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Boys And Men Kenkyusei Training in Guam

Today I recieved my Guam dvd of Boys And Men Kenkyusei. I already watched it and enjoyed it a lot. They have to do different games in it and it's quite fun to watch them because a few of these "games" are super challenging for some of them. However since I know most of you won't be able to get there hands on this dvd I decided to take some screencaps and tell you a little bit about what is happening. However if you want to buy the dvd (you need the help of a shopping service) here is a link to it. *klick here to support BMK*

Let's start... be aware this post is very picture heavy!

First of they showed the meeting in which they got told that they will travel to Guam. 

When they first arrived they got lots of delicious food.

Love them!

Aren't they cute!

Kennosuke... I love his overacting! And Sota (green) absolutly cool.

Love the jackets.

A little hot maybe...

But they seem pretty excited. They then got told that this travel is kind of like training, smiliar to the one Boys And Man did, just different tasks to do.

OMG... these outfits... >-<

These outfits looking so akward... XD

So they got split into two teams. 

Team Raiga (red) are Kanade, Setsura, Kennosuke, Takuya, Takumi and Kazuki.

Team Takanori (purple) are Sota, Rikuto, Jukiya, Toy and Kyosuke.

Their first game was to try to get the other person into the water. First round was Sota vs Kazuki.

As you can see Sota easily won.

Next one is Jukiya vs Kennosuke. (Of course I was on Kennosukes site! (*\^0^/*)

And he won! Yay!

Next was Kyosuke vs Takuya.

Takuya is just too cute.

That was one fast win. Takuya himself was super supprised. XD

Next was Rikuto vs Kanade.

This round was so funny because Kanade (yellow) basicly just lifted Rikuto up and let him slide into the water. XD

Next was Toy vs Raiga.

Toy freaking out... XD

You should have seen this it was SO funny. Toy jumped around like a bouncy ball. XD In the end it didn't worked out for him, he lost but it still was super funny.

At least it was Takanori vs Setsura.

I didn't took a screencap of it but Takanori was so mean, he hit Setsura in the face and then just through him in the water. SOOOOOO mean... poor Setsura!! >o< 

But in the end it was team Raiga that won!! Yay!!

The next game is on the beach as you can see. Besides look at Toy on the side playing with sand! XD

In this game they had to run. The one that was fastest of them was the winner. They did it as long as only one was left. The last one was the loser of the game. Here is the range in which they won.

Shimizu got the first place. 

2nd Takuya. He is so cute.

3rd Raiga

4th Rikuto

5th Kanade

6th Kyosuke

7th Kennosuke

8th Toy

9th Sota

10th Takumi... and he looks like he didn't do anything... no sweat at all. How does that come Takumi... XD

11th Jukiya... he is sooooo skinny.... >-<

The last two hat to run backwards. 

Kazuki did it. Poor Setsura was the loser of this game. >-<

In the end it was Team Takanori which won!!

Next game was tug war.

Both giving there best but you can clearly see who is stronger in this.

Team Raiga won.

Next round, this time the switched the sides.

Both grouops giving all again....

However Team Raiga won again. (*\^0^/*)

Next they had to sing and dance to their latest song "Dodonko Don't Worry" 4 times in a row.

After all the exhausting challanges they already did this was too exhausting for some of them. Poor Toy nearly giving up! XD

The other still being full of power. Kanade... XD

The ones that were singing and dancing along the least had to do another game. It's Toy, Jukiya, Takuya, Rikuto, Kyosuke and Sota.

Once again they had to do the tug war but this time just one against one. First was Jukiya vs Toy but Jukiya didn't really give all and just through the rope away after a short try. He looked really annoyed.

Next one was Takuya vs Rikuto. Takuya really gave his best but Rikuto was much better.

At least it was Sota vs Kyosuke. This was a tough one but Sota won.

Look how far he threw Kyosuke. XD

The next game is a game we call "wheel barrow run" in my country but I don't now what it's called like in other countries. In this one Sota and Kyosuke won, 2nd was Toy and Jukiya and last was Rikuto and Takyua.

The last game for these six was a game in which they had to do the handstand as long as possible.  Toy and Jukiya was the first one to loose, shortly after Sota could do it anymore so in the end Team Takuya and Rikuto won.

Next you see the boss playing a prank on the guyes. It was a really mean one because he woke them up with something like a firework thing that was super loud and shot lots of confetti on them. However here is some pictures of the members half awaken. First was Toy.

