Thursday, February 25, 2016

{A 1st Impression of} BACK TRICK

Riku, Masataka, Ken, Daisuke, Kittan

BACK TRICK is a pretty new group. They had their debut tour in may 2015, what makes the group not even a year old. In that short time they already created a sub-unit that is called DxM and is consiting of Masataka and Daisuke. Besides these two have been members of the band LUV before. Also just recently member Riku left the band, so now they are only 4 member left. It's not easy finding songs of them online but here is one of BACK TRICK and on of their sub-unit.

I like those songs. Their vocals are nice. If I would have the chance, I think I would like to see them live. However, I hope there will be a few more songs released on Youtube, That would be awesome. 

How do you like the songs?

Thanks for reading!

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