Friday, December 29, 2017

Joon Ho & Gyu Min (JG) going on hiatus

The Duo JG which got formed after BeeShuffle announced their hiatus, will also go on hiatus at the end of January 2018. It seems they have some problems with their visa, since both of them are from south korea. This makes me sad because they were good as a duo. Here is a music video they released today. I hope they can come back as soon as possible.

I like the song a lot, it's beautiful.

What do you think about this?

Monday, December 11, 2017

ANTIME to release 1st album

Today group ANTIME announced to release their 1st full lenght album on February 14 2018. The album will be called "VISION" and is going to be physical release. I am so happy about this because their two former mini albums have been availible physically only at their fanclub. I bought those on itunes but I prefer physical releases over digital ones. So far nothing more has been announced. I will try to keep you updated.

What do you think about the announcment?

PrizmaX to release 9th single in February

PrizmaX announced to release their 9th single on February 14 2018. The single will be called "yours" and is going to be released in three versions. Each version has a different B-Side track. I can't wait for the music video, I hope it doesn't take too long for them to upload it. I will write if I can find more important news. 

Are you excited for the new single?

PALET is going to disband

Idol group PALET will disband at the end of December. They will held their last concert on December 28th and will be officially disbanded after it. I used to be a huge PALET fan from before their major debut, so I am sad about these news. However over the years they lost many members and many new ones joined the group, There is only two original members still left. I cried when all the old members left and therefor I am not as sad right now, because I don't really know the new members and don't feel as much love for the current PALET then I did for the old PALET.  I am very sad for Yui and Miyucho though because they have been there from the beginning on an keept on fighting for their dream no matter how many hard times they had to go through. I hope they will be able to form another group. They deserve being on stage if they still have that dream. The old PALET will forever be in my heart and I wish all the members the best, also the new members.  Here is a picture they recently posted on Twitter. They had a meet up with all the original members, even Hikaru was there (who left them after the release of their 2nd indie mini album), as well as Yumi and Mayu (who joined the group later).

Did you know them? What do you think about them disbanding?

EBiSSH uploaded MV for My Friend and Kimi de Ippai

Some days ago EBiDAN group "EBiSSH" uploaded the music videos for their 2nd single "My Friend / Kimi de Ippai". The videos still don't have the best quaility but somehow are good. As for the songs I do like "My Friend" the best but both are good songs thought not as addicting as "Koi no Timing". However I do like both the new songs and I am looking forward listening to the b-side tracks. Here are the videos.

What do you think about the music videos and songs?

Shimizu Shota to release new single

Shimizu Shota is going to release his new single "Good Life" on January 24th 2018. There will be two versions of the single, a dvd one and regular one. The b-side track is called "I'm in love"and there will be a remix of Fire on the single as well. The dvd comes with the music video of Good Life only. He is my absolute number one solo artists and therefor I am super excited for this single. However the main track seems to have a lot of autotune in it again which I don't really like. Whatever I am still happy he will release something new and I started to love e.g. proud after a while as well, so I guess I will start loving the new song sooner or later anyway. XD Here is the teaser.

And here the Youtube video but it's only availibe within Japan.

What do you think about it?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

SELLOUT to release 2nd single

SELLOUT is going to release their second single "Rainy Days" on February 20th 2018. Again this single will only be availible at their live and the Shinseido Music Store in Sunshine City Alta (Ikebukuro). I hope to get my hands on a copy of their single. I love their songs.

What do you think about the news?

DREAM MAKER added new member

On October 19th indie group DREAM MAKER officially added a new member. The new member is called Tatsumi (it's the tall one with the black hair). He looks super selfconfident in the picture above but in their few videos he looks quite shy and cute but maybe that's because he is still new to all this. He also seems to get along very well with the other members. That makes me happy. So far I really like him. Just in case you never heard of DREAM MAKER, they are like the little brothers of X4. All of them are very talented singer and they already released an indie mini album and an indie single. On November 15th they released their first song as six members. The song is called "Step by Step" and you can download it on itunes. It's a beautiful song. Here is a cute picture of all of them together.

What do you think about thm adding a new member?

