Thursday, October 19, 2017

WHITE JAM to release 2nd full lenght album

WHITE JAM will release their second full lenght album on November 22nd. It's three years after their first full lenght album. The titel of the album will be "Saikou Ketsu Saku". More details have not been announced so far. However they also announced to held a winter tour starting from the beginning of December to the beginning of February. Today they uploaded a lyric video for one of their new songs. The song is called White Love and is very beautifull.

What do you think about all this?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Top 15 releases of September 2017

I am not happy with the september releases. There are a few good songs and I love the album AKLO and JAY'ED released together but despite these I didn't like a lot of the new releases. However not every month can be awesome, so here are the 15 songs I like this month.

#15 L.A.U - FAKER

#14 TaeHoon - Tell Me What To Do

#13 256 - Hoshi no Kazu dake

#12 RefRise - challenger 

#11 Happiness - GOLD

0TU1 to release new cd

0TU1 announced to release a new cd called "yeah yeah yeah". It will come with three tracks which haven't been announced so far. However it is only availible at their live and only at two specific lives. One in Osaka and one in Tokyo. That makes me incredible sad because I am sure I won't be able to get my hands on this. Thought on Twitter they wrote that it's a special cd jacket they sell there... so maybe they sell the cd with another jacket cover later. I am really not sure and kind of confussed but my hope is big. Whatever it turnes out to be like I do hope that there will be a music video for at least one of the new songs. I love these two a lot and wish the would get recognized a lot more.

What do you think about these news?

THE RAMPAGE uploaded MV for 100 degrees

The new video is here and I am in love. The song is so good, right from the first second on. Riku is definitly my favorite singer in the group but I especially love the parts of Kazuma. His voice suites this song so well. I love their other songs too but this one topped the list already. I am honestly so much in love with this song. The way they sing "a 100 degree" gets me melting. XD The music video is great too. Amazing dacing, I didn't expect less. The places they filmed remind me of "High & Low" (a japanese drama + movies), which I really like. The whole video is really good and suites to the song a lot.

Do you like the song and video?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

X4 uploaded teaser for 1st live dvd/blu-ray

A few days ago group X4 uploaded their teaser for their upcoming first live dvd. The teaser sounds pretty amazing and I think I did them wrong so far. Watching them perform their songs live is so much better then the songs they already uploaded music videos for. However I think the dvd is quite high priced for only 20 songs in total. Here is the setlist.

Xross Mate
Rockin’ It
Killing Me
Once More Dance
i want you back
I don’t know
Sayonara Aishiteta
Saigo no Kotoba
Fly in
Baby it’s love
Party Up!!
Higher than your cloud
Bang A Gong
free fall cry
#musicoverdose –X4 ver.-

Kimi ga Iru Kara
Rainbow Road
Koe ni Shitanara

Maybe I should give their music another chance. As for the dvd it will be released on November 15. Here is the teaser.

What do you think about it?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

My ranking of the MAGiC BOYZ members

Welcome to another part of the EBiDAN ranking collaboration I am doin with Sou. This week I chose to do a ranking on MAGiC BOYZ. To be honest I chose them this week because all th other groups coming from now on will be super hard for me and I don't have a problm with ranking the Majibo members. XD Actually I am not the biggest Majibo fan. My most favorite members have always been Futo and Yuto and I was super sad when they left. I am not much into the other members of Majibo so yeah... here is my ranking.

And don't forget to check out Sou's post too!

#04 Joe

I still think it's weird Joe is in Majibo. For me he doesn't really suite in the group. He is cute and very clumsy. Nearly always they do these rap parts in their show he ends up not knowing what to say. I don't know what to think of him and I still don't get why they put him in th group. At least he seems to get along with the other members quite well. 

#03 Ryuuto

Ryuuto is dorky, silly and sometimes clumsy. He seems to have a lot of self confidance. Sometimes I like him and sometimes I dislike him. I am really not sure what to think about him. Besides that I think his rap got better over time but it's still not good.

#02 Touma

As for Touma I think he is super cute. I really like his smile, especially when he feels awkward. His english pronouncation is pretty good too. Despite that I think his personality is quite normal, he is not really outstanding, you could even say he is kind of plain sometimes but even though he has something really loveable about him, something very cute that at least makes me really like him.

#01 Mahiro

He first got my attention, when he still was a trainee, because he is actually pretty good looking. His face is very handsome. Also I was suprised at how nice his voice sounds when I first saw him perform at the EBiLive 2016. However when I first saw him interract with his senpais I felt he was kind of disrespectful. The situation I have in mind is a backstage one where a member I think of PrizmaX wanted to talk to them and he was just making this specific gesture, being like "No, sorry, I don't want to" and walked away from them (the other Majibo member went along with him). I felt this to be so rude, especially in a country where respect towards older ones is so important. Maybe it's just me having this feeling towards this situation... Nevertheless, Mahiro is my number one of them because later on I watched a few episodes of their show and found him to actually be a very loveable and cute person, thought he has a very natural cool side to him as well, which I think makes him suites their image the most.

