Monday, July 3, 2017

TJ introducing 5ignal

Just some hours ago TJ wrote an english introduction for 5ignal. He did it really well and because I think many of you don't really know this group and might not want to search for the introduction I will post it here on the blog. I will link the original at the end and I will put pictures of them inside, so you will know for sure who he is talking about.

"Hi!I'm TJ. I'm a
member of the boyband called 「5IGNAL」(signal)
We're 5 in the group making our
name spelled instead of SIGNAL→5IGNAL 
I'm the dancing vocalist,and the
other 4 are
professional choreographers and were backdancers of
some famous japanese artists like Namie Amuro,Smap,Atsushi(Exile's vocalist)
etc.They have other skills besides dancing.

KAZ has a talent on art and can do some acrobats.
He has many hobbies like fishing,snowboarding,skateboarding etc.

HIROKI is a very powerful dancer.
He has interest in doing DJ's works and he always wear fashionable clothes.

ENOYU is the leader of 5IGNAL.
He can make emotional choreography.
He has Kyokushin skill too.
He likes kawaii(cute)things
like dogs.His favorite kawaii right now is the famous japanese shiba dog named Marutaro.He even bought the DVD of marutaro.Wow!he's
a real fan:-) 

U3(Yusan)is the tall guy in our group!
He is also a very fashionable person.
His hobbies are playing computer games& playing golf.
He is interested in
acting on plays.

Me,TJ is the dancing vocalist of
I'm a mixed Japanese Filipino.
I like beer!…oops! just a little!
I want to charm you with my singing and dancing!
So please follow us on Twitter and
Instagram✨ 【5IGNAL】(SIGNAL) Dance&Vocal・Boyband official HP➡︎ 
5IGNAL Twitter

TJ instagram @tj__5ignal
HIROKI instagram @hiroki_ozaki_5ignal
U3 instagram @u3_5ignal
ENOYU instagram @enoyu5ignal
KAZ instagram @kazto4 "

*original source*

I think the introduction turned out really well and his english is pretty good. It's cute how he wrote about the other members and himself and I am really happy he did it in english because this way us foreign fans get to know them a little bit more as well.

What do you think about it?

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