Tuesday, January 30, 2018

XOX added two new member

After Toman left XOX it was not really a supprise to see them ading new members. At least to me. Since Toman was an very important part of the group they try to fill this place with two new guys. I am still sad Toman left but I am happy how they look as a six member group, only four members would have looked weird to me. This is much better. I can't wait to listen to a new song with all six members. I hope they don't change their style of music. Besides both new members are from the group "DRESS_No." which kind of went on hiatus after 3 member left the group this month. They are both still members of DRESS_No. and want to continoue the group. Here are some information on the new member.

Kazumasa Yasui
Birthplace: Aichi
Bloodtyp: O
Hight: 178cm
Hobbies: watching movies, reading, writing and composing songs
Special Skill: table tennis
Others: He takes part in musicals (e.g. Crows Zero), he is suposed to be really funny and his voice is said to be very beautiful. 

Yuta Osumi
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Bloodtyp: O
Hight: 178cm
Hobbies: Wine or in genereall alcohol (I am not sure. >.<), watching "Ex on the beach"
Special Skills: football/soccer, beach flags, kick (I guess it's a special kind of kick you use in martial arts.)
Others: He also performes in musicals (e.g. Crows Zero, Prince of Tennis 3rd season) and he is said to have a prince like aura.


Please check out this post ----> *klick here*
You get a much better profile of them there.

These two guys are pretty awesome. However Yuta is kind of weird too. XD I am very much looking forward to their first song together.
If you are interessted in what they were like in DRESS_No., here is one of their music videos.

Yasui is the first one who sings and Yuta is the one at 0:30.

What do you think about them adding new members and what do you think about the new member?


  1. Whatttt they're the new members? O_O
    I'm in stageplay fandom as well so I know about the two members before this and this surprised me lol but I'm relieved since I know their skill is good ^^
    But this means dress_no is disbanding huh, my friend was a huge fan of the group before..

    1. It's great you already know them through stage plays. I think it's something both love to do.
      As for dress_no they are not dissbanded. Both said that they want to continue with dress_no with only two members. I guess they are kind of on a hiatus right now. Maybe they search for new members while being in XOX. That means Yuta and Kazumasa are both in two groups. It's weird but since dress_no are inactive at the moment it can work for now.