Tuesday, May 29, 2018

{A 1st Impression of} BLACK IRIS

Some days ago I came across this new group called "BLACK IRIS". It's a 5 member dance and vocal boy group. On March 22nd 2018 they were the opening act for "BUZZ-UP 2018 spring" which marks the beginning of their activities. By the way I was pretty stunned to see that they even had backdancers on their first ever live performance. That's nothing you usually see for indie groups.

So far I don't know if they are under a lable or kind of self-produced but it looks like they have quite some money to produce more of a high quality contant. Like for example the making of for the photo shooting looked quite professional. As for releases they already released two songs. Both have been released on a music card on May 2nd. Sadly these are only availible at their lives. However you can listen to a short preview on a video on their website. Besides having an official website and twitter account they also have an instagram account and youtube channel. I will link all of that at the end of the post. So here is some info on the 5 members.

Handa Gou

from Fukuoka
blood type: O
favorite food: Ramen
favorite season: Spring
favorite movie: Harry Potter
favorite color: blue
a place he would like to visit: Hawaii

Saitou Hiroki

from Aomori
blood type: B
favorite food: curry rice
favorite season:
favorite movie: Avengers
favorite color: red
a place he would like to visit: america

Hayano Rio

from Fukuoka
blood type: O

Kawasaki Shouta 

from Saitama
blood type: B
favorite season: Winter
favorite movie: La La Land
favorite color: purple
a place he would like to visit: South Korea

Sugimoto Takuya

from Kumamoto
blood type: B
favorite season: summer
favorite movie: Greatest Showman
favorite color: orange
a place he would like to visit: New Zealand
*fromer member of AMAZO NIGHT*

The main reason of me writing about this group is because I was really supprised to see Takuya in this group. He once was a member of the indie group AMAZO NIGHT, which I love a lot. I was kinde sad when he left them however I kept followng him on instagram because I really love his voice. However I saw nothing about him joining a new group so I was kinde excited to find out he finally is in a new group. I am so much looking forward to what their way will be like. If you guys want to know more about them you can check out their chanel or twitter. They really post a lot on twitter and already uploaded a few videos to youtube. Here are the links.

By the way even thought my reason for getting to know them better was Takuya I found myself having a thing for Gou. That guys is cuteness overload and I always have the feeling I saw him before but I am really not sure. However I feel like for me there is no turning back from now on. XD

What do you think about them?

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