What is your ranking?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

B2takes released 5th single + new member

Ok so once again I am quite late with these news... that happens when I don't check twitter regular. So it seems that B2takes actually already released their 5th single and they even got a new member. All that has to do with the company that is producing them from now on. The company is called "Tani Promotion" and seems to kind of being connected to BOYS AND MEN, Matsuri nine and BM Kenkyusei. But the new single is written to be produced under Fortune Records (the label BOYS AND MEN and co. are under). I am kind of confused here, but whatever as long as they keep on releasing cds, it's fine!

As for the new member he is called Mori Hayato and is born in Osaka on August 6 1994 (making him 23 y.o.) and as you can see his color is green. I am kinde happy that after Hinata left there is finally a member with the color green again. I mean Hinata wasn't with them for very long anyway and they changed a lot since he left. Also he seems to get along with the other members very well. Besides that I know he was a male cheerleader in the team SHOCKERS and he participated in the 30th JUNON Superboy contest.

As for the new single it's called *Giri Giri☆ Fightingman". It has been released on August 29. Here is a video they uploaded for it. However it's not a music video, it's more like a teaser.

I really like the song. I find the quality to be better then their former releases and I am looking forward to hold their single in my own hands!

What do you think about the new member and song?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Top 20 releases of August 2017

August was a great month for me. The debut of Color Creation, that I was eagerly waiting for, Matsuri nine. released their debut single as well and so many releases of groups I love like Da-iCE, DISH//, Lead, 10JinActor, PrizmaX, Sakura Shimeji, UNIONE and Mrs Green Apple. It was so hard to choose a top 20 and even worse to put them in a ranking but I did it and I am quite happy with the list, however all of these songs are AMAZING, otherwise they wouldn't have been under my top 20. Let's start.

#20 MATSURI nine. - Omae Mo Kai!?

#19 DAOKO with Yonezu Kenshi - Uchiage Hanabi

#18 KissBee - Dokkin Fuwaffuu

#17  Flower - Taiyou no Aitoka

#16 BOYS AND MEN - Ho wo Agero!

#15 Da-iCE - Kimi Iro

#14 Delivery Boys - Kimi to

#13 10JinActor - Petit Petit Lady

#12 Color Creation - Summer Love

#11 MATSURI nine. - AA, Yume Shinyo

Tigh-Z released MV for Genius

A few day ago Tigh-Z uploaded a music video for their second single "Genius". I really like the song but somehow in the video the music is extremly loud and their voices are quite low. It feels so wrong listening to it. As for the video it's pretty simple but shows of their amazing dancing abilities. I love that. And gosh that one scene of Ryo.

I can't believe he is turning only 19 at the end of october. Whatever, he is still my favorite! XD
At least here is the video.

What do you think about the song and video?

Saturday, September 9, 2017

M!LK released MV for 1st album

Yesterday M!LK uploaded their first new music video for their 1st album. I hope there will be Loren then one new music videos but I am so happy that this one has already been released! It's a more serious song this time and therefor is kind of different to what they usually release. I like the song a lot and the video turned out very well too! For the song I also had the feeling that Harukis voice wasn't as high pitched as it usually is, I like this a lot! Check it out yourself.

And here are a few screenshots. I took them with my phone so I am not sure if the quality ok! I will look it up on my notebook when I have time and in case it's terrible I will upload other ones.

What do you think about the new song and video?

My ranking of the Chotokkyu members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. This week Sou chose Chotokkyu (Bullet Train). Let's start and don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

#7 Yusuke

To be honest I didn't like Yusuke for a long time. I am not much into his kind of humor and I know a lot of people love his scream in "Battaman" but I find it quite annoying. I also think it's annoying that he does this move in other live performances... Sorry but it's just too much for me. However after all this time he finally grew on me. While I still don't like his humor and find him to be annoying sometimes, I can't deny that he actually is really cute as well. 

#6 Koichi

While he is the one that has the most experience with music, like he has been in another groups before and performed on stage since many years already, he is the one I feel like I know the least about his personality. I know that he is very good friends with Takuya, which I think is just too cute. He seems like a very honest and and nice person. I bet it might be awesome having a chat with him. Also his voice is very beautiful. I prefer his voice a little more over Takashis but I like both a lot. I like him but I am not too interessted in him, thought I like getting to know more about his past. If you are interessted here is a video of him with one of his old groups. The group was called RAVE and was formed by PrizmaXs Daiki. There have been three members, I don't know who the other one is. However the song actually sounds pretty good.

#5 Yuki

Yuki is great dancer, I personally think the best among all the members. Also he is very nice too and he is cute towards all the trainees and younger groups. I really like his humor and I like that he dosn't mind making fun of himself.

#4 Takashi

What I like about Takashi a lot is that he is super nice. Also too the younger EBiDAN groups and the trainees. I love seeing him interract with them. I guess he enjoyes being a senpai and all the the younger wants are happy when he spends time with them. Also he has a think for cats which makes him more lovable for me because I myself love cats a lot. Despite that his family seems to be very important to him and he seems to visit them often, especially his grandmother. If I am not wrong he also brought some of the other members along once. He is a really cute and nice person. I feel like hugging him. XD Oh and of course I really like his voice a lot.

