Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ryosuke Sawayanagi graduates from 10JinActor

After 3 years with 10JinActor, member Ryosuke Sawayanagi will leave the group at the end of march. The 31.03.2017 will be his last day as member of 10JinActor. He wrote a letter to al the fans explaining that he often had the feel to graduate but never got himself to do so but since they added a new member this urge became bigger. However he also stated that he enjoyed his time with the group and he will always keep all the memories with the group and the fans. It was a great time for him but he doesn't see his future with the group. At least he wrote that he will always support 10JinActor. I am quite sure he will keep in touch with the members, well I hope so. He hasn't been my favorite member but I am still really sad he leaves but I also wish him all the best for his future and that he can achieve what he wants to achieve!

What do you think about him leaving?

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