Boys And Men Kenkyusei to release new single

Boys And Men Kenkyusei (BMK) released new image pictures. I love the new clothes and images. Also Kennosuke and Takumi don't have white clothes anymore, I guess they stopped separating them into Kenkyusei and Kenkyusei Tokyo. So Kennosuke got red and Takumi yellow. The colors suite them well. Also the most exciting news are that they will release a new single on december 9th. This single will come in two versions, a regular with a third track and a dvd version which comes with the music video. Here are the jacket covers.

I LOVE the jacket covers and I am super excited for the single. I hope they will upload the music video to youtube. 

What do you think about the new single and the colors of Kennosuke and Takumi?

White Jam uploaded new MV

Yesterday White Jam uploaded a music video for their song "Unmei no Recipe" which is one of their new songs from their recently released 2nd full length album. It's a very beautiful song with a great music video. Nikki looks awesome as a mother, it was so cute how she interacted with the baby. So cute and Gashima suites the working clothes so much, makes him look much more older. He is really handsome. XD Definitly check it out.

What do you think about it?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nagato leaving FAYS

A few days ago it has been announced that Nagato will leave the indie group FAYS. In his statement to the fans he wrote that he is thankful for all the time and the support of the fans. However it seems he decided to leave the group a while ago but the members and the company didn’t really wanted to let him go but after lots of discussions they finally let him leave (it’s not like they didn’t allow him, it’s more like they tried to change his mind). Since he was the main vocalist of the group I totally understand why they didn’t want to let him go. I am very sad myself cause he has been my favorite member from the beginning on. I am curious on how the group will go in after this. Maybe they will search for a new main vocalist. I will keep supporting them and if Nagato will do anything with music I will definitely support him too.
I am sad but it’s his decision and his life so we can’t change this anyway.

What do you think about him leaving?

Battel Boys added new member

Battle Boys is a project by EBiDAN which has the goal to form a band with the most popular EBiDAN trainees. Not all EBiDAN trainees took part in this and so far it has only been trainees from Tokyo. Starting with the 1st December Nagoya, Sendai and Osaka members will be added to the project as well. I am especially happy for Ryubi and Nao to join the project. I like both a lot and wish them a lot of luck with the voting. If you want to vote for a member here is the website. You can find a little more information in "Dansei Idol Girl".

What do you think about the new members being added?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Toman graduating from XOX

Today XOX announced that Toman will be graduating from XOX. It is a very sudden announcment but he talked with his label, manager and groupmates about this and decided to pursue a solo carreer. However he seems to be on good terms with the other members and they said to cheer for him. I am really sad that he is leaving since he is an important part of the group, however I am happy that they will still continoue. I wish Toman all the best for his solo activity. It will be weird seeing the others without him. At least the fans in Japan will still see him for the promotion of their 5th single Pinky Baby, which is being released tomorrow.

What do you think about him leaving?

Friday, November 24, 2017

Did you know...

So guys this is just a short post to tell you what I found out just now. The band Frederic has english subtitels for all their music videos. I just saw that and it's so amazing that I wanted to share this info with you. Maybe you guys already knew that. I didn't knew it because my subtitels are always turned of because I don't even imagen there to be any on the jpop videos I watch. I was so supprised and happy to find out they have english subtitels under all their music videos. Here are two of my favorite songs of them. Please check them out anddon't forget to put the subtitels on, if yout want to know what they are singing about.

Do you know any other group/band/artist that puts english subtitels on their videos? I only know that artists under Up-Front like H!P groups always have subtitels but that's the only ones I know. I wish more would do that.

What do you think about english subtitels under music videos?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Found one awesome video...

Today I want to share a video with you that I found on Youtube. It's a KPop vs. JPop video but a very fair one with a big varity of JPop groups/songs. Usually you will find pretty much the same songs in those videos but you won't in this video. And I love the end part which is kind of defending JPop but at the same time gives reasons why JPop deserves so much more love! Watch it yourself.

What do you think about this video?

Takuya & KEN graduated from PRESI-D

Just a few days ago it has been announced that both KEN and Takuya decided to leave PRESI-D and be only active as CROSS CODE, the duo they formed some time ago. I am quite sad that Takuya is leaving because I always liked him a lot but I am happy that both keep on doing music. PRESI-D will be ok without these two. I hope they are all still good terms and both, CROSS CODE and PRESI-D, will get a lot of attention in the future. I am already happy that PRESI-D will have their 2nd One Man Live in January. Besides if you never heard of either but you would like to get to know them, tell me, I would love doing a post about them for you!

