Sunday, February 28, 2016

PrizmaX released their new Music Video for "UpUp Beat"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\(*0*)//

Oh my gosh you can imagin how happy I am about this video. PrizmaX is one of my absolute favorite groups and lately their songs are getting better and better and damn the new song is SO good too. It's an absolutly addicting song. Their vocals are amazing in it and the video is so simple but also so damn good. I already watched it many times, even thought this has just been released around two hours ago. XD Definitly watch it!!! *0*

What do you think about it?

Oh and they released a first picture for the new single, which by the way is called Up<Up Beat and will be released on the 6th April this year. I can't wait to pre-order it but until now it's not availible at any shop. I hope it will be soon.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

{A 1st Impression of} BACK TRICK

Riku, Masataka, Ken, Daisuke, Kittan

BACK TRICK is a pretty new group. They had their debut tour in may 2015, what makes the group not even a year old. In that short time they already created a sub-unit that is called DxM and is consiting of Masataka and Daisuke. Besides these two have been members of the band LUV before. Also just recently member Riku left the band, so now they are only 4 member left. It's not easy finding songs of them online but here is one of BACK TRICK and on of their sub-unit.

I like those songs. Their vocals are nice. If I would have the chance, I think I would like to see them live. However, I hope there will be a few more songs released on Youtube, That would be awesome. 

How do you like the songs?

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

1st teaser for J Soul Brothers new album was released

Today avex has released the first teaser for the new album of J Soul Brothers. It will be their 7th album already. I am happy that they are so successful and I am looking forward to the new album. However the 1st teaser doesn't reviel anything at all but I guess that's on purpose so that we stay tuned for more teasers to come and get even more excited about this new release. Here is the teaser.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chotokkyu surprises with Yell

The music video for Yell has been released yesterday. I actuelly wanted to post about it right away but I was too tired from work so I wasn't able to do it but here is the post now. So, Yell is definitly different to their usual music videos. Because normaly they focus on the dancing and are very hilirious in their videos. However, this video tells us about the relationship between a doughter and her father. Already that sounds so beautiful but the video is also very well done. It shows a big part of two peoples lifes but manages to give a slow, smooth feeling. The transitions made between the scenes are extremly nice as well as the beautiful scenery which is standing out even more because of the great lighting. Then of course there is dancing in the video but it's very decent and blends in with the whole atmosphere of the video. So this time there is no outstanding dancing but that doesn't make it any bad, to be honest this is the most beautiful and high quality video Chotokkyu has ever released. It makes me happy to see their music videos getting better, because that means they are doing well and that's the most I wish them, to get more popular and doing well with their music. All in one I can say that this video was a very plesant surprise and now I am looking forward to their new single even more! You didn't watched the video so far, here it is, watch it now.

What do you think about the video?

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A nice surprise for Dream5 fans!!~

Dream5 fans, like me, will be happy to find out that avex uploaded three choreography videos for their new mini album. Means you can already listen to three of the new song as well as watch some nice dance performances. I love these videos because then then dancer of the group get more attention as well and of course it was nice to listen to the songs before they have been released. Here are the videos.

So far they released one video per day, therefor I hope the other two will be released in the coming days as well. As for the ones that have been released so far, I like Do you wanna dance? the most and sadly I am not much into Takaramono. I think it's boring and sang a little too high in my point of few. However White Wonder Land is nice as well. I am still looking forward to this mini album, it's Dream5 I live them. BUT I am looking forward the most to the concert dvd that comes with version B of the mini album. I love their lives. It's a lot of fun to watch them on stage!

What do you think about the songs, dances?

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Check out my top 5 japanese rapper

I personally love rap music and always enjoy when pop bands have a rapper, that always adds a special note to their songs. However I also like a few japanese rapper a lot and enjoy listing to them a lot. To be honest I don't now that many japanese rapper, mostly the ones you can find on youtube and the ones collaborating with my favorite rappers or artist I like. So here are my top 5 out of the ones I know.


Sadly he is not really active anymore but I still enjoy his older songs a lot. The first song I got to know of him was "My name is xxxx". In this song his voice is actuelly pretty high, normale it's not that high. However I like this song a lot as well. It was my favorite of him for quite a while.


Everyone knowing AAA definitly knows him as well because actuelly he is a member of AAA but like some other members of the band he decided to do solo activities as well and even before he was collaborating with quite a few artists. I am always happy to see him collaborating with various artists because those songs mostly always turn out to be great. But also his solo songs are really good. I know a lot of people who actuelly don't listen to japanese rap but they still enjoy his music. That already says a lot I think!


As for AKLO it was love on first listen. I love the sound of his voice and RGTO, which was my first song of him, is just perfect in so many ways. XD After listening to this song pretty regular for over a year now I can still listen and enjoy it to the fullest it doesn't get boring or too much or anything. I just love this song. But it's not only this song of course. I tend to like all of his songs a lot. Well he really has a good voice.


To be honest I never thought I would like this guys music so much. I got to know him at the same time as AKLO because he is featured in the song RGTO. As much as I like RGTO I always thought that SALU has such a super high voice I would not like to listen to just himself. However someday the time came and I decided to listen to his solo songs and damn I liked them, way more then I would have always thought. Some of my favorites are "In My Life" and "AFURI" as well es pretty much all the songs he released under "SALU & the dreambandgunjo".

