Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RUSHx300 released 2nd single

RUSHx300 released their 2nd single just recently. It's called "mr. boy" and comes in 7 versions.

There is a dvd version, a regular version and each member got their own solo version as well. All versions only come with their new song and it's instrumental version. The dvd comes with the music video of the song as well as it's making of. I am happy for them to finally release something new and I am looking forward to hear if they sound different comparing to their first release because "Watanabe Aoto" left the group and "Nagashima Shohei' (white) and "Udou Takuma" (purple) joined them. I will definitly grab myself a copy of this single. If you want one yourself, you can only buy it at the bacs shop as of now. Here is a link, just in case you are interested.

Besides so far they didn't upload a music video of the song to youtube. If it get's uploaded I will share it here.

What do you think about this second release?

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