What do you think about these news?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Jin Akanishi uploaded MV for "Fill Me Up"

Akanishi Jin is going to release a new album called "Blessèd" on the 12.12.2017. This album will be released as two dvd versions and regular version. I really like his music and voice a lot and therefor always check out what he releases. This new album will come with 10 tracks, thought the regular one has a bonus track called "Mrs. Right". A few hours ago his music video for "Fill Me Up" has been uploaded and of course I had to watch it. Like many of his videos it is a very artistic video. I really enjoy these kind of videos and think this one turned out quite well thought it's kind of provoking and can be irritating as well. Like in the first few scenes when he sits in a chair getting an infusion of champain.

Not to forget all the women with their panties down to their ankles. I don't want to think to much into it but yeah it's a very artistic and confussing music video. However what is the most important to me is the song and I really like the song. His voice sounds amazing and gives awesome vibes. It's a really good song that I am sure I will liste to much more then I already did. Check it put yourself.

What do you think about the song and music video?

Friday, November 17, 2017

WAVE to release 2nd and 3rd single

At the beginning of November 3 member group WAVE announced the release of both their second and third single. Both will be released on February 14 2018 and they will both be double a-side singles. The second single is called "Negai / Fuyu no Kaze" and the third single is called "Into the WAVE / Grow up". So far no more information has been released. I hope they will release some kind of video for at least one of the songs this time. That would be great.

What do you think about these news?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

EBiDAN Discography

I don't know if any of you is interessted in this but I made a list of all the releases of EBiDAN groups, that also includes all the releases of the trainees. I find it interessting to see how much has been released in which year. I think it's awesome that EBiDAN Okinawa were allowed to release a single and EBiDAN Osaka's "AMEZARI RED STARS" released and album. I wish for the other trainee groups to release one as well. EBiSEN (EBiDAN Sendai) and EBiDAN Nagoya are awesome, they deserve an own release! I feel like there could have been a little more releases this year but as long as they keep releasing cds everything is fine for me. Here is the list.

music cards


25.12. EBiDAN - Sparkling Adventure/Koi no Ding Dong


10.06. DISH// - It's alright
10.06. Chotokkyu - Train
10.10. DISH// - Peter Pan Syndrome
24.10. Customiz - Hare Hare Yukai
24.10. Chotokkyu - Shake body


13.02. DISH// - Give Me Chocolate!
13.02. Chotokkyu - Policemen
27.03. PrizmaX - Mysterious Eyes
10.04. Customiz - Mononoke Hime
29.05. PrizmaX - Mysterious Eyes [DVD Ver.]
05.06. Chotokkyu - Bloody Night
19.06. DISH// - I Can Hear
17.07. Chotokkyu - Starlight
16.10. DISH// - HareruYA!
23.10. PrizmaX - Ready
13.11. Chotokkyu - Kiss Me Baby
04.12. DISH// - Itsuka wa Merry Christmas


05.03. DISH// - Freak Show
12.03. PrizmaX - take me
26.03. Chotokkyu - ikki!!!!!i!!
29.03. EBiSamurai - Chanbaraya baraba
28.04. CLASH - Aozora Center Forward [Digital Release]
05.05. Kemopan5 - Kemopan Sekai Title Match
19.05. EBiDAN Tokyo 39 - Ebibi ~THE Yell~ [Digital Release]
11.06. Chotokkyu - BelievexBelieve
08.06. - Like a star
25.06. DISH// - Saisho no Koi ~motetakute~/FLAME
27.08. CustomiZ - Life and death
10.09. PrizmaX - Reborn
12.11. Chotokkyu - Star Gear/EBiDAY EBiNAI/BURN!
24.11. Sakura Shimeji - Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume [limited release]
03.12. DISH// - Hengao de bye bye
03.12. Chotokkyu - RING 
10.12. PrizmaX - FANTASISTA


