Thursday, February 23, 2017

XOX announced new single

After their latest single has been released in November 2016, XOX will release a new single in May. This will be their 4th single. So far no more informations have been released. I will write you as soon as I get to know more. Like with all their singles I am very much looking forward to listen to it. 

What do you think about these news?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

10JinActor history

10JinActor was formed through an audition show that aired on FBS (Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation) in July 2014. The show was called 10JinActor and in this one they searched for young handsome man that can sing, act and dance. Therefor they went on the street looking for people and they had applications coming in. In december 2014 they have been formed. To officially introduce the members they filmed a short drama called "Mou Ichido, Christmas Eve". (Which by the way is super cute!) The also released their first single "Chase Your Dream/Winter dayin december 2014In 2015 they started various radio shows, they appeared in many live events and on tv all in the Kyushu region. Starting from april 2015 they also started the second season of the 10JinActor tv show. With the start of the 2nd season they also released their 2nd single called "Dear Friends ~Mirai He~" as well as their 3rd single called "Motto Motto Ue Muite Zutto Zutto Wasurena". In october 2015 they started season three of 10JinActor and in 2016 they started and finished season 4 and started season 5 which is currently airing. In 2015 they released two more singles as well as an mini album and one of their sub-groups released an album. The sub-group is called SakataKento and consists of "Sakata Ryuichiro" and "Yamada Kento". In 2016 they released only two singles but SakataKento released a single as well and "Magoshi Takumi" released a solo single. In March 2017 they will release their first album and for the first time it will be availible in other stores as well because usuelly you can only buy their cds through their own website. Also in May 2016 a new member called "MOTO" joined the group. And at the begining of this year member "Ryosuke Sawayanagi" announced to leave the group at the end of March 2017.

I felt like sharing this since I really like them and they will have their first big release soon.

Friday, February 10, 2017

DISH// released short version of Tokyo Vibration

DISH// released a short version video for their latest song "Tokyo Vibration". It's actually the video of their Time Limite Museeum performance. It's the one I went to and therefor it's super exciteing for me to watch this!! That was such a great day. I can't wait to watch the whole thing! Here is the video.

What do you think about the video and song?

Monday, February 6, 2017

lol to release digital single this month

lol are going to release a digital single on the 14th February called party up!!. For the new song the filmed a choreography video which has been uploaded today. Here is the video.

As for the song I like it, it's done very well BUT I don't like that Yusuke got only a short part and Naoto didn't even get any part in this song. Also about the video, they were focusing more on the girls then the boys and I think that's really unfair 'cause they are all amazing and deserve the same amount like everyone else.

What do you think about it?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

HR released mv for new single

HR will release their new single "Nihon Hakata-ka Daisakusen" on the 01.03.2017. At the end of January they uploaded the new music video for their song. I just saw it now and to be honest I am not to excited about it. I still like them but this song is pretty plane and besides of them being really cute the video is plane to. I hope they will release something better next time but for now this is what we got. Here is the video, maybe you like it better then me.

What do you think about it?

Kondo Yohdi announced 1st album

Kondo Yohdi announced his first album to be released on the 22.03.2017. The name will be "402" and it will come in two versions, a dvd version (see picture above) and a regular version (see picture on the bottom). The dvd comes with all his so far released music videos as well as two new ones and the cd comes with 10 tracks total. The dvd version is statet to come with an booklet, thought I am sure that it will be a small photobook like the one that came with his last single. If more is announced I will write about it here.

What do you think about the news?

BEE SHUFFLE released full version MVs for latest single

Today BEE SHUFFLE uploaded the full version of their "Dance Like An Animal" music video as well as the full version for "With The Stars". However while the short version for With The Stars was the japanese version of the song, the full version is the koren version of the song. I like both versions. The song is just super beautiful  and I don't care in which language it's sung. Dance Like An Animal is the japanese version. Here are the videos.

I love the music video for With The Stars. I am a sucker for off shot like videos and this one is done so well. The gray suites the atmosphere of the song and video and they all looking so damn handsome in this. As for the other music video, I don't like it much. I love their dance moves and their outfits but the video effects are terrible and therefor it's not fun watching this. >-< But like I said in a former post I started to love the song after a while and now I fully enjoy it all the time I listen to it!

What do you think about it?

