Sunday, May 28, 2017

5ignal released new Music Video

5ignal will release their 1st single on May 28th 2017. The new single will be called Turn Up The Music and will have the song Mermaid as a b-side track. Today 5ignal released the music video for their song Mermaid. It's only their 2nd music video and the last one has been released over 1 1/2  years ago. I know they are pretty active when it comes to lives but still I was tensed because I feared they might not release anything new. However they finally are releasing something new and I am super happy and excited for it. First I thought the new single will only be availible at their live but luckily I found out that you can also buy it at Tower Records. Yay!!
They are absolutly underrated. More people should get to know them. If you never heard of them go now and check them out. You can find lots of fan camera videos. They might not have the best quality but it's better then nothing and if you are convinced of them go get their album. It's extremly good. I love each single song on it.
However here is their new video. I love both the song and video, thought there could have been a little more dancing in the video! 

What do you think about them and the new song?

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