Saturday, March 19, 2016

SALU released PV for digital single "Tomorrowland"

SALU released the music video for hs new song Tomorrowland. The song is written by SALU himself and the music for it is done in collaboration with tofubeats. The song will also be on his new album "Good Morning" which will be released at the end of April, also digital. Here is the video, take a look.

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MAG!C☆PRINCE released short preview for Spin the Sky MV

MAG!C PRINCE will release their 2nd single on the 4th May 2016 and today they released a very short version of the music video. Sadly it's only 36 seconds long, which I think is way to short. At least they already released a version thinking that it's still some time until the release date. Have a look now.

The song sounds cute and the video is cute too. However I will wait for a longer version before I can really say that I like it.

What do you think?

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Friday, March 18, 2016

New MV from Shimizu Shota released

Shimizu Shota released the short version music video for "Money" yesterday. The song will be on his new Album called "PROUD" and starres Thelma Aoyama and Salu. The video is pretty simple just showing parts of the recording but it suites the songs pace very well. Thelma Aoyama and SALU doing really well in the song, especially Aoyama standing out with her beautiful voice. Sadly Shimizu himself used autotune for his singing again! This time he used even heavier autotune then in Damage and like with Damage I don't like this. I hope that not the whole album will be with autotune, I would be super dissapointed if. Also the song is actuelly really good but the autotune kinde ruins it. Oh damn Shimizu, you have such awesome vocals and an incredible voice, why on earth using autotune. It's doesn't even sound good. However maybe you guys like it more. Here is the video.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

WEBER announced 3rd single

After Show left WEBER shorty after their 2nd single release, they finally announced a new single again. Now being back to four members like before their debut. The new single is called "Azayaka na Reason" and will be released on the 13th april 2016. It will come in two versions, a regular one and one with a 20p photobooklet. I am intressted to watch them as a four member band and look forward to the new song and hopefully new music video.

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CODE-V's SangWoo and NALAW are back

As some of you might now in 2013/2014 (I don't know the exact date) Rui, SangWoo and NALAW went to the military service in their home country South Korea. All korean born man have to do this at an specific age (people who are into KPop now that oh so well). However they finally finished their military service and are now back again to bring us good music. Thought I don't know about Rui, he should have finished his military service as well and I hope he will come back soon as well. At the end of this month however, they will release their first cd together with SongWoo and NALAW. It's actuelly also the first with these 4 together because WooSik and TaeHoon joined after SangWoo and NALAW left for military service. As for now the new album is only a cover album, means they are covering popular japanese songs. Here are two promo videos for two of the songs.

I personally are super happy about them returning and I am looking forward to Rui joining them again as well and I can't wait for SOL to come back after he finished his military service, which might be around sometime 2017. As for the album I am looking forward to recieve it myself and enjoy them singing after such a long time.

How do you like the cover songs?

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Kaleido Knight disbanding

Kaleido Knight did releases their last single "By Your Side" on the 5th march 2016. With this single they announced their disbanding. They will have their last performance as Kaleido Knight on the 21st march. After this last performance they will officially be disbanded. The once 5 member strong band had released their first single in January 2013, thought they started to get active in mid 2012, which means they have been a group for a bit more then three years. I wasn't their greatest fan but I always think it's sad when a band disapears. Here is the music video for their last single.

Let's wish them all success for their future way, what ever their dreams might be.

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Kairi graduates from ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD

Fans of ZenHari (short for ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD) already now this because it's not exactly new information. Some weeks ago Kairi Miura graduated from the band ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD. I was really sad about the announcement because I just recently came to know ZenHari and I fell in love with them directly. It's so sad one of the members is already leaving! As for the reason he left, it's because he want to be an actor instead. I wish him all the best forhis future carreer, though I wish he would have stayed in the band. Here are a few recent pictures of him and his ex-group members.

CustomiZ COOLEST PV released

Just yesterday CustomiZ released the PV for their new song called COOLEST. I really love the song and the video is good too. I am looking forward to the full pv but for now here is theshort version.

What do you think about it?

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CustomiZ will release their 4th single and 1st album in April

CustomiZ finally announced something new, I was eagerly waiting for them to return, and it is even better because they announced a double release. On the 27th april they will release both, their 4th single and their 1st album. It's so exciting that they will release something new and then it even is an album as well. Oh my I am so much looking forward to that! The picture above is the theme picture for the album. I like it, it's kinde mature, I especially like Hiroki in the picture and to be honest I don't like Goros new hairstyle much. However about the album it will come with 13 tracks total and the dvd version will come with their so far released music videos as well as the new video called coolest. The single will come in two versions as well, an anime ver. and a CustomiZ version and is called Coolest. It will contain of two songs. Here is a picture of the theme for the single.

It's silly and I like it. Besides the picture is influenced by the anime the single is meant to be for. This actuelly makes me wanting to read the manga. >-<

What do you think about it?

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FlowBack releases first music video + announces first single

FlowBack is a band I came accross shortly before they released their first mini album, and therefor first cd. I ordered the mini album because I liked the previews they showed in a video and I wasn't disapointed after I got the cd. Actuelly this is one of the best mini albums I listend to in a while. All the songs on it are really good. However it is just a few days ago that they released their first music video. It's very simple but I like it and I am super happy they actuelly released one.

Wake Up is one of the songs on their mini album. If I could choose I would wish them to release a video for every song on the mini album because all their song deserve to be promoted more. In case you are curious bout their other songs, here is the preview video I wrote about before.

Despite the music video they also announced to release a 1st single at the last day of May 2016. There are no information about it being revealed so far. I am super happy for this announcement and I am very much looking forward to this release.

Tell me how you like their music?!

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