Sunday, February 5, 2017

BEE SHUFFLE released full version MVs for latest single

Today BEE SHUFFLE uploaded the full version of their "Dance Like An Animal" music video as well as the full version for "With The Stars". However while the short version for With The Stars was the japanese version of the song, the full version is the koren version of the song. I like both versions. The song is just super beautiful  and I don't care in which language it's sung. Dance Like An Animal is the japanese version. Here are the videos.

I love the music video for With The Stars. I am a sucker for off shot like videos and this one is done so well. The gray suites the atmosphere of the song and video and they all looking so damn handsome in this. As for the other music video, I don't like it much. I love their dance moves and their outfits but the video effects are terrible and therefor it's not fun watching this. >-< But like I said in a former post I started to love the song after a while and now I fully enjoy it all the time I listen to it!

What do you think about it?

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