Saturday, December 2, 2017

DREAM MAKER added new member

On October 19th indie group DREAM MAKER officially added a new member. The new member is called Tatsumi (it's the tall one with the black hair). He looks super selfconfident in the picture above but in their few videos he looks quite shy and cute but maybe that's because he is still new to all this. He also seems to get along very well with the other members. That makes me happy. So far I really like him. Just in case you never heard of DREAM MAKER, they are like the little brothers of X4. All of them are very talented singer and they already released an indie mini album and an indie single. On November 15th they released their first song as six members. The song is called "Step by Step" and you can download it on itunes. It's a beautiful song. Here is a cute picture of all of them together.

What do you think about thm adding a new member?

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