Saturday, July 29, 2017

EBiSSH released 1st MV + cover for 1st single

EBiSSH will release their first ever cd on October 20. It will come in three versions and will be called "Koi wa Timing".  You can only buy the single at Tower Records. I am a little late with writing about the music video because the released it around two weeks ago but I had so much stress lately that I didn't have time to write about it. However for everyone that still didn't knew about it here is the music video they released for the single.

I personally like it a lot and that makes me wanting to get it badly but I will have to use a shopping service and therefor have to wait until it's released. I am super excited for the other songs. About the music video I thinks its very cute. They are really handsome, such ikemen. ^0^
However at least here are the cover for the new single!

What do you think about the Song, MV and cover?

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