Sunday, March 13, 2016

CustomiZ will release their 4th single and 1st album in April

CustomiZ finally announced something new, I was eagerly waiting for them to return, and it is even better because they announced a double release. On the 27th april they will release both, their 4th single and their 1st album. It's so exciting that they will release something new and then it even is an album as well. Oh my I am so much looking forward to that! The picture above is the theme picture for the album. I like it, it's kinde mature, I especially like Hiroki in the picture and to be honest I don't like Goros new hairstyle much. However about the album it will come with 13 tracks total and the dvd version will come with their so far released music videos as well as the new video called coolest. The single will come in two versions as well, an anime ver. and a CustomiZ version and is called Coolest. It will contain of two songs. Here is a picture of the theme for the single.

It's silly and I like it. Besides the picture is influenced by the anime the single is meant to be for. This actuelly makes me wanting to read the manga. >-<

What do you think about it?

Thanks a lot for reading? 

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