Tuesday, September 12, 2017

B2takes released 5th single + new member

Ok so once again I am quite late with these news... that happens when I don't check twitter regular. So it seems that B2takes actually already released their 5th single and they even got a new member. All that has to do with the company that is producing them from now on. The company is called "Tani Promotion" and seems to kind of being connected to BOYS AND MEN, Matsuri nine and BM Kenkyusei. But the new single is written to be produced under Fortune Records (the label BOYS AND MEN and co. are under). I am kind of confused here, but whatever as long as they keep on releasing cds, it's fine!

As for the new member he is called Mori Hayato and is born in Osaka on August 6 1994 (making him 23 y.o.) and as you can see his color is green. I am kinde happy that after Hinata left there is finally a member with the color green again. I mean Hinata wasn't with them for very long anyway and they changed a lot since he left. Also he seems to get along with the other members very well. Besides that I know he was a male cheerleader in the team SHOCKERS and he participated in the 30th JUNON Superboy contest.

As for the new single it's called *Giri Giri☆ Fightingman". It has been released on August 29. Here is a video they uploaded for it. However it's not a music video, it's more like a teaser.

I really like the song. I find the quality to be better then their former releases and I am looking forward to hold their single in my own hands!

What do you think about the new member and song?

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  1. I had no idea! Strange it isn't mentioned on their website or anything like that

    I don't know how to feel about this change since it seems like their music won't be as easily available as it was before but we'll see what happens. The new member is cute though~