2nd Raiga

4th Jukiya

and Kanade

5th Rikuto 

and Takuya! His voice was so deep after waking up. XD

At least Takanori. His reaction was hilarious.

But he is so handsome even right after waking up. 

Let's start with the next games.

In this they had to slide down a water slide and do something cool when they arrive at the end. Depending on how cool it was they got points from 0 to 95. Since it's pretty hard to take pictures from these scenes I only took a very few.

Sota was the best of them all with 95 points. 

I am a little me but the funniest was definitly Takanori. OMG he screamed so much and then he slowly crawled to the edge of the slide where it goes down. 

See how he screams... XDDDD

Even at the edge it took him a while to actually slide down. >-<

Seems his soul left him.... XDDDDD

Well yeah... zero points... poor Takanori... >-<

And then they had to ride another water slide. XD Again Takanori screamed the whole time and here you can see him being trapped. XD That wasn't his favorite day I guess.

After all the sliding it was decieded that team Raiga won once more. Now Team Takanori had to do another challange. They got to eat this burger. It was so cute how all of them were suprised but also curious.

Look at Takanori how happy he is with the food.

He took a huge bite...

but turnes out the burges was super spicy, but they all have to eat it up. >-<

Next was the challange for the winner. They had to eat this whole burger but this time he wasn't spicy. Just a normal huge burger.

Look how big one piece is. XD

OMG how they are eating! XD Besides they weren't able to finish it so they gave some of the rest to team Takanori. 

For the next challanges they moved to an amusement park. Each team did one attraction. Team Takanori did the bumper car ride.

And team Raiga did the swing boat ride. Look how excited they were.

Poor Mi-chan (Kazuki).

Next was this Tagada disco, which actually looked like a lot of fun.

How they all fell down. XD

That gave them the rest. 

OMG Kanade... XD and poor Kennosuke... but that still wasn't the end of the day...

The last game they have to to is this bungee attraction at which you are thrown into the air in this kind of ball thingy. We do have that in my country too but honestly it's something I would never ride and I do ride a lot of attractions. >-<

However not all of them have to do it. With the help of a little game two people got choosen. Sota and Kyosuke, also the leader had to take this ride.

Takanori went crazy when he got to know that he has to take this ride. OMG poor guy.

He is honestly crying.... I whish I could save him. Poor Taka-chan. Their boss really is the worst... I think he should have taken this ride too. >-<

Kyosuke and Sota seem to be fine with taking the ride. Well Sota was the one that actually enjoyed the other rides.

Raiga being all strong as the leader but it seems like he is not the most comfortable as well.

First one was Sota and Kyosuke. Their faces... XD

Next were the leaders. Takanori pretty much cried the whole time. Raiga again tried to be strong and to calm him down a little.

I bet it was hell for Takanori. I know I wrote that a lot already but once again poor Taka-chan and repect for Raiga being so strong to hold his own emotions back.

After that it was announced that Toy and Kennosuke have to take the ride as well. Toy startes to protest to it however Kennosuke just ran away. >-<

However first of we get to see the second part of the sleeping guys. 

First Kyosuke and Sota in the background.

Sota again because he is so precious.

I love his smile so much.

Kazuki being super cute.

Takumi so cute too.


His smile! ^0^

OMG so cute Setsura.

Well and here not so much... XD

Back to the last game/challange. Toy is still denying the challange.

And Kanade is enjoying this way to much.

Kennosuke is already knocked out...

Poor Toy........ T-T

That stare of Kennosuke... XD and poor Toy.

A hug before they go on the ride! ^-^

At first Kennosuke looked fine but as soon as he sad down he totally freaked out.

You can't see how he freaked out in the screenshots but believe me it was crazy. He was yelling at that guy to close his seat belt more and to push this thing in the front more onto him.

Poor guys... and their sadistic boss whe pushed the button for the attraction to start made them wait even longer. This guy is honestly SO mean.

Kennosuke screeamed stuff like "Oh My God" and "Crazy". That was too hilarious.

But in the end they are all living... more or less. >-<

I hope this gives you a good example of what this dvd is like. I personally liked it a lot even thought at the end I wanted to save all my babies. Since this will most probably be the one and only kind of dvd like this with the members you could see in the video, I am extremly glad I got this. This makes me kind of sad, that they are seperated now, since Matsuri nine. got formed. I will miss seeing them all together. Well I am sure they will be all together from time to timw but just not like this. T-T

I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for at least scroling through this post. bye~

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