Friday, February 3, 2017

KAZ won audition and is now a member of a new group

A while ago I introduced you to the singer KAZ. At that time I already knew he was in an audition but I didn't knew if it's still ongoing. A few days ago the outcome of the audition has been announced and you know what, KAZ is now a member of a five member vocal group. As you might already assume, it's the five guys on the picture above, KAZ is the one on the left. So far the group has no name. I will write you as soon as I know their name. However it's already possible to get to know a little about the members, so here is what I found out. 

stage name: KAZ
real name: Takada Kazuma
birthday: 29.10.1992

*He is half philipino.
*He released a solo single called "One Day" before.
*He performed on stage before.

stage name: Rioske
real name: Asanuma Ryosuke

*He is half japanese but I don't know what's the other half. I guess it's a country in which they speak spanish because he is able to speak spanish but I am not sure.
*He took part in the Vocal Battle Audtion 4 of EXILE (the one in which they choose the members for "the rampage").

stage name: Takuya
real name: Sugita Takuya
birthday: 16.05.1994
*He performed on stage before.

real name: Minamoto Yuto
birthday: 23.09.1992

*He is a very good friend of Yuuki (from UNIONE).
*He performed on stage before under the name Yu-to.
*He was a member of the group "Bloom".
*He is a huge fan of Takahiro from EXILE.

real name: Hashiba Junpei
birthday: ?
*He performed on stage before.
*He has a little sister.

So far that's everything I know. If by chance any of you knows more, please write me a comment. I would love to add the information here and I will add information if I find new one.

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