Sunday, February 19, 2017

10JinActor history

10JinActor was formed through an audition show that aired on FBS (Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation) in July 2014. The show was called 10JinActor and in this one they searched for young handsome man that can sing, act and dance. Therefor they went on the street looking for people and they had applications coming in. In december 2014 they have been formed. To officially introduce the members they filmed a short drama called "Mou Ichido, Christmas Eve". (Which by the way is super cute!) The also released their first single "Chase Your Dream/Winter dayin december 2014In 2015 they started various radio shows, they appeared in many live events and on tv all in the Kyushu region. Starting from april 2015 they also started the second season of the 10JinActor tv show. With the start of the 2nd season they also released their 2nd single called "Dear Friends ~Mirai He~" as well as their 3rd single called "Motto Motto Ue Muite Zutto Zutto Wasurena". In october 2015 they started season three of 10JinActor and in 2016 they started and finished season 4 and started season 5 which is currently airing. In 2015 they released two more singles as well as an mini album and one of their sub-groups released an album. The sub-group is called SakataKento and consists of "Sakata Ryuichiro" and "Yamada Kento". In 2016 they released only two singles but SakataKento released a single as well and "Magoshi Takumi" released a solo single. In March 2017 they will release their first album and for the first time it will be availible in other stores as well because usuelly you can only buy their cds through their own website. Also in May 2016 a new member called "MOTO" joined the group. And at the begining of this year member "Ryosuke Sawayanagi" announced to leave the group at the end of March 2017.

I felt like sharing this since I really like them and they will have their first big release soon.

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