Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It finally happend, I still can't believe it!!! XD

JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS had a live on August 31st 2018 and on the same day finally released their debut single. I, and I guess a lot of other fans, were waiting for this since more then two years now.  It's so unreal to see them finally releasing a cd. They wrote to release one last year too but it took them up to today to finally make it happen. Here is a little proof that the debut cd is finally out in store.

I am so happy this has finally been released and I am even more happy that all the members of Team Seniority and nearly all the members of Team Youth are taking place in this release. I am most happy for Hinata being in this thought. XDDDD 
There is two versions being released, the cd only version comes with the cover of Team Seniority and the dvd version comes with the cover of Team Youth. Here are both covers.

You can actually get the cd on CDJapan as well but it might take some time. I pre-ordered my copie and today recieved a mail that it will take them 5-10 days to get the cd. I guess I will also buy it if someone get's it up on mercari but so far that didn't happen. 
However I am super excited for this and can't wait to listen to the songs and watch the dvd.

What do you think about it? Did you follow them before?

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