14.01. DISH// - MAIN DISH 
04.02. CustomiZ - Hitsuji no Hikari
11.03. Sakura Shimeji - Ikujinashi / Kinou no Yume
18.03. MAGiC BOYZ - MAGiC SPELL ~Kakechauzo! PiPiPi~ 
25.03. M!LK - Coffee ga Nomemasen
27.05. PrizmaX - OUR ZONE
03.06. CustomiZ - Requiem
10.06. Chotokkyu - Stardust Love Train/Battaman
24.06. Sakura Shimeji - Kimi de Shita / Seki ga e no kami sama
01.07. DISH// - Yay!!☆Natsuyasumi
12.07. MAGiC BOYZ - illson feat. NIPPS, Okamoto Reiji (OKAMOTO's)
19.08. M!LK - Hankoki Aventure
09.09. Chotokkyu - Beautiful Chaser
30.09. PrizmaX - Lonely Summer Days
04.11. DISH// - Bokutachi Rookies
18.11. CustomiZ - Kai


13.01. Sakura Shimeji - Hajimaru Kisetsu / Thank You
03.02. MAGiC BOYZ - Ari no Mama de Majibo
02.03. Chotokkyu - YELL
26.03. Starmen KiDS - Terakoya 
30.03. M!LK - Shingakki A La Carte
06.04. PrizmaX - UP<UPBEAT
27.04. CustomiZ - Customi-Z
27.04. CustomiZ - Coolest
23.05. SUPER★DRAGON - Big Dipper 
23.05. SUPER★DRAGON - Hack My Choice
05.06. Satori Shonen Dan - I wanna say... 
10.08. M!LK - Natsuaji Rendezvous
17.08. Sakura Shimeji - Hidarimune
24.08. MAGiC BOYZ - Do The D-D-T!!
30.09. SUPER★DRAGON - Pendulum Beat!
26.10. Starmen KiDS - Terakoya EP
26.10. Chotokkyu - Dramatic Seven  
07.12. SUPER★DRAGON - 1st Impact 
14.12. DISH// - Mashiagare no Gatling 
21.12. EBiDAN39 & KiDS - EBiBEST 
25.12. MAGiC BOYZ - Oh!!! Juken☆Night Fever


11.01. M!LK - Shisso Pendulum
28.02. ZeBRA☆STAR - ZeBRA World / Boys, Be Ambitious!
22.03. Sakura Shimeji - Sakura Shimeji 
29.03. MAGiC BOYZ - 3.141592
29.03. SUPER★DRAGON - Wacha-Gacha!
29.03. PrizmaX - Gradually 
29.03. DISH// - JK// [DVD Single]
26.04. Chotokkyu - Cho Never Give Up Dance 
10.05. M!LK - Terunero Fighter 
13.05. AMEZARI Red Stars - Saraba AMERIKAN ZARIGANI 
07.06. DISH// - I'm FISH//
22.07. ZeBRA☆STAR - Don't Stop Romantic
26.07. Chotokkyu - My Buddy
02.08. Starmen KiDS - STAR★MEN SUMMER DAYS!
04.08. EBiDAN Okinawa - Nextage
16.08. DISH// - Bokutachi ga Yarimashita
23.08. Sakura Shimeji - Ayamarizumu
30.08. MAGiC BOYZ - Dai Ichi Ji Seicho Ki ~Baby to Boy~ 
30.08. PrizmaX - Orange Moon
20.09. EBiSSH - Koi wa Timing
15.11. Satori Shonen Dan - Help You
22.11. M!LK - Osama no Gyunyu 
23.12. EBiSSH - My Friend/Kimi de Ippai


31.01. SUPER★DRAGON - Monster!

SUPER DRAGON announced 3rd single

SUPER DRAGON finally anounced a 3rd single yesterday. They have been really busy with all the one man shows they hold but I was still a little worried that it took them so long to announce a new single. However I am relieved now and the new single will be out on January 31st 2018. To promote their 3rd single they will hold their 6th one man tour. This will be quite big tour with many tour dates. It's their biggest tour so far. I am so happy to see them doin well. They already improved so much in this short time since their debut as a group and even since their trainee days. I am so proud of each and every member. Oh and I forgot to mention that the single will be called "Monster" and once again comes in three editions. As for the tour it will be called "SOUL FLAG".Here is a video they uploaded to advertise the tour.

