Sunday, February 18, 2018

Color Creation will have their Major Debut

I am late on these news but I wanted to share it anyway. On February 4th they announced to have their major debut in may of this year. Their single will be called "CANVAS" and is going to be in store starting from the 23rd May 2018. Starting at the end of February they will held several release events, to advertise for the new single. I hope we will find some fan recording of those events online. That would be awesome. As for the single there will be three versions. Two regular ones and a dvd one. The dvd one comes with the music video for Canvas and the making of as well as some excerpts of their one man live hold in december 2017. The regular versions each come with a different b-side track.
I am super excited for these news and so proud of them. I am loking forward to this release a lot. I am sure they will do good.

What do you think about the major debut?

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