Sunday, March 26, 2017

MADKID history

MADKID was officialy formed in mai 2014 under the name of "J-BOYS-5". Back then Kento (now a member of IVVY) was the leader. Besides Kento there was RIKITO in the group as well as Yuki, Lin and Kazuki. On June 20 2014 they had their first ever radio appearance. 

Exactly one month later they changed their name to MADKID. On September 13 2014 Kento officialy left MADKID because he originally wanted to pursue a solo carrer. (Funny that he is an a group again now!)  So they have been only 4 members from then on but shortly after, actually only one month later, new member You-Ta already joined them.

On december 7 2014 they had their first live and just one day later they released their first digital single called "I don't care (MADKID)". The making of the music video has been uploaded on the same day and the music video itself has been uploaded to their youtube channel a view days later.

From then on they started to perform on stage regular. In March the uploaded a lyric video of their song "Light up". On Mai 15 2015 they released their first mini album called "Light Up", which came with 3 tracks. However this cd was limited to only 100 copies so it's not availible anymore. In June 2015 RIKITO left the group. At the end of the same month they already released their 2nd digital single called "HYPE" and for that new member CASEY joined them. (Casey is a former Johnny's Jr.).

Their 3rd digital single released in August 2015. In August MADHAND released a music video featuring Lin and You-Ta. *klick here to watch it*
Their 4th single "Change" got released in December 2015.

Not even a month alter they already released their next digital single called "konayuki". It's for their 1st anniversary of the group and kind of like a christmas present for the fans as well because it was released on the 24th december.

On January 27 2016 CASEY had his last live with MADKID. Together with his family he moved to USA and is going to school over there. However MADKID went on as four members and kept being as active as before. In december 2016 MADKID held their 1st One Man Live.

Also one day before they held their 1st one man live, they released their 1st album. This time not a digital but a physical release that is not limited to their lives or a certain store.

Shortly after their 1st one ma live they already announced a 2nd one man live that will be held on April 29 2017. Also starting from Fabruary 2017 new member Shin joined MADKID. Just recently they also announced their 2nd physical single release. It will be in Mai 2017 and comes in two version, each with a dvd.

That's it. I am sure MADKID can become really big if they continoue doing so well. I wish them all the best and will support them as much as I can!

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