Saturday, February 4, 2017

UNIONE history

I came accross some information about the group UNIONE and want to share those with you.

UNIONE was formed in september 2013 under the name "SOA ~Soul of Asia~. They started of with 4 members as you can see in the picture above. The members were JIN, SAM, ISSY and Yuta. Besides funny fact is that SAM and ISSY had different names back then. ISSY was called Yu and SAM was called SOP. So weird isn't it!? XD However as far as I know Yuta has been trying to get into the music entertainment since 2011. Therefor he moved from Saitama to Tokyo and did an audition. I don't know about the others because all their old profiels have been deleted. 

They performed at a lot of events, had a few one man lives and even sold at least one cd. I only know this because I found a picture of them holding the cd. It's one you were only able to get at their live events, so it's pretty much impossible to still get it. However here is the picture I mentioned.

On the 30.10.2014 Yuta had his last live with SOA because he decieded to leave the group and go solo instead. In december 2014 Yuta announced his first solo live in January.

While Yuta went solo SOA was still going on normaly. They keept on performing at live events and did a lot of street performances.

In the picture above you can see Yuta sitting in the back. I read that he did some kind of managing for SOA after he left the group, so he is still connected to them but as a manager instead. However I am not 100% sure about this. 
Besides they also started to upload covers of various songs on their youtube channel. The way they still do but sadly all the old videos have been delted. I would have loved to watch them.

I also know that Yuta performed with them on stage sometimes even after leaving the group. He was like a special guest then. On the 14.10.2015 SOA hold a special mini one man live with Yuuki and Yuta as the special guests. Until then Yuuki was a member of the group "CLUE" which has been active since 2011.

And on the 14.12.2015 they officially announced that Yuuki and Yuta join SOA and that they changed the groups name to UNIONE. They hold their first one man live as UNIONE in february 2016 and got under contract with Sony Music Japan in april of the same year. Their official twitter account opend on the 19.01.2016. They also opened a youtube chanel again on which they upload covers. Here is the link, *click here*! Besides at their 1st one man live you were able to buy their indie single "greetings". It's the first cd they sold with all 5 members.

As you can see in the picture, the cd came with covers of various artists. Of course you were only able to buy this cd at the one man live, so again it's pretty much not possible to get your hands on a copy. On a side note, I really loved their towel design back then. So pretty.

On the 27.07.2016 they released their 1st major debut single called "One Sided Love" and they held a debut one man live in the 21.09.2016. Their second single is called "Mirai Delight" and was released on the 26.10.2016.

A third single has been announced at the end of 2016. The third single is called "Pass A Bola" and will be released on the 15.03.2017.

That's it so far. If I get more information about their past I will write it down here.
Who would have thought that they have such a long history. It was kind of a suprise for me, that's why I decieded to share the informations with you. I hope this was intressting for some of you as well. If you know more, please tell me.


  1. Intersting post! I saw some videos for them is sad that is blocked to another coutries can you in next time tell about their origins? I know that Sam is Filipino and Jin is korean. Thanks for your blog. I always read it! cheers from Brazil ! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for reading my blog and for this comment.
      It's great to know there are people reading this blog.
      I can do a post about the members but it will take me some time. I will unclude their origin then! ^-^