#3 Ryoga

Ryoga is much more awesome then he thinks of himself. I love reading his blogpost. He is such a lovable and cute guy and I like his humor a lot. He might not be the prettiest among them but his personality makes up for it! ^0^

#2 Kai

So first of he is super handsome and was the one that got my attention first. He is a great dancer and has an adorable personality. His smile always makes me happy. While looking super cool in pictures he can be super clumsy and dorky. I like his passion for Kpop, he even had his own show where he interviewed some KPop artists. This was too cute to watch because you could see him being soooooo happy to meet his idols. He is extremly lovable.

#1 Takuya

I love this guy. He is not only extremly cute but I think pretty intelligent too. He is very good looking and often has a superior vibe coming from him but he is also someone that is able to laugh about himself. His personality is hard to catch and you sometimes might think he actually has two. XD He seems very hardworking and serious about being in the group but he often has an "I-don't-care attitute" as well. He is complicated I would say, interessting to me and well I do like him for everything he is. Besides did you know he was acting already when he was younger? I saw a picture of him starring in the drama "Binbo Danshi" (with Oguri Shun as the main actor). I didn't watched this drama so far but I feel like it since I know he is in it. XD

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

InSoos NAKED LOVE MV has been uploaded

Today they uploaded the full music video for InSoos NAKED LOVE. I already loved the song in the teaser and hearing the full song I love it even more. There is a english part around the end of the song and I like it the best of the whole song. I love his voice. I will miss him a lot in MYNAME but as long as he comes back after his military servic is done, I am happy. Watch the video here.

For the music video, damn he really is so handsome. His dancing is great and in generell it's a very well done music video. I hope his solo will have a lot of success in Japan.

What do you think about it?

IVVY released a lyric video for their cd debut

IVVY will release their first cd "Baby I'm Back" mid October and today they released a short lyric video for their main track. Take a listen yourself.

It's not their best song in my opinion but it's growing on me more and more, the more I listen to the song.

What do you think about the song?

Satori Shonen Dan announced new cd release

At the end of August Satori Shonen Dan announced to release a new cd. They announced it at one of their street lives and today someone uploaded the video of this live. Here it is.

The cd will be out sometime in fall and they will start haven release events this month. I am super excited for the news since they are one of my favorite EBiDAN groups. They have a great potential and I am sure they will do really good. I am honestly super happy for them and hope so much that they will have success with the cd.
If I find out more I will write you.

What do you think about these news?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

My ranking of the PrizmaX members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. I choose this weeks group and decided to take PrizmaX. This is already week 4, it's crazy how fast time runs. Don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

Let's start.

#5 Yuuki

While I think he is nice and a great dancer, his personality isn't very outstanding to me. Therefor he recieved the last place. However what I like about him is that he gets along with the other members well and he seems to be very serious about the group.

#4 Tsubasa

I like Tsubasa for always beeing dorky. Even on stage he is dorky. He has a age difference of 5 years to the other members but it doesn't seem to bother any of them. It's crazy that even though he is so much younger he still has been with them since the end of 2005 (he was 10 years old back then). Look how small he was.

Ok he left them for a few years but rejoined them before their debut so whatever. I am glad he is in the group and I don't want to miss him anymore, neither his dorky personallity or his great dancing.

#3 Win

I do like Tim. His voice is very beautiful and I love that, because of being half-american, he is fluent in english. This way we sometimes get information in english as well and I am super happy about this and really thankful for him. Despite that I think he has a very lovely personality. Always being nice and really cute. 

#2 Win

I actually didn't got to know Win because of PrizmaX but because he is starring in the drama "Gakkou ja Oshierarenai", where he is playing the best friend of Nakamura Aoi. I loved his role back then because in the drama it turnes out that his best friend thinks he is gay and in love with him and Win's character is not disgusted or anything but actuelly kisses him so he will know if he is gay or not. He played an amazing character and therefor I started to like him. I was quite amazed when I found out that he is a member of a group. I love his singing voice a lot, it's super beautiful. Also I like that he seems to be very proud of his burmese origin. That makes him even more loveable. Another thing I really like about him that he is very flirty with his fans. I once saw them live and he was flirting a lot with the girls. I found that to be really cute.

#1 Daiki

First of and for me most important is his rapping. I love his rap so much. It feels very smooth and natural and I love it. *0* Besides that I think he is a great MC, always getting along with pretty much everyone and he is very cute to all his younger EBiDAN members. I always like to see him interact with the EBiDAN trainees or the younger EBiDAN groups. 

At least because I love to look at these myself, here are some old PrizmaX photos.

OMG that hairstyle was terrible! XD

With Koichi (Chotokkyu) on the right.

Oh no all these hairstyles... XD And Daiki with the glasses! XDDDDD

What would your ranking look like?