Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to register for Stardust Channel

Here is a little post on how you can register to stardust channel. All you need is an e-mail address and a credit card. You will have to pay 432円 (around 4US$) a month for the membership.

Go to this site (https://secure.emtg.jp/stardustch/3/regist/?_ga=1.34427553.1434223302.1448645608) and klick on the button seen in the picture above.

Insert your e-mail address and click on the pink button. After that you will get an e-mail of Stardust, check out your inbox for this "[スターダストチャンネル]会員登録のご案内". Open this e-mail and klick on the link in it.

Choose a password and insert it into both boxes and continoue clicking on the pink button.

Now you will have too choose your payment methode. If you live outside of Japan you will have to use a credit card so click on the button shown in the picture above.

Next insert you credit card information and click on the pink button. 

Confirme the information with clicking on the pink button.

Insert the information shown above and for origin click on the last thing in the list that pops up, it means "other/etc.". If you don't want to get the mail magazine of stardust chanel then you have to klick on the button besides the blue thing. After entering all information click on the pink button to go on. 

 Yay you did it!! As for the points I don't really know what they are for. >-< However you don't need them to watch the videos on the chanel so don't mind.

I hope this helped everyone who always wanted to be able to watch videos there.
I personally love it and if you like EBiDAN or MomoClo I guess you will love ot too.
However if you are not happy with the channel don't mind it's super easy to withdrawal from the site.

On the next page (I forgot to take a picture) just click on the pink button and your done. Now you are not a member anymore.

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