Saturday, January 28, 2017

My favorite songs of 2016

There have been my awesome songs last year. In this Post I want to share my top 10 personal favorites of this year! These are pretty much the songs of 2016 that kept spinning in my head the most, I was/am addicted to them and some of them even have a special meaning for me!

#10 MAG!C PRINCE - Ittsu Love

Despite loving all their A-side songs this is by far my favorite B-side track of them. It's such a lovely song that calms me a lot.

#09 WANIMA - Tomoni

I already wrote about how much I love their single "Jucie Up" and Tomoni is the A-side track of this single. I had this song in repeat for hours already and didn't got bored or anything. As long as the volume is loud enough I will enjoy this song to the fullest.

#08 KAZ - One Day

I think I also wrote about this song before. KAZ is a singer without a lable or anything. I know he released a single that was only availible at his live but he is not regular appearing in lives. However he relesed the video for ONE DAY in his twitter account and by considence I came accross it and loved it. I still love it, all the time I start listening to it I can't stop myself from repeating the song at least a few times. His voice is so nice and the song so cute. I honestly hope he will make more music.

#07 UNIONE - One Sided Love

You can watch the video HERE

Since their videos are pretty much always only restricted to Japan I can't embed the original for you, however I found a short version I linked you. About the song I love it so much. It's a great debut song. It's super addicting and I like singing along to it when I listen to it. All of them have great voices and they harmonize very well. I wish them to get very succesful and release many awesome songs.

#06 10JinActor - Kimi no Egao ni Sui Touto!

I got to know 10jinActor just last year but I already love them so much. Their music is always SO much fun. I am also deeply in love with their 2016 songs "Frontier" and "PhakChi Heaven". All of these song are very recommended. However "Kimi no Egao ni Sui Touto" kept spinning in my head a little more. I remember there was a time I started singing the song at work... luckily I work with kids and they didn't really care since I sing with them a lot at work anyway.

#05 X4 - obsession

This song is the only song of X4 I love. I love that it's so sexy. I already knew that Yuya can sing sexy songs. He released a handful while he was still solo. An example would be "Naked Night". However this one is even more sexy I think. Their vocals, the dance, the rythem everything is just so hot in this song/video. I just love it!

#04 PrizmaX - Up<Up Beat

I love PrizmaX a lot and follow them for so long now. I love how they always try something a little different but they keep their original style to it. Up>Up Beat always gets me in a good mood. It's such an uplifting song. 

#03 Ame no Parade - Tokyo

I can't count how many times I repeated this song last year. It was my first song by Ame no Parade and will definitly not be my last. Even thought I have to admit their songs tend to be very similar sometimes. However Tokyo is really unique. You get so many emotions through the songs or at least I do. I will always love this song a lot.

#02 0TU1 - Family

I came accross 0TU1 this year only. I wish I would have known them before. Their music in generell is really good and their latest mini album is just perfect. Family is one song on it. It's my absolute favorite song of them. So damn beautiful. Also I saw them live at the end of last year and they sang this song and believe me guys this song is even more beautiful live.

#01 White Jam - Sakanaide

Sakanaide is definitly the best song of 2016 that I listend to. The vocals make me melt, Shiroses vocal skills are impressive and the other members are stunning too. There is nothing more to say about this song despite that it's perfect.

What are your personal favorites?

Friday, January 27, 2017

UNIONE released first image picture for new single

That's the new theme picture for the 3rd single which will be released in March. I like the picture a lot. It's way better then the kast one. They all look pretty handsome in it, especially Yuta. That's one handsome man. I also really like the hairstyle of Sam and Issy in this one. Jin looks always the same, well pretty much but that's fine because he looks great that way. I can't wait to watch the music video for it.

What do you think about the new theme?

Shimizu Shota to release new single

Yesterday Shimizu Shota announced his 23rd single. It will be called "Fire" and the release date is the 21.02.2017. As always it comes in both a regular version and a dvd version. B-side track will be a cover of Stevie Wonders "Knocks Me Off My Feet" and both versions will come with the acoustic version of "My Boo". The dvd comes with only the music video.
Her are the covers of the single.

