Sunday, February 18, 2018

PRESI-D to continue with 5 members

Some while ago I already wrote you that Takuya and Ken left the group and just shortly after it was also announced that Aru left the group too. It makes me really said seeing all these members leave but I do respect the decision they make 'cause in the end it's their own life. I will miss him in the group and will keep support the group as a five member group. I do like all the other members a lot so I hope they will finally be able to reach a step forward this year. Hopefully they will release a new song this year or finally have a physical cd release. I wish them all the best like I wish Aru all the best in whatever his way will be like. This awesome boy group from Okinawa should get way more attention. 

Do you know this group? What do you think about Aru leaving?

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