Saturday, July 29, 2017

Starmen KiDS to release 1st single

EBiDAN group Starmen KiDS are going to release their 1st single "Star★Men Summer Days!" on August 2nd. They are all still very young but already active since feburary 2016, some of them being with EBiDAN since 2013 already. It's really crazy and awesome to be able to see them growing up. As for the single I will buy it myself because I want to support all the EBiDAN artists and I actually enjoy this song much more then I expected. It's a very cute song with a nice rythem to it. Their vocals of course sound really child-like, since they still are nothing different but a bunch of children. However I think that suites the song very well. Give it try.

What do you think about it?

Here are the other two cover.


  1. This is so cute
    Admittedly I've not taken much notice of Starmen Kids before but I might consider buying this

  2. I am happy to hear this and yes isn't this just too cute!! *0*