The blue one is the dvd version and the orange one the regular version. It's not that awesome of a cover but whatever it's about the song anyway. A short version of the music video has been uploaded yesterday as well. Thought as usually with his videos it's only availible in Japan. I link it anyway, just in case you guys find a way to watch it or are in Japan right now.
I like the song a lot. It's very beautiful. He is rapping in it which I am not too much a fan of. I prefer when he get's some rapper that work with him for the song like e.g. SALU. Shimizus rap is not terrible but also not really that good. He should stick with singing. Here is the video.

What do you think about the new single?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

EverZOne released MV for Tadaima

I just got so excited seeing that a new video has been uploaded. It's the video to their song "Tadaima" which has been released in feburary 2016. I never listend to the song because I couldn't find it online. So I was pretty curious what it sounds like. It supprised me a little because it's such a good and lovely song. Not that I don't expect good of them, it just supprised me that it's so good. I am repeating it again and again right now. Listen to it youself.

What do you think about the song?

SOLIDEMO released preview of new song

Today SOLIDEMO uploaded a preview video for a new song called Happiness. The song will be used for a new FujiTV drama which starts at the beginning of February. It's a cute song I am sure it will suite a drama well. Here is the video.

What do you think about the song?

Friday, January 20, 2017

UNIONE released digest video

Today UNIONE released a digest video of their 1st Anniversary live they held on the 14.12.2016. Their live looks awesome. I wish they would release a dvd with it. I would so buy it. Besides this makes me even more sad that I wasn't able to see them live while I was in Japan. >-< However here is the video.

What do you think about it? Doesn't their live look like so much fun?!

FlowBack released image pictures for new single

Today FlowBack uploaded the new image pictures for their 3rd major single "BOOYAH!". Above is the group picture and here are the solo pictures.

I didn't expect the image to be so dark. BOOYAH! sounds like a party song to me so I kinde expected something more colorful but now I am even more excited to see/listen what the song and new music video will be like. Ihope it doesn't take to long for them to release it.

What do you think about it?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AMAZO NIGHT Live 8.1.2016

I want to spread the AMAZO KNIGHT love and therefor I decided to show you some pictures and tell you a little bit of an recent live they had. Sadly I didn't went there myself, this is something I found online. I will put the link to the original at the end.

This live was more of an talk and fun meet up one. They decided to try some world records challenges. Taichi was the MC so he didn't participate. 

The first challange was to do as many push ups with a clap in one minute as possible. Fuya did the challange and he reached 32 but the record is 90. So he failed but at least he tried his best.

The next challange was to do as many star jumps as possible in one minute. Sota did the challange. The record for it is 65, however Sota was able to do 84. Really impressiv.

The next one was Tsurugi. He tried to finish a lemon in the shortest time possible. The record for this is 12,93 seconds but Tsurugi took more then a minute. I can feel with him, it must have been terrible.

This time Sota tried to empty a 350ml bottle of water as fast as possible. He took 11 seconds but the record is 2.35.

The last challange was done by Fuya. He tried to destroy as many baloons as possible within 1 minut and with sitting on them. The record is 34 and Fuya was able to get 33. His poor bud.

After that Tsurugi had a solo performance. He coverd the song "Sakurazaka" of "Fukuyama Masaharu". They renamed the song "AMAZOzaka". I would love to hear this cover of him.

Then a little talk started. I don't know what they talked about.

At least they performed 3 songs.

I would have liked to be at this event. I love how dorkey they can be but still they are amazing and gosh I miss their music. Luckily I filmed a little bit of their performance at an live event I attanded. >-< They are all so precious!!

What do you think about it?

Fiima being on hiatus for a year

Since the 10.12.2016 Fiima are officially on hiatus. I hate myself for sometimes being so slow with information like this. I just read it on their website, thought these are over a month old news. Damn me. But at least I am writing about it now. The hiatus will go on for a year so I honestly hope they will be back mid december 2017. I would cry so much if they disband. However Yuto wrote that he wants to change Fiima to a better group, which I think means new style in both, music and image. I am currious on what the change will be like but I am just happy if they come back again, no matter what the change will be like.