What do you think about the new single and tour?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

EBiDAN Vol. 1 scans

Today I scanned the first volume of the EBiDAN magazine for you. My scanner is not that great so the quality is not the best. I am going to buy a new scanner and will scan all the other magazines when I got it. For now you have to bear with this quality but I guess it's better then nothing since so far no one uploaded this magazine anywhere (besides me on my old blog but I must have deleted the scanned pictures I did back then >-<). Have fun taking a look into this old magazine (it's from 2013). Also if anyone could translate any of the interviews in this, that would be amazing!! ^0^
Here is the link.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei scans (mostly Sota Nakahara)

One of my favorite jpop merchandise are photos. So today I decided to share some scans of my BMK (BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei) photos with you. Since my favorite member of BMK is Sota Nakahara, there are mostly photos of him. I hope you like the scans.

There is a sign of Matsuoka on this photo.

Matsuoka & Sota

Sota Nakahara

Monday, November 13, 2017

Live performance of MADKIDs major debut song "Never going back"

MADKID will have their major debut with the single "Never going back" on January 31st 2018. Today fellow fan uploaded a performance of their new song to youtube and I am so thankful she did upload it. The song is awesome and the dance stunning. I honestly can't wait for the music video. I hope it doesn't take to long for the MV to be released. I hope many people will support their major debut. I will of course pre-order both versions of the single. They so deserve this. Here is the performance.

What do you think about the song andmost importantly the dance?

Happy Birthday to Queen Kumi

Today is the birthday of singer Koda Kumi. She turned 35 today and has an impressive life behind her. Starting in 2000 with the single "take back" and having her break thought with "Real Emotions/1000 no Kotoba" back in 2003, she so far released 62 singles and 22 albums as well as some remix albums. For me personally and for most of her fans she is the Queen of JPop. She is able to always show a new side of her, her music never gets boring because of her image changes but even though manages to keep staying true to herself. 
For me she was the artist that got me into Jpop. I did listen to JPop before but never fell deeply for an artist and only listend to the few songs I knew. She was the first artist I deeply loved. Therefor her music will always be special to me. I still remember the moment she got me on her side. I watched some youtube videos and come across one varity show she was a guest at. In this varity show they had a toy they tried out, it's called "tickle me elmo". Just in case you don't know what it is here is a video.

So they tried this one out and Kumi was laughing out loud. Like she really laughed super loud but it was too adorable and it gave her a very natural appearance. Since then whenever I see her in a varity show I always think she is very true to herself. Also with her music, I am sure she releases only music she wants to release. Since her debut she is writting 95% of her songs on her own which I think is incredible. It's so easy to let people write good songs for you but she decides to do it on her which I really love about her.
As you can imagine she has a special place in my heart and even thought I am not listeing to her and following her as much as I did years ago, she will always keep this space in my heart and I will always wish her and her little family the best.
To celebrate her birthday I want to share five songs of her that I don't want to live without anymore.

Do you like her? What are some of your favorite songs of her?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Satori Shonen Dan's 1st MV has been released

This music video has been uploaded a few days ago. I am so proud of all three of thems. They did so well with this first release. I like the song and the video is great to. I am sure they didn't had much budget for the music video and they did really well for what they had. Their dancing is gorgeous. I didn't expect less to be honest and I like theoutfits they wear. I was kind of supprised by both Hayato and Kenshin rapping in the song. I do remember them doing that before at a street live but it was just a very short part and didn't happen often. Most of the time they only dance. Whatever I do like the rap of Hayato, it sounds pretty good as for Kenshin, as much as I like him, his rap had no power. He should improve or only dance. I like his danceing and I think all the other fans are totaly fine as well if he only dances. However here is the music video. 

I am already super excited for the b-side tracks. I am a little sad that "I wanna say..." hasn't been chosen as a b-side track but I am happy "gomen ne" is one of the b-sides and then there is a new version of "Break Me Down". I love this song so I am very much looking forward to this new version as well.

What do you think about the new song and video?

UNIONE fan report + Giveaway

I was in Japan for 7 days at the end of October. Since I have been there together with my 8 year old brother I didn’t went to any concerts or events (only to one instore live of SELLOUT), however my brother had to go into a few cd shops with me. At our first day I had to go to HMV in Ikebukuro, it's my favorie cd store in Tokyo.

So when we got there I was super excited to see UNIONE being there doing a handshake/signing session. They of course promoted their new released single, that I already bought earlier the day. You can't imagine how supprised and happy I was. So I went to the cashier and saw they are still selling cds together with the tickets for the event. Of course I had to take the chance and bought two copies, you needed two copies to be able to get the sign/handshake. At least it was the version I hadn't bought already.

