Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My recent JPop favorites from 2018

Today I want to show you my personal favorites of songs that have been released this year. These are just my personal favorites that I love repeating. There are other great songs but these stick to me the most. They are in no particular order.

ANTIME - Number One

This group gets me really excited. I think they are really talented and their music turns out really well most of the time. I am sure they will have a bright futur ahead and I hope for more awesome music with the years coming. So this particular song came out in February and is the main track to their first album "VISION" which is also their first cd to be sold in stores. Number One is a fun song that get's me in a good mood whenever I hear it and it makes me want to sing along. Kauan's vocals always stunnes me. All their voices are great but his one is the most outstanding for me. Also songs about friendship are always awesome.

MADKID - Summer Time

Like the titel of the song indicates this song has a summer feeling to it and since I am a summer person and LOVE summer songs I already had the feeling I would love it before I actually listend to the song, so my expectation was really high. However I didn't got disappointed. This song really has an amazing summer feeling to it. The rap parts are amazing as always and I love the singing parts of You-ta soooo much!! His voice is so nice to the ears.

Shimizu Shota - Friday

OK I just have to love this 'cause it's a song by Shimizu Shota my absolute number one. However besides me loving him so much, this song really is so good. I tend to often hum it whenever I am alone with my thoughts. This song always stucks in my head for a long time after listening to it. The refrain is so extremly addicting. ~Friday I don't care about anything~ ❤❤❤


If you have been on my blog before you might already know that I LOVE this group. All the members and all the songs they released so far and I was extremly excited when they announced to have a their major debut already. CANVAS is an amazing major debut song because it shows off their amazing vocal skills. These 5 boys are so extremly talented, especially Takuya, Rioske and KAZ. Damn it I love their voices so much but Junpei and Yuuto have great voices too. I can't wait to recieve my copies of the single to listen to the b-side tracks.

FAKY - Who We Are

I fell in love woth this song as soon as I first listend to it. This is such a beautiful song not only vocal wise but also the lyrics or especially the lyrics. This song is about being true to yourself and to not care about what others say. The song has been translated into various languages by fans (Faky asked for that on their twitter, that's also where you can find the translations). I love when songs have such important and strong messages and the way the girls sing this song makes it feel even more honest. Their vocals are stunning as always, definitly still one of the best girl groups I ever listend to.

lol - ice cream

This is another extremly addicting song. The beat, their singing and the rap part making this song so extremly good. I am following them for so long already and I am not always extremly excited by their songs but this one definitly got me. I can't even count how much I already listend to this, it really is this good.

AKLO - Dirty Work

So first of all I need to tell you guys that I love this man for already uploading the full song to Youtube even befor it is being released on itunes. I love his music a lot and I am so much looking forward to the music video for this song but so far I am just enjoying this awesome song on it's own. His rap is the best!

Swimy - Tenshi to Akuma no Uta

Also as three members Swimy doesn't disappoint. This is one awesome song that always get's me sing along (as much as I can). Both vocals harmonize well and all their solo parts sounding great too. I love this group for their music and I hope they keep on releasing good song like this one.

WHITE JAM - Amaoto

I am always stunned by how easy it seems for them to release a very good song one after the other. This is once again a song of them I deeply fell for. The reason for that may be their amazing vocals all three of them have awesome voices and I always get goosebumps listening to them. Amaoto is a beautiful song full of emotions that they transfer easily. It is once more a well done song by them.


I am so much in love with this song, especially the last few days. This has been on repeat for so many times and I am not getting tierd of it. I love to turn up the volume whenever this song playes. It's one of these songs that make you dance and singe along unintentionally. I really love the solo music by ELLY and think it was one of the best decisions he ever made. This song is definitly my favorite of his releases but if you never check out his music I absolutly recommend checking out all his other songs too.

What are your favorite songs of 2018 so far?


  1. I just noticed that you're finally back on blogging again! Yayy!
    I like your favorite list!
    For me, right now I'm listening to Magipri's Summer Love to welcome the upcoming summer this year ^^

  2. I love MagiPri‘s new song a lot too! ❤️