#1 KEN THE 390

And he will always be my number one! His voice is incredible and he is such a fast rapper and most of his songs are amazing. So far he is the only rapper I bought cds of (thought I want to change that in the future). Also he is the first japanese rapper I really listend too, before it always have been a few songs of artists but for him I started to search for his songs and enjoyed listening to them often. I would always recommend his weekend album, for everyone who is new to him. That is a very good album, if not his best so far.

Who are your favorite japanese rapper?

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{A 1st Impression of} CLOWN'S CROWN

CLOWN'S CROWN is a 5 member band that didn't have a debut until now, thought they are active for a few years already. [Ok I just saw that they seem to already have released an album but it's only availible at their lives, I can't find it anywhere else! >-<] They often do street performances, you can find a good amount of them on youtube. Also they held a quite regular live event called "Jack in the Box". Despite that they have various gigs from time to time. Here is one their more recent performances.

I really like their music and I think their vocals are quite good. Sadly the quality of these videos isn't the best. I know they also released a music video but I didn't want to show it to you 'cause it's a really horrible one. Not the song but the video is kinde ugly! >-< However I am very much looking forward to their way and I honestly hope they will get a major debut someday. I will definitly support them if they do.

That's a picture of them together with f:ma one of my other favorite indie groups.

What do you think about CLOWN's CROWN?

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 10 JMusic releases 07.02. - 13.02.2016

This is my personal top 10 list of japanaese music releases this week.Taste is different so if you like other songs of this week, write them in the comments.


#09 YORU HA NEMURERU KAI by flumpool


#07 Explain by CHAN-MIKA

#06 PUNCH YUKATA by Nakama feat. Melofloat (Yu-Ki)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I fell in love with a Hello!Project group for the first time

I never was a big fan of Hello!Project groups, There are a few songs I like, mostly momu songs, I like Natsumi Abe and I enjoy some of Maki Gotos songs. Despite that I never got myself to like any of the groups under H!P a lot. Actuelly I tried to like some, because their covers always looking so cute! XD I know that's a stupid reason but it attracts me if a cover looks good and then I try listening to the songs. Sadly I seem to not like the H!P style so much. It's really just H!P because I actuelly like some idol groups a lot e.g. palet, GEM, La PomPon and the possible (now Ciao Bella Cinquetti). However today that finally changed. While clicking myself though music videos on youtube I saw a H!P one and decided I want to give it a try. I am happy I did, because the song I listend to was awesome, and it lead me to watch all their other music videos too and despite one of them I like them all. This band is called Kobushi Factory and is very new to H!P. They had their debut only in September 2015 and they will release their second single in a few days. Now you might think that then they must only have like maybe three songs but NO they actuelly released 3 music video connected to their first single and the first 2 music videos for the new single have been released already as well, it will also be three videos. What I like so much about their music is that many of the members have very strong and powerful voices and they don't sing with super high pitch voices, like a lot of idol groups tend to. I absolutly recommend listening to them!! Here are their music videos. The most recent ones or at the bottom.

↑ My personal favorite of them so far!! ❤❤❤

↑ The 1st one I watched of them!

How do you like their music?

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Top 10 JMusic releases 30.01. - 06.02.2016

This is my personal top 10 list of japanaese music releases this week.Taste is different so if you like other songs of this week, write them in the comments.

#10 KIMI GA II by Softly

#09 Sexy Young Beautiful by Happiness

#08 KURAGE by Novaurelia

#07 WA・DO・WA by Dr.FOOL


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rainy Room MV of GENERATIONS was released

Just an hour ago the new music video by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE has been released. The song is called "Rainy Room" and will be on the new Album by GENERATIONS. It's a ballad and sadly not their best but still good. Generations seems to nearly never disappoint with their music. Also the music video is very beautilful, like all of their music videos are, and I am very much looking forward to watch a full version of it. Take a look yourself.

What do you think about it?

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finally a more grown up song by Dream5

Today avex released the new PV of Dream5. The new PV will be on their new mini album and the song is called "futuristic". I am very happy that this time their song is not a childish one as their former songs have been, at least the ones they did for Yokai Watch. I didn't liked these songs much and I thought that they could do better. Futuristic is better thought it's also a little too slow und unexciting. The song bet's a littel boring after a while and it's sadly no song that will stick in your head. Still I am happy with the finally image change and I honestly hope the other songs on the mini album will be even better. 
Just as a random note, don't they all look so grown up now. When you think back to their debut in 2009, they really changed a LOT! And Yuuno is getting more and more pretty everytime I see her. ^0^

What do you think?

Thanks for watching!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Shimizu Shota's Damage has finally been released!!!!

This has actuelly been uplaoded on the 24th January but I just saw it now. Why oh why. However this song is really nice, not as good as e.g. byexbye but still good!! I am curious to watch the whole video and listen to the whole song because they basically showed just the beginning and end. In the video you can see some of the artists he collaborated with as well as Shinjiro Atae (of AAA). What I don't like about the song is the autotune sound it has. We all now he doesn't need autotune so why using it. Just so his voice sounds mechanical. >-< I don't like it much! However I will wait with my final opinion until I listend to the whole song! ^-^

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