Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A nice surprise for Dream5 fans!!~

Dream5 fans, like me, will be happy to find out that avex uploaded three choreography videos for their new mini album. Means you can already listen to three of the new song as well as watch some nice dance performances. I love these videos because then then dancer of the group get more attention as well and of course it was nice to listen to the songs before they have been released. Here are the videos.

So far they released one video per day, therefor I hope the other two will be released in the coming days as well. As for the ones that have been released so far, I like Do you wanna dance? the most and sadly I am not much into Takaramono. I think it's boring and sang a little too high in my point of few. However White Wonder Land is nice as well. I am still looking forward to this mini album, it's Dream5 I live them. BUT I am looking forward the most to the concert dvd that comes with version B of the mini album. I love their lives. It's a lot of fun to watch them on stage!

What do you think about the songs, dances?

Thanks for reading!

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