Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I fell in love with a Hello!Project group for the first time

I never was a big fan of Hello!Project groups, There are a few songs I like, mostly momu songs, I like Natsumi Abe and I enjoy some of Maki Gotos songs. Despite that I never got myself to like any of the groups under H!P a lot. Actuelly I tried to like some, because their covers always looking so cute! XD I know that's a stupid reason but it attracts me if a cover looks good and then I try listening to the songs. Sadly I seem to not like the H!P style so much. It's really just H!P because I actuelly like some idol groups a lot e.g. palet, GEM, La PomPon and the possible (now Ciao Bella Cinquetti). However today that finally changed. While clicking myself though music videos on youtube I saw a H!P one and decided I want to give it a try. I am happy I did, because the song I listend to was awesome, and it lead me to watch all their other music videos too and despite one of them I like them all. This band is called Kobushi Factory and is very new to H!P. They had their debut only in September 2015 and they will release their second single in a few days. Now you might think that then they must only have like maybe three songs but NO they actuelly released 3 music video connected to their first single and the first 2 music videos for the new single have been released already as well, it will also be three videos. What I like so much about their music is that many of the members have very strong and powerful voices and they don't sing with super high pitch voices, like a lot of idol groups tend to. I absolutly recommend listening to them!! Here are their music videos. The most recent ones or at the bottom.

↑ My personal favorite of them so far!! ❤❤❤

↑ The 1st one I watched of them!

How do you like their music?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really like Kobushi Factory! At first, I felt a bit wary if them because I was afraid that they'd have a very awkward debut and that they may not have the greatest vocals. However, they've come to really really impress me! I love their strong vocals and like you, Dosukoi! is my most favorite song from them as well. ♥