I asked some japanese women at the event what I should do and they helped me out. We got in line and after waiting maybe three minuts I met them. I grinned from one ear to the other. It was so exciting meeting them in real life since I follow them since their pre-debut time. The first one was Yuta, he is so damn handsome, such a pretty boy. Next one was Sam, he was so cute, his smile was really adorable. I told him I like their music a lot and he said "thank you" but told me his english is not good. Next one was Jin and we talked quite a bit in english, his english is really good. I told him thanks for all the great music they release and he was really happy. He asked how I got to know them and where I am from. He is really nice. Next one was Yuuki, he was trying to talk with my little brother (that barely speaks any english) but the scene was really cute. Besides all of the members were really cute to my brother all gave him an high five and even thought he doesn't know the group he smiled a lot too. XD Yuuki gave me a handshake too and said a few words in english, same for Issy. All their smiles were so cute and I liked how cute they were with my brother. That makes them much more lovable to me.

After that we went to the hotel again and I was smiling brightly and my little brother had to bear with my over excitement. In the picture above you can see the signed cd, the wrote down both the name of my brother and me.

Now since I got one cd double and I don't see the need on owning it twice I will give one copy away. Of course the unsigned one that is still seald. It is the regular edition that comes with 4 tracks in total. All 4 songs are very beautiful, so take your chance getting this awesome single.
All you have to do to get this is write a comment on this post telling me that you would like this cd, as well as your e-mail address. If you want also tell me your favorite member and song but it's not needed.

!!If you can't write a comment here, you can also write me a message on twitter!!!

The Giveaway will end at 23:59 (GMT+1) on December 24th.
The winner will be chosen randomly and I will contact you on the next day.
If you are under 18 you need to have the permission of your parents to take part in this.

Good luck with winning!! ^0^

My Top 15 releases of October 2017

This month was a good one again. Many releases of artists I like a lot and I few new discoveries have been in it for me. There is much more then these 15 songs that I liked this month so it was kinde hard to choose this ranking but here it is. Have fun listening and write me your favorites in the comments.

#15 Code-V - Winter Love

To be honest I am not too excited about this song, I mean I like it but I guess if I wouldn't be so biased about Code-V this song wouldn't have been in the top 15. Nevertheless I can't deny this actually is a cute winter themed songs.

#14 AK-69 - Stronger

*Stronger starts at 1:12*

I never really paid much attention to AK-69 maybe I should try listening to some more of his songs because I do like this songs quite a lot. The refrein is so addicting!

#13 AK-69 - I still Shine feat. Che'Nelle

I like a lot that he working together with Che'Nelle here. Her voice is very outstanding, powerful and beautiful. I love her own songs and I tend to pretty much always like the songs she is futured in because she gives those songs a special touch.

#12 Shogo Sakamoto - Koi to Uso - Gyutto Kimi no Te wo -

I like how simple and beautiful this song. I would't say it's something very outstanding but it's a song I know I would always enjoy, especially while just day dreaming.

#11 ONEPIXCEL - monochrome

I never heard of this group before but this song is pretty good. I like the pop/rock sound with a little hint of eletronic. They have quite high voices that remind me of Dream5's Kotori. It's the kind of high voice that even thought it's so high it's doesn't bother me at all.

#10 CUBERS - Kimi ni Negai wo

This is a very fun and also simple song. It gets me in a good and that's what I like about it.

EBISSH to release 2nd single

Four member group EBISSH already announced their second single to be released mid December of this year. The double a-side single will be called "My Friend / Kimi de Ippai" and will come in three versions again but this time each version has a different b-side track on it. The jacket cover have been released already as well as the tracklist. Here is als the info you need.

Type A

1. My Friend
2. Kimi de Ippai
3.  Kyo wa Ie ni Kaeranaide

Type B

1. My Friend
2. Kimi de Ippai
3.  Chikai ~Waiting for Love~

Type C

1. My Friend
2. Kimi de Ippai
3.  Christmas Time Again

The great thing about this second release is that you can also get it at other stores then only Tower Records. It's even availibe at CDJapan. YAY!!! I am very much looking forward to a new music video. About the jacket cover I not the biggest fan but since they are still very new and don't really have much of a budget, I think they are fine.

What do you think about the new single?

Friday, November 10, 2017

japanese groups that broke my heart...

