Monday, December 11, 2017

PALET is going to disband

Idol group PALET will disband at the end of December. They will held their last concert on December 28th and will be officially disbanded after it. I used to be a huge PALET fan from before their major debut, so I am sad about these news. However over the years they lost many members and many new ones joined the group, There is only two original members still left. I cried when all the old members left and therefor I am not as sad right now, because I don't really know the new members and don't feel as much love for the current PALET then I did for the old PALET.  I am very sad for Yui and Miyucho though because they have been there from the beginning on an keept on fighting for their dream no matter how many hard times they had to go through. I hope they will be able to form another group. They deserve being on stage if they still have that dream. The old PALET will forever be in my heart and I wish all the members the best, also the new members.  Here is a picture they recently posted on Twitter. They had a meet up with all the original members, even Hikaru was there (who left them after the release of their 2nd indie mini album), as well as Yumi and Mayu (who joined the group later).

Did you know them? What do you think about them disbanding?

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