What do you think about this?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bee Shuffle released MVs for new single

Bee Shuffle will release their 5th single on the 05.02.2017. It will come in two versions a "Dance Like An Animal" version and an "With The Stars" version. Both come with a dvd containing the music video of the it's titel song. Both version come only with the song they are titeld like. That means if you want to get both songs, you need to buy both versions. That's so weird, I never had that before. However, yesterday they released the short versions of their new music videos.

I like both but I absolutly prefer With The Stars!! It's such a beautiful song and I like the video a lot too. especially this part...

What do you think about them?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Top 5 JPop releases of 2016

There have been a lot of amazing releases last year. Today I want to share my personal favorites. There are albums as well as singles in this list. These are the cds that stood out as a whole for me the most. I keept repeating all the songs for hours, that's why they are on this list. However let's start.

#05 Tokyo by Fiima

This is an addicting release of them. Being a fan of them for quite some time I was extremly excited when they announced this cd because it's the first you could buy in stores. However I ended up loving this release a lot because each of the four songs is so good. I did a small review of this single, look it up here.

#04 Love Science by 0TU1

0TU1 released their third mini album at the end of august 2016 and I wish I would have known them before because their music is incredible. As the title suggest you will find love releated songs on this album. They are all more slower songs but it doesn't get boring at all. I am just amazed at how amazing their vocals are and all five songs on this album are so extremly beautiful. Here is a preview video for the album.

My favorite songs fo this album are definitly Family and Lean On Me. These songs are extremly beautiful as well as addicting and just perfect.

#03 Juice Up!! by WANIMA

This single starts of with "Tomoni". I love this song so much and all the time it pops up on my ipod I feel the need to rise up the volume to fully enjoy this incredible song. Definitly my all time favorite song of the band. Definitly check it out! Here is the music video to it.

But also the next song "Odoru Yoru" is more then statisfying. It's starts of with some awesome guitar skills and has a very fast pace. Love it too. The next one is called "Kitte no nai Okurimono". It's super addicting as well. The Last one on this single is "For You" and it's a little more paced down thought not really. It's perfection as well. You might think I am over reacting here but honestly this was one of the best investions for me in 2016 and gosh I bought a lot last year but this single is so worth it.
Listen to their album if you have the chance to.

#02 SHAKE THE WORLD by FlowBack

This is the first cd of FlowBack you could buy in stores. I bought it because I got interessted in them and wanted to check out their music. The album supprised me with how well it's done. The songs are pretty much all up beat and so much fun to listen to. It's different to usuel Jpop music. All the songs on this album are really good. Starting with "Wake Me Up", which got it's own music video, over "Shake The World" up to A.N.L! In total there are 5 songs on this mini album and I honestly recommend every single one. Here is a preview video of the album.

#01 5IGNAL by 5IGNAL

I bought this album only because I really like their song "Be With You" and wanted to own it on CD. So when I recieved the album I had absolutly no expactation of the quality. As soon as I started listening to it I got super excited because it is so good. It feels like an album of an american artist and since most of the songs are sung in english it feels like this even more. I really love japanese music but I love this as well and I think they did a brilliant job with the album. They are absolutly underrated and should get way more attention. I hope they will finally release something new again soon. Here is the official teaser for the album, sadly showing just two of the songs.

What are your favorite releases of 2016?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

FlowBack released dance version MV for Heartbreaker

Just recently FlowBacks Heartbreaker music video reached over 1 milion views on youtube. Celebrating this achievment they uploaded the dance version of the music video on to youtube. I love the dance version. It's so well done and I like the choreography a lot. Also I love the song so it's one more reason to listen to it! Take a look yourself.

What do you think about it? 

Friday, January 13, 2017

About FlowBack

I've been asked to do a profile post for FlowBack a while ago so here I am finally writing one. They have a website and other social media you can check out to get to know them better. Here you will find pretty much only basic information. If you have any questions about them don't hestitate to ask me.

