Saturday, June 24, 2017

HighT released MV for Hell Yeah!!

Today HighT released his new music video for his second single "Hell Yeah". I am addicted to his 1st single "Bullet Girl" so I was anticipating the new single a lot. While Hell Yeah is not as addicting as Bullet Girl I do like it a lot too.  Also it's so nice to finally watch a music video of him, the other released were just trailer for their 1st single not really music videos. I will try to get my hands on a physical release of this single but I am sure you will be able to buy it on itunes as well.
However here is the video, check it out!

What do you think about the mv and song?

MYNAME released short MV for Baby Tonight

MYNAME will release their 5th original japanese album on the 19th July2017. The album will be called "MYNAME is..." and two days ago the released the short version music video for their new song "Baby Tonight". The song is awesome and the video looks very good too. I love the shirt InSoo is wearing! It looks SO good on him and the scene at the end where he is crying... OMG my baby!! Guys I am super excited for this new album. So far I like pretty much all their japanese releases and therefor I have high hopes to like this new album a lot as well. However here is the music video.

What do you think about it? Are you excited for the new album?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RUSHx300 released 2nd single

RUSHx300 released their 2nd single just recently. It's called "mr. boy" and comes in 7 versions.

There is a dvd version, a regular version and each member got their own solo version as well. All versions only come with their new song and it's instrumental version. The dvd comes with the music video of the song as well as it's making of. I am happy for them to finally release something new and I am looking forward to hear if they sound different comparing to their first release because "Watanabe Aoto" left the group and "Nagashima Shohei' (white) and "Udou Takuma" (purple) joined them. I will definitly grab myself a copy of this single. If you want one yourself, you can only buy it at the bacs shop as of now. Here is a link, just in case you are interested.

Besides so far they didn't upload a music video of the song to youtube. If it get's uploaded I will share it here.

What do you think about this second release?

COLOR CREATION member profile updates

Here is a little update on the member profiles of the group COLOR CREATION.

stage name: KAZ
real name: Takada Kazuma
birthday: 29.10.1992
blood typ: O

*He is half philipino.
*He released a solo single called "One Day" before.
*He performed on stage before.
*He was a member of the boy group "Gara Gara Hebi" but left the group before it officially disbanded.
*He writes songs.
*He performed as an actore on stage before.
*He loves Redbull (a drink).

stage name: Rioske
real name: Asanuma Ryosuke
birthday: 09.04.1995
blood typ: AB

*He is half peruvian, therefor he also speaks spanish.
*He speaks english pretty well.
*He was a finalist of the Vocal Battle Audtion 4 of EXILE (the one in which they choose the members for "the rampage").
*He is very good at origami.

stage name: Takuya
real name: Sugita Takuya
birthday: 16.05.1994
blood typ: O

*He performed on stage before.
*He likes to play soccer.
*He is from Saitama.

stage name: Yuuto
real name: Minamoto Yuto
birthday: 23.09.1992
blood typ: O

*He is a very good friend of Yuuki (from UNIONE).
*He performed on stage before under the name Yu-to.
*He was a member of the group "Bloom".
*He is a huge fan of Takahiro from EXILE.
*He is good at calligraphy and drawing.

stage name: Junpei
real name: Hashiba Junpei
birthday: 09.06.1992
blood typ: AB

*He performed on stage before.
*He has a little sister.
*He was a finalist of the Vocal Battle Audtion 4 of EXILE (the one in which they choose the members for "the rampage").

Color Creation opened official website & twitter + first single

Color Creation opned their official website today. I was so happy when I saw it. It's so exciting to follow them right from the beginning. With the website they also opend a twitter and instagram account today. Here are the links.

Don't they look so handsome in their first official picture. I am in love with this first image picture and I am really currious on what they will do next. They already announced to have their first indie cd release on August 23rd. There will be two singles released at once. One is being called "Waiting For You" and the other one is called "Summer Love". I am no sure if these will be availible online or just at their lives. However I will definitly try to get my hands on both copies. More information on both will come later. I am really excited and will keep you guys up to date when it comes to them. Besides if they are able to sell over 5000 copies of their singles then they will get a major debut. They also announced their first live. It will be at an event called "Break Out" and they will perform at the same stage as FlowBack, The Rampage and Da-iCE, which I think is pretty impressive. But they all know each other so it's actually pretty awesome that they will see each other there. 

That's it for now. Tell me what you think about them!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

B2takes! released new music video... XD

At the end of May B2takes! released a short version of their music video "Sukitte Iou". It's the a-side track of their 4th single which has been released at the end of may. I watched the video for the first time today and I was like WTF. The song is really good, I like it a lot but the outfits are SO hilarious and terrible at the same time. It totally suites Kohei and maybe Peewee but the others... Some even look quite unhappy. Take a look yourself.

Ok honestly these outfits are terrible and even thought this is a cheerful fun song they could have choosen much better outfits then these. And come on arn't these outfits bad enough... they even had to wear them directly in front of a bunch of their fans. I couldn't have been worse... >-<
I hope the next one isn't going to be like this again...
Besides here is the short version.

What do you think about the outfits/music video?

Saturday, June 3, 2017


At the beginning of this year I already wrote you about these five guys. They have won an audition and are now aiming to be a popular group. Today they finally announced their name, it's COLOR CREATION. They choose the name because they want to bring color into everybodys live with the help of their music. I think it's a cute idea and name and I am so much looking forward to their first song. There will be an official website opening for them in mid June. I can't wait to see the first official pictures of them.
If you want to know a little bit about the members, I put a few information in my former post "klick here".

What do you think about them and the name?