{A 1st Impression of} Kotakura

I just came accross the group Kotakura. I clicked on a video of them because I thought it's Takuya Matsuoka in it and you know what, it's actuelly him (middle). It seems like he is in this group as well as being an solo artists. The other two members are Shousei (right side) and Naoki (left side). Shosei and Naoki are also active as the duo "crossover & co." (former named "Collagen BOY'z"). However Kotaku is still active.
It seems that "Collagen BOY'z" were the opening act for Matsuokas 2014 tour and around that time they became very good friends and spontaniously decieded to form the group "Kotakura". So they are still active in their main group / solo but also with Kotakura. Since all of them have other activities Kotakura is not very active but they already released three albums which is a good thing. Their voices harmonize very well. Here are some of their songs.

The first one is my favorite it's extremly beautiful. If you want to know about the other group as well tell me, I will try to find out more about them.

What do you think about them?

Takuya Matsuoka released Shinin' Light MV

Takuya Matsuoka will release his 6th solo album "REAL" on the 15.02.2017 and therefor he uploaded the music video for one of the songs a few days ago. The song is called "Shinin' Light". I really like the song, he has a very pleasent voice. The video however is really bad. You can see it's a low budget video and I personally don't like to watch it but I am still happy they produced one because otherwise I wouldn't have listend to this song so soon. Here is the video.

What do you think about it?

EverZOne announced 14th single

EverZOne will release their 14th single on the 01.03.2017. The single will be called "Namarabu / only one". They already released a video in which you can listen two both songs. It's a live video with short experts of each song. Hereit is.

I am not sure if I really like the songs. The first one is kinde good in the refrain but the second one doesn't stick in my head at all. Thought it doesn't sound bad but it's nothing too exciting either.

What do you think about it?

Home Made Kazoku dissbanded

I don't know why I am so late with stuff like this sometimes. I think this time I just refused to believe this is happening and ignored the titel of the last album which I knew since it was announced. Calling an album "Last Forever Best" is already a good hint right. >-< But now reading that they actually disbanded makes me incredible sad. Once again a group I dearly loved disbanded. I don't like that. I will always keep their awesome music in my heart, especially my all time favorite song "Summer Time Magic". I am so thankful for all the great years and all the amazing music. I know some of them doing solo activities now so I wish them all the best for that. In generell I wish them all the best for their future, including their privat live!

I will miss them a lot but they will stay in my heart forever!

What are your thoughts on their disbanding?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shinatro (ex-Sata Andagi member) formed new group

I was a huge fan of Sata Andagi when they were still active. After the dissbanding I was happy to know that "Takuya Matsuoka" was still doing music. He is an active solo singer. However today I found out that also Shintaro is doing music again. The group is a project started by Shintaro himself and was formed in october 2015. The other members are Akira (Rap & Guitar), Kenbow (Bass) and Nosuke (Drums). In september 2016 they released their first single "HighsidE". He is a short clip of the main track.

You can also find short versions of both songs of the single on soundcloud.

I like both songs. I like Shintaros voice a lot. Sata Andagi has been one of my favorite groups and I am really happy to see Shintaro being back doing music.

What do you think?

Code-V released first picture with 6 members

You guys probably know how much I have been waiting for this. I am so damn happy that they are 6 members now. At least until WooSik has to do military service but that's more then 2-3 years in the future. So let's enjoy the time while they are together as 6 members. I can't wait for the best of album to be released and to listen to them all singing together. I hope there will be a new music video released with the albm too. Gosh I am so excited!!

What do you think about the them being 6 members?

NEVA GIVE UP uploaded full MV of latest album

A few hours ago NEVA GIVE UP uploaded the full versions of their music videos "Super Action" and "Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai". Since I own the album I already knew and like both. Thought I love love the second one. The song is super cute and the video is upper cute too. Watch them here.

What do you think about them?

UNIONE history

I came accross some information about the group UNIONE and want to share those with you.

UNIONE was formed in september 2013 under the name "SOA ~Soul of Asia~. They started of with 4 members as you can see in the picture above. The members were JIN, SAM, ISSY and Yuta. Besides funny fact is that SAM and ISSY had different names back then. ISSY was called Yu and SAM was called SOP. So weird isn't it!? XD However as far as I know Yuta has been trying to get into the music entertainment since 2011. Therefor he moved from Saitama to Tokyo and did an audition. I don't know about the others because all their old profiels have been deleted. 

They performed at a lot of events, had a few one man lives and even sold at least one cd. I only know this because I found a picture of them holding the cd. It's one you were only able to get at their live events, so it's pretty much impossible to still get it. However here is the picture I mentioned.