[Their History]

The members meat each other in 2013 at various additions they were competing in and in the same year formed the group FlowBack. In 2014 they took place in the "Line Audition" and were able to make it to the final round. Through this they gained a lot of attention and their fanbase grew. They stand out even more because they are doing everything themself like the choregraphies, the music, their fashion and their goods design. They started selling their first CD at their lives in august 2014. The cd is titles "FlowBack 1st Demo CD". It came with the songs "crush on you", "baby" and "puzzle". On the 26.02.2015 they opened up their line blog and they held their first one man live on the 14.03.2015. In the beginning of January 2016 they released their first mini album which is called "SHAKE THE WORLD" and it was sold in stores. In Mai of the same year they released their second indie single called "After Rain". Later this year they announced that they got under contract with Ki/oon Music, a sub-lable of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Their major debut single "Come a long way" was released in September 2016 and in December of the same year they already released their 2nd major single called "Heartbreaker". As for the music video for Heartbreaker, they did something special. Depending on the number of view the video got it's story changed. Their 3rd major single will be released in March 2017.


In charge for the choreographies.
Birthday: 21.02.1994
He started dancing in 3rd grade, since then he aimed to be a professional dancer.
He is also singing.


In charge for the goods design.
Birthday: 28.04.1994
Half filipino.
He is said to be a mood maker.


In charge for music (composing and lyrics).
Birthday: 20.05.1991
He likes Whitney Housten, Chris Brown, Brian McKnight and JOE.


In charge for lyrics and styling.
Birthday: 15.05.1994
Half filipino.
He is said to have the strongest voice among them.


Rapper of the group.
Birthday: 01.04.1996
The youngest of the group.

FlowBack announced 3rd major single

FlowBack announced the release of their third major single. The single will be called "BOOYAH!" and will come in as a dvd version and a regular version. The release date is the 22nd March 2017. I am super happy for the announcment because I love the music of these boys a lot and can't wait to listen to this new song and the b-side tracks on the single. They are doing very well and I am super proud of them. I bet the song will be awesome. If I get more information I will write it here.

What do you think about these news?

UNIONE to release 3rd single

UNIONE announced their 3rd single last month, sorry for being so late with this information but I just read it now. The single will be called "Passabora". It will be released on the 15th March this year and comes in two versions. That's a first for UNIONE because usually they have only one version of their releases. However this time there will be a regular and limited version but it hasn't been announced any information about the limited version. I am very much looking forward to the cd because I wasn't too happy with the last release. Hopefully this one will be better again.

What do you think about the news?

Get to know the performers of THE RAMPAGE

Today THE RAMPAGE released a video to introduce the performer of their group. THE RAMPAGE will have their debut on the 25th January. They will be the new group under EXILE TRIBE and have been trained for a long time now. You can see their amazing skills in the video and I can't wait for a video that introduces the vocalists of the group, which are only three, but if you now EXILE TRIBE, you now that's normal. Take a look yourself and if you have the chance support their debut with buying their single.

What do you think about the performer?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DISH// Time Limit Museum fan report

On the 1st January 2017 I was still in Japan and I was lucky enough to go to the Time Limit Museum concert of DISH//. I am a huge fan of them since a long time now and after seeing them live once I was extremly excited to see them live a second time. My day started with waking up super early because I wanted to get a ticket for the merchandise sale. I was super tired that day because I stayed up long the day before. I mean it was new year so of course I was tired. However I kicked myself out of bed and went to Budokan. It was my first time going there but it was easy to be found. When I arrived the line for the merch tickets was super long already. Lucky me I knew that the tickets have been given out randomly so I still got a good chance to get a good number. While waiting in line, I was able to listen to the rehearsel for the concert that was going on inside. Just a little bit of course but it was so nice. The waiting didn't took too long and soon I got my ticket with the number 290. It was a good number. Since I got such a good number and had to come there only 1 1/2 hours later again, I decided to search for a breakfast place near Budokan.

