Sunday, May 28, 2017

Woo Sik graduated from Code-V

In april Woo Sik announced to leave Code-V. He will move back to Korea because of family problems. As far as I understood it seems like there is something wrong with his grandmother and he wants to take care of her. As of the 1st  May he is officially not a member of Code-V anymore. However he also wrote that he hopes for it to not be forever, so maybe if the problems with his family get solved he will come back again. 
I am so sad, once for him and his family situation, and then I am very sad that he is leaving. He was a great part of Code-V and I will always remember him as a part of them. It is amazing that he is willing to let his carrer go to help his family. That makes him even more precious. I wish him all the best and hope that one day he really can come back.
He is still active on twitter, so if you want to keep following him encourage him and similiar you can do it here.

What do you think about him leaving?


  1. So bad,
    I do like him a lot since dancing circle.
    When i was visited their official account 1 month ago, i can't see his profile anymore. I wonder why? Then, i know this info from your blog(thank a lot)
    Aaahhh, its so bad
    I'm really sad and also its make my heart broken into pieces at the same time. I'm crying right now.

    1. I am really sad too but at least he is still active on his twitter, so we can still have a glimps of his live! ^-^

  2. yeah,
    Right now, he also active on instagram :D