Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Top 15 releases of September 2017

I am not happy with the september releases. There are a few good songs and I love the album AKLO and JAY'ED released together but despite these I didn't like a lot of the new releases. However not every month can be awesome, so here are the 15 songs I like this month.

#15 L.A.U - FAKER

#14 TaeHoon - Tell Me What To Do

#13 256 - Hoshi no Kazu dake

#12 RefRise - challenger 

#11 Happiness - GOLD

#10 FlowBack - We Are!

#09 MELO FLOAT - Michitsurube

#08 WEBER - Taisetsu na Hito. Taisetsu Datta Hito. 

#07 The Oral Cigarettes - Black Memory

#06 InSoo - NAKED LOVE

#05 TAEIL (Block B PROJECT-1) - Lost & Found feat. KEITA (w-inds.)

#04 w-inds. - Time Has Gone

#03 DEVIL NO ID - Mayoi no Mori

#02 AKLO x JAY'ED - Different Man

#01 AKLO x JAY'ED - Ballin' Out

*I know this is the video for Different Man but at the end there is a preview of Ballin' Out, sadly it's the only video I know.*

What are your favorite songs of september 2017?

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