On the 30.10.2014 Yuta had his last live with SOA because he decieded to leave the group and go solo instead. In december 2014 Yuta announced his first solo live in January.

While Yuta went solo SOA was still going on normaly. They keept on performing at live events and did a lot of street performances.

In the picture above you can see Yuta sitting in the back. I read that he did some kind of managing for SOA after he left the group, so he is still connected to them but as a manager instead. However I am not 100% sure about this. 
Besides they also started to upload covers of various songs on their youtube channel. The way they still do but sadly all the old videos have been delted. I would have loved to watch them.

I also know that Yuta performed with them on stage sometimes even after leaving the group. He was like a special guest then. On the 14.10.2015 SOA hold a special mini one man live with Yuuki and Yuta as the special guests. Until then Yuuki was a member of the group "CLUE" which has been active since 2011.

And on the 14.12.2015 they officially announced that Yuuki and Yuta join SOA and that they changed the groups name to UNIONE. They hold their first one man live as UNIONE in february 2016 and got under contract with Sony Music Japan in april of the same year. Their official twitter account opend on the 19.01.2016. They also opened a youtube chanel again on which they upload covers. Here is the link, *click here*! Besides at their 1st one man live you were able to buy their indie single "greetings". It's the first cd they sold with all 5 members.

As you can see in the picture, the cd came with covers of various artists. Of course you were only able to buy this cd at the one man live, so again it's pretty much not possible to get your hands on a copy. On a side note, I really loved their towel design back then. So pretty.

On the 27.07.2016 they released their 1st major debut single called "One Sided Love" and they held a debut one man live in the 21.09.2016. Their second single is called "Mirai Delight" and was released on the 26.10.2016.

A third single has been announced at the end of 2016. The third single is called "Pass A Bola" and will be released on the 15.03.2017.

That's it so far. If I get more information about their past I will write it down here.
Who would have thought that they have such a long history. It was kind of a suprise for me, that's why I decieded to share the informations with you. I hope this was intressting for some of you as well. If you know more, please tell me.

Friday, February 3, 2017

KAZ won audition and is now a member of a new group

A while ago I introduced you to the singer KAZ. At that time I already knew he was in an audition but I didn't knew if it's still ongoing. A few days ago the outcome of the audition has been announced and you know what, KAZ is now a member of a five member vocal group. As you might already assume, it's the five guys on the picture above, KAZ is the one on the left. So far the group has no name. I will write you as soon as I know their name. However it's already possible to get to know a little about the members, so here is what I found out. 

stage name: KAZ
real name: Takada Kazuma
birthday: 29.10.1992

*He is half philipino.
*He released a solo single called "One Day" before.
*He performed on stage before.

stage name: Rioske
real name: Asanuma Ryosuke

*He is half japanese but I don't know what's the other half. I guess it's a country in which they speak spanish because he is able to speak spanish but I am not sure.
*He took part in the Vocal Battle Audtion 4 of EXILE (the one in which they choose the members for "the rampage").

stage name: Takuya
real name: Sugita Takuya
birthday: 16.05.1994
*He performed on stage before.

real name: Minamoto Yuto
birthday: 23.09.1992

*He is a very good friend of Yuuki (from UNIONE).
*He performed on stage before under the name Yu-to.
*He was a member of the group "Bloom".
*He is a huge fan of Takahiro from EXILE.

real name: Hashiba Junpei
birthday: ?
*He performed on stage before.
*He has a little sister.

So far that's everything I know. If by chance any of you knows more, please write me a comment. I would love to add the information here and I will add information if I find new one.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ryosuke Sawayanagi graduates from 10JinActor

After 3 years with 10JinActor, member Ryosuke Sawayanagi will leave the group at the end of march. The 31.03.2017 will be his last day as member of 10JinActor. He wrote a letter to al the fans explaining that he often had the feel to graduate but never got himself to do so but since they added a new member this urge became bigger. However he also stated that he enjoyed his time with the group and he will always keep all the memories with the group and the fans. It was a great time for him but he doesn't see his future with the group. At least he wrote that he will always support 10JinActor. I am quite sure he will keep in touch with the members, well I hope so. He hasn't been my favorite member but I am still really sad he leaves but I also wish him all the best for his future and that he can achieve what he wants to achieve!

What do you think about him leaving?