comes with a 7 inch EP case and a dvd.  Here is the tracklist.

01. Azayaka na Reason
02. Hokori to Taiyou
03. First Day
04. Sakura Sake Oka
05. Ameagari no Kimi to Boku -ver 1.6-
06. MOVE
07. Beat The Black
08. SamaKira Chu→ n
09. beautiful life ~after 12 years~
10. Shuushoku no Kaze -ver 1.6-
11. Sunokira ☆
12. Takaramono

The dvd will come with the music video for Azayaka na Reason and a live video for Wonderland. Here is an advertsing for the album.

What do you think about the new album?

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Mrs Green Apple released short version of new MV

Mrs Green Apple's new single will be released mid next month and today they released the short music video version for their titel song. The single and song are called "Samama Festival" and it's a summer song, well the titel already suggests that, right?! The video is really cute and has a great summer feeling to it and the song is as great as all their songs are! Check it out yourself.

What do you think?

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Brand New Vibe anounced new single

Brand New Vibe are going to release their new single on the 27th july 2016. The single will be called "#ROTS" and comes with three tracks total. Here is the tracklist.

01. #ROTS
02. Shake Rock
03. Uryaoi.

As always looking forward to this release.

What do you think?

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ReVision of Sence to release 2nd mini album in august

ReVision of Sence will release their 2nd mini album on the 17th august 2016. So far nothing more has been announced. I am looking forward to this new album because I tend to like their songs. I think they are quite unknown so if you would like to check out some of their songs here are three.

What do you think?

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CLOWN'S CROWN released their first album

I just saw this a moment ago and pretty much freaked out. I always look up their website for news but since it's not really updated anymore I didn't see that they released this album. The album is called Pieroin the Circus and was released on the 11th May 2016. However I saw the news now and I am so happy about it. I directly looked up CDJapan if it's availible there and YES it is. EVEN MORE HAPPY NOW!!! There are two versions of this single an R and an L version but I don't think there is much of a difference between them despite the cover. However just in case I think I will get both versions. Here is a picture I found of one of the covers.

Sadly I couldn't find a good one of the other cover. However here is the tracklist.

01. Circus Circus
02. My Way
03. Hajimari Place
04. New World
05. Boku no Tonari de
06. Hey! Honey!?
07. JUMP
08. Beauty Girl
09. Kimi no Tokoro he
10. Be My Girl

If you want to listen to some of the songs you can find live versions on Youtube. Sadly the sound quality always sucks but at least you can get a idear of what the song sounds like. Here are a few.

What do you think?

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Happy Birthday Mark (FlowBack)

A day to late but better late then never. I wish him all the best for his birthday. He shared a few pictures on twitter of celebrating with his bandmates. He is such a cutiepie and I really wish him all the best, though the most a bright future with FlowBack. The fans sang Happy Birthday for him at the live event. Here is a video. It's really cute and besides the weird noices are from Reiji not Mark. XD

Isn'tit cute how they pronounce his name "Marku" and it's so cute that they even gave him a birthday cake. So CUTE!

What do you think?

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Cover and Tracklist for ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD album has been released

Never Ever 0 is the 1st album by ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD. It will be released on the 1st June 2016. There will be two versions a limited one (left picure) and a regular version (right picture). I am actuelly a little supprised that Kairi is on the cover because he left the band shortly before this album was announced and in similar cases the people who left a band are not shown on the following release. However I am happy he is futured on the album. Here is the tracklist for the album.

1. Heart Zenboku Sengen!
2. Kiseki no Yes 
3. Ho! Ho! Ho!
4. Akai Hako no Cracker -LET'S PARTY-
7. Hot Lover 
8.Buy or Die
9. Sairen Pipo
11.Virgin Magic
12. B Vibration 
13.Eien Never Ever
14.Zenkai Play 
15.Air Boys

Despite "Ho! Ho! Ho!" you can find all the other songs on their already released singles. So that means their are no really new songs. But I am still looking forward to this release because the limited edition comes with a photo book and if you buy the first press version you will get one out of 7 pictures with an autograph.

What do you think about this release?

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Top 5 best songs by Code-V

I was in the mood so here are my personal top 5 favorite songs of Code-V.

#5 Kimi ga Kureta Mono

Sadly I couldn't find the full music video. so instead of showing you the short version I thought this live version is better. Kimi ga Kureta Mono wa their japanese major debut single and I personally think it's a very beautiful and calming song.

#4 Shodo

Shodo is a song I end up either humming or singing to myself a lot after I listend to it, especially the "Never be lonely" part. It's a very addicting song that I love a lot.

#3 Sekaijuu ga Teki ni Nattemo Kitto Kimi wo Mamori Nuku Kara

This is such an intense song. I don't know what else to say about it, I just love it. Besides the music video is pretty intense too, well at least that's what I think.


Dancin' Circle is such an addicting song. It really makes you wanna dance to it and play it over and over again.

#1 Ima, Tsutaetai Koto

This is absolutly my favorite song of them it's so damn beautiful. Their incredible voices show of in this song so well and they transfer the feeling of this song so good. Will always love this song.

Which are your favorite songs of them?

Thanks for watching/listening/reading!

Code-V to release new single with 5 member again

The new single has been annouced some time ago already but I only post it now because I just saw that they will be 5 members again, which most possibly means that Rui is finally back as well. I am super excited about this and I can't wait for the first promo pictures with all 5 of them together! Thought it will be even better when SOL is also coming back from military service!! Can't wait for them to be six member one day!!!

What do you think?

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Super Dragon released their first MV

Super Dragon finally did it. They released a music video for their new music card which will be released at the end of may. The song is called Bad Boy and the video focuses on their dancing. Also Jean and Tsuyoshi get the most screentime but that's because they are the only ones singing/rapping. Nevertheless the others get a good amount of screentime as well so it doesn't feel unfair or anything. As for the song it's definitly not my favorite of them but I like it. At least I am happy they finally released a full music video and not one of these teasers again. Also I hope that after this music card they will go to release a cd. PLEASE!!!

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Break☆Through released their 2 hour long 2nd Anniversary Live on Youtube

Break☆Though uploaded their full 2 hour long 2nd Anniversary Live on to their Youtube Chanel. It's supposed to be online only 2 Days so if you want to watch it do it now because it might notbe availible soon anymore. Their lives are always very entertaining because they interact with the audience a lot. I guess I will post some pictures later. 

If you watched it how did you like it?

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AAA released their MV for NEW

Just wanted to share this. It's the new music video of AAA for their song "NEW". I like the song, thought their singing has a weird sound but it still sounds good. The video is good too. I like the summer feeling it has, the colors and scenery. Very nice done. Besides the single NEW will be released at the beginning of June.