Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fiima to contiue their hiatus

In december 2016 Fiima announced to have a hiatus for one year but today they announced to contiue their hiatus. In 2017 Hosei left the group and there is only three members left. They wrote that they still need time to think about what Fiima should be like and they still need to find themselves in Fiima. I am personally super sad for this announcment since I was eagerly waiting for their comeback. At least it's not a disbanding because all of them wrote that they want to perform on stage again as Fiima. However this time the hiatus is indefinite so we don't know when they will come back. I really badly hope it won't take long but I kind of have the fear that in the end they still decide to disband. That would break my heart badly.
I am feeling uneasy thinking about them and I am sad to have to wait again. Their future seems very blurry to me right now. I just hope for a comeback from the bottom of my heart.

What do you think about the hiatus?

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