Sunday, February 5, 2017

Home Made Kazoku dissbanded

I don't know why I am so late with stuff like this sometimes. I think this time I just refused to believe this is happening and ignored the titel of the last album which I knew since it was announced. Calling an album "Last Forever Best" is already a good hint right. >-< But now reading that they actually disbanded makes me incredible sad. Once again a group I dearly loved disbanded. I don't like that. I will always keep their awesome music in my heart, especially my all time favorite song "Summer Time Magic". I am so thankful for all the great years and all the amazing music. I know some of them doing solo activities now so I wish them all the best for that. In generell I wish them all the best for their future, including their privat live!

I will miss them a lot but they will stay in my heart forever!

What are your thoughts on their disbanding?

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