The Breakfast wasn't that good of a choice... I read it wrong because I got a toast with chilli in it and I hate spicy food. That happens when you don't read the Katakana carefully. Whatever I was able to finish it after some time and went to Budokan again again because it wasn't too much time anymore. First of I was standing there, looking at all the amazing fans. Some made their own DISH// costumes but they all looked amazing, like real fans. I love that about fandom in Japan. However time went on and I didn't knew where to go. I felt kind helpless. Then I saw that a line started again and decided to look it up. I did just in time because they were already shouting out the numbers and my number was nearly through. So I went in line again, being super happy to finally be able to get my hands on DISH// merchandise. Thanks to their ticket system waiting wasn't too long again and I soon got to buy merch. As you can see in the picture above I got myself the wristbands of Takumi and Masaki, the light stick, the towel, some photo sets and the blue t-shirt, thought I also got the aqua colored t-shirt. After that I went back to the hotel and changed myself into an fingirl outfit. YAY!!!

Later the day we, some friends and me, went to the concerts thought because I got a fanclub ticket I had to wait in a different line. I was soooooo excited. Besides a little hint on the side, if you want to go on the toilet before the concert do it at the train station not at the concert place because all those japanese girls go there too and some even change their clothes in the toilets so it takes much longer. I waited for more then 30 minutes...!

The seat I had was ok. I little too much on the side for my taste, I couldn't see the whole big screen but we had an extra sceen to see what's happening there. Also sometimes one of the members came up the stage near our seats, that was pretty awesome. I were able to see them upclose then. 
The concert itself was awesome. It went over way too fast and I enjoyed all the songs they sang. I always tried to do the light stick choregraphies as well but I suck at this. XD However it was a lot of fun. I can't remeber the order of what they played. I just know they played new and older songs. One of the songs in the very beginning was "klap", one of my absolute favorites of them. I loved the performance of "the phantom". Takumi's voice is so beautiful. But to be honest I loved all the performances. As for their challange this time, they all learned playing the Shamisen. All four of them performed it together on stage and they did really well. 
At the end of the concert, I don't know which song they sang, Takumi had to cry. He couldn't sing because of crying and then the fans sang the song for him. That was such a beautiful moment. And then To-i started to cry as well. Gosh that was cute but first I didn't get it and I was like, is everything ok with him, isn't he feeling well. I was so worried until I got he is crying. >-< After that song they went off the stage and everyone was shouting "encore" like you can see it on all these live dvds.
So they came out again and three of them were wearing the aqua colord shirts and only Masaki was wearing the dark blue one. That already felt so weird and then they said that they have a big announcment and everyone, including me, was super excited. AND THEN they announced it, they have a new member from today on. Just thinking abou this moment gets me all excited again!! We were all like "eeeeehhhh...". Who will be the new member. And then you could see the Knight, who took a part in the concert, appearing on the screen and as he took off his helmet a loud "eeeeeeeehhhh..." went through the hall. OMG you can't imagen how crazy I screamed when they announced that Daichi (ex-CustomiZ member) is the new member of DISH//. I will never forget that scene on the screen and I will never be less excited thinking about it. Then he came out, they talked a little bit, asked for support, introduced Daichi and played a song. In the end they announced even more. There will be a small event held tomorrow, and a concert tour in spring/summer, as well as a new single and some other stuff I couldn't understand. They also played their new song "Tokyo Vibration" and at least thanked everyone and bowed to all of us.

We were allowed to take pictures when they thanked everyone, so this is one of the lots I took and yes that's how close I was lucky to see them. At that time I was so happy and didn't know what to do with all my fangirl feelings. I honestly nearly cried. I loved CustomiZ and was extremly sad when they disbanded and now one of my favorite members is joining DISH//. I was SO happy and still am!! Also with Daichi joining they have a drummer in the band now which I am sure will make their music even better. I AM SO HAPPY!!!
After the concert you were able to buy the new edition of the latest EBiDAN magazine. It comes with all 5 members on the cover. I had to directly buy it. Fangirl feelings were overflowing me and you now what, I even went to the small event on the next day and were able to really see them upclose but I will write about that in another post. I hope you liked this entry. I will do some of my other concerts as well as the DISH// event. Here is a last picture.