Over the years I have been into Japanese music I saw many groups come and go and artists I liked suddenly stopped releasing new things. However there are a few groups that after all this time I still miss and wish they would come back together. Here are the few groups that broke my heart with disbanding.

Cocoa Otoko 


Let’s start with the first group that broke my heart. Cocoa Otoko was a 5 member rock group that got formed out of a varity show and all the members were actors. I really loved this group because their songs were amazing and their personalities were awesome too. I especially like(d) KenKen because he is really openminded and adorable. Sadly they didn't last long and I was incredible sad when they announced to disband. I was so sad that after they disbanded I couldn't listen to their music for quite a while. It just made my heart break again and again. Nowadays I do listen to their music again but it still makes me sad. Besides it made me happy to see Takuya doing music again when he joined Ryoga, thought sadly he is going to leave the group again at the end of the year but at least I was able to follow him a little longer. At least here are two of my favorite songs of them.



YA-KYIM was the first group that made me cry because of their disbanding. They have always been special for me, on the one hand because their music is really good and on the other hand I connect them with my first ever travel to Japan back in 2009. I still remember that their music was playing all around Shibuya back then and whenever I play their "Happy! Enjoy! Fresh!" album and close my eyes I feel like being in Tokyo again. Back when they disbanded I did hope the members would continue with doing music but it's really hard to find new information about them. Here are two songs I loved a lot of them but there is much more I love.


I was am deeply in love with this group, starting from their major debut in 2008. They are 4 damn talented woman and their disbanding made me cry a lot not only because I was sad but also because I was angry about the fact that such a talented and amazing group, which deserved SO much more attention, didn't get more promotion in the first place. It's not even that they released only music that is for a certain audience but they had many main stream pop songs too which could have been much more popular. I will always love these girls and try to support them as much as I can. I know Nanaka and Mimi both released solo music and Nagi is a choreographer and I think works at a dance school. I don't know about Meg but I hope whatever all of them do, they do fine and they are happy. Their music will always be on my iPod and I will always enjoy listening to their gorgeous music!


Vimclip is definitly the group I miss the most. Whenever I think about the fact the disbanded it makes me sad. I honestly miss them SO much as a group but at least most of them are still more or less active in the music industry. Reo is the leader of the group Ryoga and he owns his own label for clothes (that I one day want to own something of). Tomo does music under the name "WHYTE",he released a mini album and is mostly active with participating in live events. Eiku is active solo but he is only performing in certain clubs from time to time. Kazuki formed a duo with a guitarist, they were called "Lock&." but it seems it didn't went too well. The only member I don't really know about is Take but since he had some health issuies I just hope he is doing fine. I can imagine him already haveing a little family but whatever he lives like now, I hope he is happy and in good health. I wish all of them the best from the bottom of my heart. Besides I am extremly thankful that sometimes when they still meet up all together, they post pictures. Here is one example.

It makes me extremly happy to see them meeting up once in a while and that they still seem to be good friends. I love these guys and they will always be important for me and I will always support them with whatever they do.


Dream5 is another group I dearly love(d). At least their disbanding wasn't sudden because after Momona left the group I kind of knew that they won't continue. However it still made me sad but after crying so much when Momona left I was way less emotional at the complete disbanding. I guess that was because for me Dream5 wasn't Dream5 anymore when Momona left. I saw them grow up from little kids to juveniles and I wish I could have seen them grow up more. At least Akira and Yuuno are still pretty active in social media. Akira is performing in stage playes and is in some kind of dance crew, also he is doing quite some modeling. Yuuno is also modeling but slowly turns into a gravur idol and to be honest that's not the direction I wish her to go...!

I mean she really is pretty and has a a great shaped body but she just turned 18 in october and I still remember her being so chibi back then... it feels kind of bad to see her as a gravure idol. To be honest I fear she might go the wrong way and since she has always been my favorite member in the group I wish for her only the best the most and this doesn't feel like the best... Maybe I am just exaggerating but yeah... I just hope she is happy. I don't know about the other members. Momona told to stay out of the entertainment industry and Kotori hasn't been seen after leaving Avex either. At least here are two picters of Akira because I am always stunned at how handsome he became and how much he grew up.

The first picture is from their debut, he was around 12 years old back then, and the second pictures is a newer one, I think he is around 19/20 y.o. in this picture.

Are there any groups that broke your heart with disbanding?